Pacific Coast Business Directory

British Columbia ~ General Merchants ~

Where may be found a general assortment of Agricultural Implements, Clothing, Dry Goods, (Groceries, Hardware, Provisions, etc. Merchants dealing in a single description of goods will be found under the appropriate heads.

Hudson Bay Co., Barkerville
Manetta, P., Barkerville
Newfelder & Co., Barkerville
Paulson, Charles, Barkerville
Pendola, A., Barkerville
Todd, J. H., Barkerville
Campbell, James, Cache Creek
Rogers & Wilson, Cameronton
Askew, Thomas Q., Chemainus
Miller, David, Chilliwack
Foster, F. W., Clinton
Nelson, Uriah, Clinton
Wycott, William W., Clinton
Ordano, G. B., Comiaken
Hudson Bay Co., Comox
Rodello, Joseph, Comox
Harris, Samuel, Cowichan
Kinnear, James, Cowichan
Chalet, L., Dunkeld
Graham, A., Dunkeld
Sterling, William, Dunkeld
Hudson Bay Co., Esquimault
Tugwell, Thomas, Esquimault
Wilby. H., Esquimault
McAllinden & Co., Grouse Creek
Rogers, L. A., Grouse Creek
Hankin, Thomas, Hazelton
Hudson Bay Co., Hope
Wirth. John Q., Hope
Hudson Bay Co., Kamloops
Mara & Wilson, Kamloops
Vieth & Borland, Keithley Creek
Hicks, Eliza F., Kootenay
Montgomery, John, Kootenay
Staeven, John, Kootenay
Hudson Bay Co. Langley
Budwig, E., Lillooet
Cullen, P., Lillooet
Foster, F. W., Lillooet
Ordini, J., Lillooet
Smith, A. W., Lillooet
Tinker, George, Lillooet
Tynon, E., Lillooet
Boucherat, Jules, Lytton
Buie, A. L., Lytton
Coxon, George, Lytton
McPhillips, T., Lytton
Pritchard, J., Lytton
Beaumont, William, Maple Ray
Moody, Nelson & Co., Moodyville
Harvey. James, Nanaimo
Hirst, John, Nanaimo
Levi, S. D., Nanaimo
Mayer, Alexander, Nanaimo
Clute. J. S., New Westminster
Cunningham, J., New Westminster
Deben, R., New Westminster
Eickhoff, Frederick, New Westminster
Ellard, James, New Westminster
Major, Charles G., New Westminster
McDonough, C., New Westminster
Webster, John A. & Co., New Westminster
Wise, James, New Westminster
Le Quim, Eli, O'Kanagan Mission
Girod. P., Omineca
Bourdot, Peter, Quamichan
Cohen & Hoffman, Quesnelle
Elmore, George, Quesnelle
Elmore, M. P., Quesnelle
Girod, John, Quesnelle
Hudson Bay Co., Quesnelle
Reid, James, Quesnelle
Dunlevy. P. C., Soda Creek
Miller, D. Y., Sumas
Bates, A. S., Van Winkle
Beedy & Townsend, Van Winkle
Fletcher & McNaughton, Van Winkle
Smith, Samuel, Van Winkle
Findlay, Durham & Brodie, Victoria
Heggart, Richard, Victoria
Hudson Bay Company, Victoria
McCullough, Thomas, Victoria
McTiernan, P., Victoria
Montobio, G., Victoria
Moody, Nelson & Co., Victoria
Oppenheimer Brothers, Victoria
Todd, J. H., Victoria
Harvey, James, Wellington
Bailey & Lawrence, Yale
Hudson Bay Co., Yale
Oppenheimer Brothers, Yale


Pacific Coast Business Directory | British Columbia Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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