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British Columbia New Westminster, New Westminster District

New Westminster, New Westminster District, PO, incorporated by Royal Charter, and formerly the capital of British Columbia and its dependencies, is situated on the north bank of the Fraser River, on a gentle elevation, commanding a fine view of the great stream and the surrounding country, being about 15 miles from the entrance of the river in the Gulf of Georgia, and 85 miles from Victoria.

The site was selected and surveyed in the fall of 1853, and called by the colonists Queensborough which by the Queen's special request was subsequently changed to its present name. The Frazer River is navigable to this point for vessels of large tonnage, and extensive and substantial wharves for their accommodation have been constructed along the water front. Like the majority of towns and cities of the Province, it declined greatly during the few years subsequent to the first mining excitement, and especially after the removal of the capital to Victoria, V. I.; but it has now more than recovered its lost ground, and is steadily advancing on the road to an assured prosperity. It is the chief town of N. W. District the richest, naturally, in the Province, which is continually receiving additions to its farming population, and has yet room for many thousands.

The salmon fisheries have recently attracted considerable attention, and during the season of 1874, about $200,000 or $250,000 worth of the fish was canned and salted, chiefly for export. Of the principal fishing establishments, one is situated in the city, two in the immediate vicinity, and one about six miles down the river.

A large amount of capital is also employed in lumbering, the principal seat of the industry being Burrard Inlet, (nine miles from N. W. by road), the largest and finest harbor north of San Francisco. Here are situated the extensive mills of Messrs. Moody, Nelson & Co., and the Hastings Saw Mill Co., (Capt. Raymond, manager), with an aggregate cutting capacity of about 240,000 feet per day. The town contains some fine churches, warehouses, and private residences; a Mechanics' Institute and Library; and a handsome and commodious public school. The population is about 700, and of the District it is estimated at 1,700.

The climate is agreeable and very healthy. The civic affairs are managed by a Council consisting of six members and a Mayor. Three of the farming settlements of the District are also incorporated municipalities, viz: Maple Ridge, Langley, and Chilliwack, or Sumas. The election of Councilmen and Mayor is by ballot, annually. Some fine agricultural land exists a few miles to the rear of the city, and thousands of acres of swamp land, capable of producing heavy crops of wheat, and which could be easily protected from the occasional overflows of the river, lie between it and the sea. Semi-weekly steamers ply between it and Victoria throughout the year, and to and from Fort Yale during the summer season, and fine wagon roads lead to various places in the District, and to Semiahmoo, in the U. S. The Dominion Pacific Herald, and the Mainland Guardian, are published semi-weekly.

Allen P, teacher
Anderson Robert, tinsmith
Andrews Richard, carpenter
Armstrong J C & G, contractors
Armstrong W J, insurance agent
Arnaud Pons, proprietor Colonial Hotel, and liquor dealer

Beer J, cooper
Bennett George, butcher
Black G, butcher
Blackie Walter, blacksmith
Breed C H, brewer
Brown Ebenezer, groceries, and liquors
Brown John C, proprietors Dominion Pacific Herald
Browne W, barber
Bruce Henry, carpenter
Buckner A, liquor saloon
Bushby A F, justice county court

Campbell A, cooper
Clarkson W, horticulturist
Clute J S, general merchandise
Connor J, manager Vancouver Fishing Co
Cunningham J, general merchandise

Davie Alexander E B. barrister at law
Davis J, photographer
De Herbonez Rev, bishop of British Columbia (RC)
Deane R W, furniture, paints, oils, etc
Deben R, general merchandise
Devoy John, shoe maker
Dickinson R, butcher
Dominion Pacific Herald, John C Brown, proprietor
Durien Rev, clergyman (R C)

Edmonds H V, auctioneer, land agent, and notary public
Edwards David, liquor saloon
Eickhoff Frederick, general merchandise
Eickhoff Henry, tailor
Eickhoff Henry Mrs, hotel
Ellard James, general merchandise
Elliot R S, carpenter
Ewen Alexander, fish packer

Fick Frederick, restaurant, and bakery
Fisher William, dry goods, liquors, and insurance agent
Eraser River Beet Sugar Co, (limited)

Hall James, contractor
Halliday J A, teacher
Harvey William, bakery
Hennessey D, tinsmith
Herring S W, fish, and produce
Hogan H, wines and liquors
Holbrook H, dry goods, and liquors
Homer F A, lumber agent
Horris E M Rev, clergyman (R C)
Howay William, carpenter
Howell Robert, contractor
Humphries James, carpenter

Insley William, carpenter
Ioyal Rev, clergyman (R C)
Irving John, steamship proprietor

Jackson Adam, surveyor
Jackson Oliver, stoves and tinware
Jamieson Robert Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Jaques John, liquor saloon
Jemmet _____, surveyor
Jennings Mrs, proprietress Columbia Hotel
Johnston J, shoe maker
Johnstone William, shoe maker

Kaye Fred, fish cannery
Keary J Mrs, hotel
Kennedy James, architect

Lawrence & Bailey, forwarding and commission
Lee & Robinson, steamship proprietors
Lewis Mrs, restaurant
Lewis W R, blacksmith
Loggie A, fish cannery

Mainland Guardian, J K Suter, proprietor
Major Charles G, general merchandise, and musical instruments
Manson P, cooper
Maynard Joseph, carpenter
McMurphy John, express agent, and sheriff
McDonald John, watch maker and jeweler
McDonough C, intelligence office, and general merchandise
McInnes Thomas R, physician
McLood & Lowry, restaurant
Metcalf J, carpenter
Moody, Nelson &. Co, lumber dealers
Moresby Mrs, teacher
Morgan J, barber
Morrison James, auctioneer, land agent, and conveyancer
Murray John, shoe maker
Murray George B, books and stationery

Odin George, steamer proprietor

Poole A, drugs and medicines
Picht Ernest, liquors
Powers W, proprietor Telegraph Hotel
Prichard T H, barber

Rogers J, contractor
Russ A E Rev, clergyman (Wesleyan)

Scott John T, liquor saloon
Shells B W, carpenter
Suter J K, proprietor Mainland Guardian
Sutherland H, manufacturer shingles

Tait V B, postmaster, and agent Savings Bank
Townsend W B, butcher
Trew C N, physician, and coroner
Tuyner J Rev, clergyman (Wesleyan)

Walsh John, tailor
Webster John A & Co, general merchandise
Wintermute John, carpenter
Wise James, general merchandise
Withrow D, cabinet maker
Woodcock F, liquor saloon
Woods C T Rev, clergyman (Episc)

Youngh H, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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