Pacific Coast Business Directory

British Columbia ~ Hotels ~

Arranged alphabetically by business and towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name. The district is added.

Kelly, Andrew Barkerville
Deighton, John Burrard Inlet
Jones & Mannion Burrard Inlet
McCrimmon, A. Burrard Inlet
Michaud, M. Burrard Inlet
Chenhall, John Clinton
Marshall, Thomas G. Clinton
Mundorf, Jacob Clinton
Saul & Rogers Clinton
Harris, Samuel Cowichan
Bland, James Esquimault
Boughner, Walter Esquimault
Howard, John T. Esquimault
Whittaker, Richard Esquimault
Clarke, J. A. Granville
McCrimmon, A. Granville
Marquet, Leon Kootenay
Brown, W. Lillooet
Cole, Thomas Lillooet
Latero, L. Lillooet
Schubert, _____ Mrs. Lillooet
Clapperton, J. W. Lytton
Hautier, Louis Lytton
Sproat, Robert Lytton
Beaumont, William Maple Bay
Brunton, C. Nanaimo
Gough, Edwin Nanaimo
Jerome & Dawson Nanaimo
Peck, Thomas E. Nanaimo
Satiston, James McK. Nanaimo
Webb, Joseph Nanaimo
Arnaud, Pons New Westminster
Eickhoff, Henry Mrs. New Westminster
Jennings, _____ Mrs. New Westminster
Keary, J. Mrs. New Westminster
Powers, W. New Westminster
Boyd, John Quesnelle
Brown & Gillis Quesnelle
Wallace, Alexander Quesnelle
Hyde, George Van Winkle
Astrico, Andrew Victoria
Beck, William Victoria
Billings, Mrs. & Co. Victoria
Brown, C. B. Victoria
Burnes, Thomas J. Victoria
Cazaban, H. Victoria
Johnson, J. D. Victoria
Jones, Stephen Victoria
Lucas & Redon Victoria
Lush, William Victoria
McKeon, William Victoria
Morris, Joseph Victoria
Morton, Charles Victoria
Peatt, Arthur Victoria
Pellotier, John P. Victoria
Reid, William Victoria
Richardson, G. Victoria
Seeley, W. C. S. Victoria
Townsend, A. N. Victoria
Trehart & Hemenover Victoria
Delatro, C. Miss Victoria
Tuttlo, Guy Victoria

Pacific Coast Business Directory | British Columbia Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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