Pacific Coast Business Directory

British Columbia ~ Victoria

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and its dependencies, incorporated by Royal Charter and PO, is situated on the southeast of Vancouver Island, immediately opposite the entrance to Puget Sound. It is considered to be one of the most beautifully located cities on the Pacific Coast, possessing a climate during three-fourths of the year which cannot be excelled, the cool and invigorating breezes from the snow-clad mountains of the Coast Range of Washington Territory preventing the occurrence of any excessive heat. The winters, however, are generally wet and stormy.

Victoria was originally a free port and carried on an extensive and very profitable trade with San Francisco, Puget Sound, Sandwich Islands, and other places. In 1805, the free port was abolished, since which time it has gradually diminished in population, and retains only a part of its former commercial prosperity. Almost all of its stores and some of its churches are constructed of brick and stone. In the character of the latter buildings it will compare favorably with any city of its size on the Pacific Coast. None of its buildings exceed two stories in height.

The extensive government buildings, tastily built of brick, occupy, with their grounds, a large portion of the eastern part of the city. Cary Castle, the gubernatorial residence, a large stone building of ungainly appearance, built at a cost of $50,000, is situated in a secluded spot in the suburbs. A beautiful public park containing a magnificent race course one mile long, encircling a small eminence called Beacon Hill, occupies a large tract of land between the northern portion of the city and the Gulf of Georgia. Victoria is eloquently lighted with gas obtained from Nanaimo coal, but a scarcity of good water for domestic use is experienced, a limited supply only being now obtained from the Spring Valley Water Works.

 Land adapted for cultivation is of limited extent, the surrounding country being generally of a rocky or heavily timbered character. Shipping not drawing over 10 feet of water can enter safely into its snug little harbor, which is securely protected from every wind. The Bay and neighboring waters swarm with various kinds of fish, and game and wild fowl are abundant. The present population slightly exceeds 5,000 inhabitants. It is connected with

Puget Sound, New Westminster, Nanaimo, Portland, and San Francisco by regular lines of steamers. Two newspapers are published: the British Colonist, daily and weekly; and the Standard, daily and weekly.

Allsop T & Co, land and insurance agents. Government
Andeau William, clothing, crockery, etc. Government
Anderson George W, bakery, and groceries. Fort
Armstrong William, tobacco, cigars, etc, Johnson
Ash John, physician. Fort
Astrico Andrew, hotel. Store

Bagnall J & Co, musical instruments, etc. Fort
Bail Charles, blacksmith, and wagon maker, Johnson
Bank of British Columbia, W C Ward, manager. Government
Bank Of British North America, John Goodfellow, manager, Yates
Barnard Charles F, dentist, Douglas
Barnard T J & Co, express, and forwarding, Yates
Barnes & Pitts, wholesale groceries, and commission dealers, Yates
Bartlett John, liquor saloon. Government
Baumann Frederick, confectioner, Yates
Baynes Sound Coal Mining Co
Bechler Gustav K, fruits, confectionery, crockery, etc, Johnson
Beck William, hotel, corner Johnson and Broad
Belmont Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Co, (Roderick Finlayson, president), Government
Billings Mrs & Co. hotel. Fort
Blass G & Co, groceries, provisions, and liquors, Government
Blum L, dry goods, clothing, hats, etc, Johnson
Bocion P, soda water manufacturer, Johnson
Bone T S, boots, shoes, etc. Government
Borthwick & Brown, billiard and liquor saloon, Yates
Boscowitz L & J, commission, hides and furs. Wharf
Bossi Charles, groceries, liquors, etc. Government
Bossi G, groceries and liquors, corner Johnson and Store
Boullet E, groceries, provisions, tobacco, etc, Yates
Bowman W G, livery stable, Yates
Bowman William, livery stable. Broad
Boyd John, groceries and liquors, Johnson
British Colonist, David W Higgins, proprietor, Government
British Columbia investment and Loan Society, C W R Thompson, secretary
British Columbia Towing and Transportation Co
Brodrick R & Co, commission, coal, and steamship agents. Wharf
Brown C B, proprietor Brown's Hotel, corner Fort and Douglas
Brown & White, linen goods, hosiery, etc. Government
Bryant William C, blacksmith, Johnson
Buler Asbury, clothing, furnishing goods, etc, Government
Bunster Arthur, brewery, Johnson
Burgess J P, carpenter. Fort
Burnaby Robert, real estate and insurance agent. Government
Burnes Thomas J, proprietor American Hotel, Yates
Burns & Edwards, crockery, glassware, carpets, etc. Broad

Caesar Kandle, barber, Yates
Campbell Frank, cigars, tobacco, etc, corner Yates and Government
Carr Richard, commission and wholesale grocers. Wharf
Casamayou A & Co, wholesale groceries, liquors, cigars, etc, Yates
Cazaban H, hotel
Charles William, manager western department Hudson Bay Co, Wharf
Child H, groceries and provisions, James Bay
Clair P, clothing, dry goods, tobacco, etc, Johnson
Clarke William coal dealer. Store
Cohen H M, dry goods and clothing, Johnson
Coleman George, liquor saloon. Government
Collins John, liquor saloon, corner Yates and Wharf
Courtney Henry C, barrister at law, and notary public, Langley
Couves A C, liquor saloon, corner Fort and Government
Cowper J Ac H M, boots, shoes, leather, etc, Yates
Crauvelli Peter, groceries, and liquors, Johnson
Crease Miss, principal Angela College
Credge Edward Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Crosson James, clothing, boots, shoes, etc, Yates
Crowther John, house and sign painter, Yates

Dalby William & Co, harness, saddlery, and sewing machine agent. Government
David John C, physician, Langley
Davie Theodore, barrister at law, and notary public, Langley
Davies J P & Co, commission and auctioneers, Wharf
Denny & Spencer, dry goods, furs, etc. Government
Denobrega Henry A, liquor saloon, Yates and Wharf
Derrick Thomas Rev, clergyman (Moth)
Dickson, Campbell & Co, importers, and commission merchants, J A Raymur, agent. Store
Dickson, DeWolf & Co, importers, and commission merchants, J A Raymur, agent. Store
Dengri John, tobacco, fruits, notions, etc, Johnson
Dodge Martin, liquor saloon, Craigflower Road
Dominion Government Savings Bank, John Graham, manager. Government
Dorman Daniel, carpenter, Yates
Doscher, Murphy & Co, laundry
Doughty George, brushes, brooms, etc. Fort
Drake & Jackson, barristers at law. Bastion
Drout John, groceries, tobacco, fruits, etc, Johnson
Drummond J S, stoves, tinware, etc, Yates
Duck Simeon, carriage and wagon maker, Johnson
Dunlop J T, livery stable. Broad

Eastwood Thomas L, painter
Eckstein David, U S consul. Government
Elford Caroline, Miss, teacher
Esmor J J, wood turner. Fort

Fawcett & Co, upholstery, and sewing machine agents, Government
Feillet J, locksmith, and blacksmith, Johnson
Fell & Co, groceries, liquors, and spice mills. Fort
Fellows & Roscoe, hardware, agricultural implements, etc, Yates
Ferond B, fruits, groceries, vegetables, etc, Johnson
Findlay, Dunham & Brodie, commission, and general merchandise. Wharf
Finlayson John, groceries, and spice mills. Fort
Forman H, liquor saloon. Fort and Wharf
Fox A E M, liquor saloon. Fort
Fox M it H A, importers, cutlery, silverware, etc. Government
Francis G, livery stable. Trounce Alley
Freitus John, fruits, groceries, etc, Johnson

Garesche Francis, agents Wells, Fargo & Co, Yates
Geiger Louis, shoe maker, Yates
Geiger & Becker, barbers. Government
Gerke H & Co, groceries, provisions, liquors, etc, Douglas
Gerow G C, blacksmith, and wheelwright. Government
Gibson James, brewery, Johnson
Gibson William, groceries, provisions, etc, Yates
Gillis M, painter and glazier, Douglas
Gilmore Alexander, tailor, and furnishing goods, Government
Gorrie Thomas, toys, and fancy goods. Fort
Gosnell Joseph, groceries, provisions, and spice mills, corner Douglas and Cormorant
Goudie J, blacksmith, etc, Fort
Goulter G DA, drugs and medicines. Fort
Gowen Charles, brewery, Yates
Grancini E, wholesale hardware, crockery, etc. Wharf
Gray A B & Co, dry goods. Government
Green D, clothing, etc. Government
Greenwood & Morley, manufacturer's soda water, Yates
Gribbell F B Rev, school, Humboldt
Grimm William, wagon maker. Cormorant

Hall Thomas, feed and grain, Yates
Halpenny _____ Mrs, millinery, and dress making
Harrison Eli, house, sign, and carriage painter, Yates
Harrison Eli J r, barrister at law, and notary public. Bastion
Harrison William, news dealer, and stationer, Government
Hastings Saw Mill Co, lumber manufacturers, J A Raymur, agent, Store
Hawkings J, produce and fruits
Hayward ____ Mrs, teacher
Hayward & Jenkinson, sash and blind factory, Langley
Heathorn William, boots and shoes. Government
Heggart Richard, general merchandise. Store
Heisterman H F, real estate conveyancer, and insurance agent, Langley
Helmcken J S, physician. Bastion
Helt J K, barrister at law, Government
Herdman John, blacksmith. Cormorant
Herre W F, accountant and interpreter. View
Houston Guy, guns, ammunition, etc, Yates
Heywood J, butcher, Yates
Hibben T N & Co, books and stationery. Government
Higgins David W, proprietor British Colonist, Government
Hildebrand Mary A Mrs, tailoress. Fort
Hills George, Right Rev Bishop British Columbia (Episc)
Hodges T, groceries, and bakery, corner Pandora and Douglas
Holman John, billiard saloon, Johnson
Hough J Z, restaurant, (government
Hudson Bay Co. William Charles, manager, Wharf
Hudson G R, liquor saloon, Fort
Huxtable William H, groceries, corner Fort and Quadra
Hyde George, liquor saloon. Government

Jackson W, physician, drugs and medicines
Jacobs John J, restaurant. Government
Jaques George, watch maker and jeweler. Fort
Jay & Co, horticulturists, and seed dealers, Yates
Joffree J, clothing, furnishing goods, etc, Yates
Jenkinson George, groceries. Fort
Jenns Percival Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Jewell Henry, furniture, stoves, etc. Fort
Johnson George, liquor saloon, Government
Johnson J D, proprietor George Hotel, Craigflower Road
Jones Stephen, proprietor Orleans Hotel, Cormorant
Jones T C, boat builder, James Bay
Jones William, fancy goods, hardware, toys, etc. Government
Jungerman J L, watches, jewelry, etc. Government

Keays G C, stoves, tinware, etc, Johnson
Kehoe Henry, livery stable, Johnson
Kelly & Taylor, hardware, stoves, tinware, etc, Yates
Kennedy John, liquor saloon, Yates
King Joseph, liquor saloon, Johnson
Koontz George, cooper. Wharf

Laheyte John, bakery, Johnson
Lange G W A, watch maker and jeweler, Yates
Langley & Co, drugs and medicines, Yates
Lo Claire Aime, fruits, confectionery, etc, corner Johnson and Douglas
Leggatt C J, barrister at law. Bastion
Leneven David, produce, commission, and storage. Wharf
Levy Brothers, saloon, and restaurant. Government
Levy E Mrs, confectionery, fruits, etc. Government
Levy Joseph, liquor saloon, and restaurant
Lewin Heiman, cigars, tobacco, notions, etc, Yates
Lewis Lewis, clothing, furnishing goods, etc, Yates
Lewis B, carpenter, and undertaker, Broughton
Loewen & Erb, brewery, corner Government and Discovery
Loewenberg L, real estate agents, Government
Lohse William, liquor saloon, corner Yates and Langley
Long T. H. & Company, proprietors Victoria Standard, Government
Longhurst Jarvis, liquor saloon, Government
Lovett ____, liquor saloon. Government
Lowe Stahlschmidt & Co, commission merchants, and insurance agents, Wharf
Lubbe T, furs
Lucas & Redon, proprietors Colonial Hotel, restaurant, and Driard House, Government
Lush William, proprietor Park Hotel, Beacon Hill Park

Mallandaine Edward, architect, Government
Mandart Joseph Rev, (R C) clergyman
Mann H T & Co, saddles, harness, robes, etc, Fort
Mansell Henry, boots and shoes. Government
Mansell & Holroyd, house furnishing goods, corner Yates and Douglas
Marsh W P, billiard saloon, Johnson
Martin F, proprietor Victoria Club
Marvin E B, ship chandler and sail maker. Wharf
Marvin Edgar, wholesale hardware, agricultural implements, etc. Wharf
Matthews J B, physician, Langley
Matthews J W & Bro, boot and shoe maker. Government
Matthews, Richards & Tye, hardware, iron, agricultural implements, etc, Yates
Maynard Richard, manufacturer boots and shoes, etc, Johnson
Maynard Richard Mrs, photographic artist, Douglas
Maynard & Loye, shoe makers. Fort
McCarty Malcolm, shoe maker. Government
McCreight J F, barrister at law. Government
McCullough Thomas, general merchandise. Store
McDonald J A, liquor saloon. Government
McDonnell A J, tailor. Government
McGregor S Rev, clergyman (Presb)
McKenzie C C, teacher
Mckeon William, proprietor Oriental Hotel, Yates
McLean A & Co, boots, shoos, clothing, etc. Fort
McNiff W, liquor saloon. Government
McQuade P & Son, ship chandlers. Wharf
McTiernan P, general merchandise, Store
Mersser Michael, fruits, fish, vegetables, etc, Yates
Mover John E, barber, Yates
Millard Charles T, wholesale grocers, and steamship owner. Wharf
Mitchell T R, painter, and paper hanger. Broad
Mitchell & Johnston, horticulturists, etc. Fort
Montobio G, general merchandise, Store
Moody, Nelson & Co, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturers. Store
Moore & Co, drugs and medicines, Yates
Morris Joseph, hotel, Metchosin Road
Morrison George, drugs and medicines. Government
Morton Charles, hotel, Langley
Moss Mrs, milliner, and dress maker. Broad
Muerhead & Mann, contractors and builders, Yates
Murphy P, bakery, and restaurant, Johnson

Nesbitt Samuel, bakery, Yates
Newbury William, harness, saddlery, etc, Government
Norris Frederick, harness, saddlery, etc, Government
Norris W G, furniture, stoves, etc, Johnson
Norris & Wylly, real estate agents. Government
Nuttall Thomas C, insurance agent. Government

Oilligan P, liquor saloon. Commercial
Oppenheimer Brothers, importers general merchandise, and commission merchants. Wharf
Ousterhout Peter, stoves', tinware, and crockery, Johnson

Paine Frederick, barber, Johnson
Papenberger George, market, Johnson
Parker John, wholesale butcher. Government
Peatt Arthur, hotel, Metchosin Road
Pelletier John P, proprietor Globe Hotel, Fort
Phelps, Wadleigh & Co, butchers
Phillips Alexander, manufacturer soda water, and syrups, Yates
Phillips C J, liquor saloon, Johnson
Phipps Mrs, ladies' hair dresser, Yates
Piaggio G, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, etc. Store
Pierre Thomas W, tailor, Yates
Plummer & Pagden, commission, and auctioneers, Wharf
Pollard William Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Price T, tailor, Government

Read John M, boot and shoe maker, Johnson
Redfern Charles E, watch maker and jeweler, Government
Rehdar August, tailor, Johnson
Reid William, hotel, Humboldt
Reynolds Frederick, butchers, Yates and Douglas
Rhode Joseph, groceries, and bakery. Store
Rhodes Henry & Co, wholesale liquors, and insurance agents. Store
Richards F G, liquor saloon
Richards & Nicol, liquor saloon, corner Yates and Government
Richardson G, proprietor Victoria Hotel, Government
Rickman A, wholesale groceries and provisions. Government
Riley & Doherty, bakery, and groceries, Wadington
Roberts Richard, merchant tailor. Government
Robertson & Johnson, barristers at law, Langley
Robinson William C, custom house broker, and collector. Bastion
Romano Quagliotti, dry goods, clothing, etc, Johnson
Rose & Pottinger, book and job printers. Fort
Rosenberg John, fruits, groceries, etc, Johnson
Rowles Ellen, restaurant, Johnson
Rudolph Henry, watch maker and jeweler. Government
Rueff & Co, wholesale grocers. Wharf
Russell D W, cooper, and manufacturer saddletrees, Wharf

Sargison G A, Superintendent Barnard's Express, Yates
Saunders Frank, liquor saloon. Fort
Saunders Henry, groceries, provisions, liquors, etc, Johnson
Sayward W P, lumber. Wharf
Schultz Herman, boot and shoe maker, Government
Seeley W C S, Australian Hotel, and organ builder. Government
Seghers C J Rev, R C Bishop Diocese of Vancouver Island
Sehl Frank, liquor saloon. Government
Sehl Jacob, furniture, upholstery, and sewing machine agent, Government
Seymour G T, furniture, upholstery, etc. Broad
Shade David, contractor and builder, Fort
Shakspeare Eliza, fancy goods, Fort
Shakspeare Noah, photographer. Government
Short Henry, guns, ammunition, etc, Fort
Shotbolt Thomas, druggist, and chemist, Johnson
Sleightholme E W, carpenter, Wharf
Sloman B Mrs, liquor saloon, corner Yates & Waddington Alley
Smith George E, liquor saloon, Johnson
Smith J, liquor saloon, Government
Smith Joseph, carpenter, Yates
Smith M R, bakery, Fort
Smith Thomas, boot maker. Fort
Smith & Clark, architects, and builders. Fort
Spencer S A, photographer. Government
Spratt Joseph, proprietor Albion Iron Works, corner Store and Discovery
Sproat & Co, importers, insurance and steamship agents. Wharf
St. Louis College, Rev J J Jonckau, principal. Pandora
Stafford & Goodacre, butchers, corner Government and Johnson
Steele Peter, liquor saloon, corner Bastion and Commercial
Steinberger William, distiller, Johnson
Steitz Bros, bakery, and coffee saloon, Yates
Stewart & Braden, plumbers, and gas litters
Storey Thomas, undertaker
Strachan James, liquor saloon, Wharf
Strouss C & Co, wholesale dry goods, clothing, etc. Wharf
Stuart & Keast, brewery, and liquor saloon, Wharf
Sutro G & Co, tobacco, cigars, etc, corner Yates and Wharf
Sylvester Stephen, bakery, groceries, provisions, etc. Government
Syme James, architect

Taylor C L, liquor saloon, Johnson
Taylor John, restaurant. Johnson
Taylor Thomas, liquor saloon, corner Douglas and View
Teague John, architect, and builder, Fort
Thistle William H, liquor saloon, corner Government and Yates
Thompson K B, dentist, corner Fort and Government
Thomson George, bakery. Fort
Tiedemann H O, architect, and civil engineer. Government
Todd J H, general merchandise, and sewing machine agent, Yates
Tolson Brothers, tailors. Fort
Tompkins G, blacksmith, and wagon maker, Johnson
Townsend A N, proprietor British Columbia Hotel, Fort
Townsend AV B, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc. Fort
Trehart Charles H. liquor saloon
Trehart & Hemenover, proprietors St Nicholas Hotel, Government
Trimble James, physician. Broad
Trounce Thomas, architect, Kane
Turner, Beeton & Tunstall, wholesale dry goods, clothing, etc. Government
Union Coal Co

Victoria Gas Co, J J Southgate, president, corner Pembroke and Star
Victoria Standard, T H Long & Co, proprietors. Government
Vienna Joseph, fruits, tobacco, etc, Johnson
Viensseux Charles E, teacher, James Bay
Vigelins Brothers, harbors, Government

Waithwick R, billiard saloon, Yates
Wall J. tailor, Yates
Waller Henry, confectioner, etc. Fort
Walther H & Co. brewery, Fort
Ward Nicholas T, barber, Johnson
Warner & Ragazzoni, restaurant
Webster W C, boots and shoes
Weiler John, carpets, furniture, crockery, etc. Fort
Welch, Rithet & Co, commission merchants, and insurance agents. Wharf
West E Mrs, restaurant. Government
Westgarth Thomas, civil engineer, and surveyor. Government
White Eden, restaurant, Yates
White M, restaurant, Johnson
White & Pagden, restaurant, Yates
Whitley Stephen, livery stable. Government
Wilby H E, produce, commission, and auctioneer, Yates
Williams J W, livery stable, Johnson
Williams Robert F, bookbinder, and paper ruler, Government
Williamson T A, liquor saloon, Yates and Douglas
Wilson A & AV, stoves, tinware, plumbing, gas fitting, etc, Fort
Wilson E. groceries, corner Fort and Douglas
Wilson John, liquor saloon. Bastion
Wilson Thomas & Co, dry and fancy goods, etc. Government
Wilson W & J, clothing, furnishing goods, etc. Government
Winger John, wholesale butcher, corner Fort and Douglas
Wolfenden R, government printer. Fort
Woods John, liquor saloon, corner Pandora and Doug-
Wootton Henry, postmaster
Wrigelsworth J, liquor saloon. Government

Young H, bakery and restaurant. Government

Pacific Coast Business Directory | British Columbia Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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