Pacific Coast Business Directory

British Columbia ~ Liquors Retail ~

Arranged alphabetically by business and towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name. The district is added.

Cunio. N., Barkerville
Langdon, W., Barkerville
Lipsett, Robert, Barkerville
McDermott, H., Barkerville
Nathan, _____ Mrs., Barkerville
Chalet, L., Dunkeld
Fairbrother & Co., Dunkeld
Arthur, W., Esquimalt
Calvert. P., Esquimalt
Doran, John, Esquimalt
Dunston, W., Esquimalt
Everett. P., Esquimalt
Martin, Thomas, Esquimalt
Selleck, W., Esquimalt
Thomas, A., Esquimalt
Whittingham, E. A., Esquimalt
Williams, F., Esquimalt
Kelley, A. Grouse Creek
Galloway, Charles, Hope
Heeley, William, Kootenay
Spellman, Thomas, Lillooet
Buckner, A., New Westminster
Edwards, David, New Westminster
Fisher, William, New Westminster
Hogan, H., New Westminster
Holbrook, H., New Westminster
Jacques, John, New Westminster
Picht, Ernest, New Westminster
Scott, John T., New Westminster
Woodcock, F., New Westminster
Youngh, H., New Westminster
Broussean, A., Quesnelle
Duhig, D. D., Quesnelle
Hockin & Frasser, Telegraph Creek
Austin, John, Van Winkle
Bendixen, _____ Mme., Van Winkle
Cooper & Brown, Van Winkle
Dodd, W., Van Winkle
Housman, W. H., Van Winkle
Langen, W., Van Winkle
Mahrer, John, Van Winkle
Maury, W., Van Winkle
McDermott, R., Van Winkle
Morgan, Harry, Van Winkle
Bartlett, John, Victoria
Blass, G. &. Co., Victoria
Borthwick & Brown, Victoria
Coleman, George, Victoria
Collins, John, Victoria
Bouves, A. C., Victoria
Denobrega, Henry A., Victoria
Dodge, Martin, Victoria
Forman, H., Victoria
Fox, A. E., Victoria
Gerke, H & Co., Victoria
Holman, John, Victoria
Hudson, G. R., Victoria
Hyde, George, Victoria
Johnson, George, Victoria
Kennedy, John, Victoria
King, Joseph, Victoria
Levy Brothers, Victoria
Lohse, William, Victoria
Longhurst, Jarvis, Victoria
Lovett, _____, Victoria
Marsh, W. P., Victoria
McDonald, J. A., Victoria
McNiff, W., Victoria
Oilligan, P., Victoria
Phillips, C. J., Victoria
Richards, F. G., Victoria
Saunders, Frank, Victoria
Sehl, Frank, Victoria
Sloman, B. Mrs., Victoria
Smith, George E., Victoria
Smith, J., Victoria
Steele, P., Victoria
Strachan, James, Victoria
Stuart & Keast, Victoria
Taylor, C. L., Victoria
Taylor, Thomas, Victoria
Thistle, William H., Victoria
Trehart, Charles H., Victoria
Warthwick, R., Victoria
Williamson, T. A., Victoria
Wilson, John, Victoria
Woods, John, Victoria
Wrigelsworth, J., Victoria
Mayes, W. C., Yale


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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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