Pacific Coast Business Directory ~ Military Division of the Pacific

Includes Departments of California, the Columbia, and Arizona, San Francisco.
Headquarters, No. 105 Stockton Street.

Major-General John M. Schofield Commanding

Captain William M. Wherry, Aides do Camp.
Captain Richard F. O'Beirne, Aides do Camp.
Second Lieut. Frank Michler. J, Aides do Camp.
Lieut. Col. John C. Kelton Adjutant General.
Captain William M. Wherry, Acting A. A. General.
Lieut. Col. Koger Jones Inspector General.
Colonel Robert Allen Chief Quartermaster.
Lieut. Col. Asher R. Eddy Depot Quartermaster.
Lieut. Col. William W. Burns Chief Com. of Sub.
Lieut. Col. Robert Murray Medical Purveyor.
Lieut. Col. Julian McAllister Chief Ord. Officer.
Major Henry Prince Chief Paymaster.
Captain Thomas Wilson, Purchasing and Depot Com.
Captain William P. Martin, Military Store Keeper.
First Lieut. John C. Mallery Engineer Officer.

Department Of California
Includes California (excepting southern portion) and Nevada.
Headquarters, 105 Stockton Street, San Francisco.

Major-General John M. Schofield Commanding

Captain William M. Wherry, Aides do Camp.
Captain Richard F. O'Beirne, Aides do Camp.
Second Lieut. Frank Michler, Aides do Camp.
Major Samuel Breck Adjutant General.
Lieut. Col. Roger Jones Inspector General.
Major Herbert P. Curtis Judge Advocate.
Lieut. Col. A. R. Eddy Chief Quartermaster.
Captain Thomas Wilson, Chief Com. of Subsistence.
Surgeon Charles McCormick Medical Director.
Surgeon C. C. Keeney Attending Surgeon.
Major Samuel Woods Chief Paymaster.
First Lieut. John C. Mallery Engineer Officer.
Lieut. Col. Julian McAllister Chief of Ordnance.
Major J. H. Nelson Paymaster.
Major D. Taylor; Paymaster.
Major C. W. Wingard Paymaster.
Major I. A. Brodhead Paymaster.
Captain George B. Sanford, Recruiting Officer and Provost Marshal.
Captain Evan Miles, Recruiting Officer, Sacramento, Cal.

Department of the Columbia
Includes Oregon and Idaho, Washington and Alaska Territories.
Headquarters, Portland, Oregon.

Brigadier General O. O. Howard Commanding

Lieut. J. AV. Sladen, Aides de Camp.
Lieut. William H. Boyle, Aides de Camp.
Lieut. M. O. Wilkinson, Aides de Camp.
Major H. Clay Wood Adjutant General.
Major R. N. Batchelder Chief Quartermaster.
Capt. Geo. H. Weeks, Depot Q. M. Fort Vancouver.
Captain W. H. Bell Chief Commissary.
Surgeon E. J. Bailey Medical Director.
Major Joseph H. Eaton Chief Paymaster.
Major William A. Rucker Paymaster.
Major J. P. Canby Paymaster.
Major R. H. Towler Paymaster.
Lieut. John A. Kress Chief of Ordnance.

Department of Arizona
Includes California, (south of a line drawn from Point Conception to the northwest corner of Arizona) and Arizona Territory.
Headquarters, Prescott, Arizona Territory.

Brevet Major General August V. Kautz Commanding

First Lieut. E. D. Thomas, Aides de Camp
First Lieut. F. A. Whitney, Aides de Camp.
James P. Martin Acting A. A. General.
Major A. W. Evans Acting A. Inspector General.
Major John G. Chandler Chief Quartermaster.
Lieut. Col. John D. Wilkins Chief Com. of Sub.
Surgeon D, L. Magruder Medical Director.
W. M. Maynadier, Major and Paymaster, stationed at Prescott.
Major James R. Roche, Paymaster, stationed at Tucson.
Lieut. E. D. Thomas Acting Engineer Officer.

Officers Stationed at San Francisco-Not Attached to Staffs

Lieut. Col. B. S. Alexander Senior Engineer.
Lieut. Col. Charles S. Stewart Engineer Duty.
Major George H. Mondell Engineer Duty.
Lieut. John H. Weeden Engineer Duty.

Pacific Coast Business Directory

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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