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Stations of Troops in the Division of the Pacific

First Cavalry-Col. Alvan C. Gillem, Commanding. Headquarters, Benicia Barracks, Cal.
Sixth Cavalry-Captain C. B. McClellan, Commanding. Headquarters, Camp Lowell, A. T.
Fourth Artillery-Col. Horace Brooks, Commanding. Headquarters, Presidio of San Francisco.
Twelfth Infantry.-Lieut. Col. A. D. Wilson, Commanding. Headquarters, Angel Island, Cal.
Twenty-First Infantry.-Col. Alfred Sully, Commanding. Headquarters, Fort Vancouver, W. T.
Eighth Infantry.-Col. August V. Kautz, Commanding. Headquarters, Prescott, A. T.

* Note. The Regular Army, under present organization, comprises ten Regiments of Cavalry, five Regiments of Artillery, and twenty-five Regiments of Infantry, making an aggregate maximum strength of 32,512, rank and file. The Act of Congress, approved June 16, 1874, reduces the number of enlisted men in the Army to 25,000.

Department of California

Posts, Commanding Officer, Troops

Alcatraz Island, California, Major C. H. Morgan, 4th Artillery, Co's C and K, 4th Art., and Detachment of enlisted men from Fort San Jose and Presidio.
Angel Island, California, Colonel O. B. Wilcox, 12th Infantry, Headquarters and Co's C, F and I, 12th Infantry
Benecia Barracks, California, Lt. Colonel W. L. Elliott, 1st Cavalry, Headquarters Co. D, 1st Cavalry.
Benecia Arsenal, California, Major J. McAllister, Ordnance Department, Detachment of Ordnance.
Bidwell Camp, California, Capt. R. F. Bernard, 1st Cavalry, Co's. G and A, 1st Cavalry, and Co. G, 12th Infantry.
Guston Camp, California, Capt. R. C. Parker, 12th Infantry, Co. E, 12th Infantry.
Halleck Camp, Nevada, Capt. M. H. Stacey, 12th Infantry, Co. H, 12th Infantry.
Independence Camp, California, Capt. A. B. MacGowan, 12th Infantry, Co. D, 12th Infantry.
McDermit Camp, Nevada, Capt. H. Wagner, 1st Cavalry, Co. C, 1st Cavalry.
Point San Jose, California, Capt. J. Mendenhall, 4th Artillery, Co. G, 4th Artillery.
Presidio, California, Col. H. Brooks, 4th Artillery, Headquarters, and Co's A, D, M, and Light Bat. B, 4th Artillery.
Yerba Buena Island, California, (Not garrisoned), First Lieut. William Everett, In Charge.

Department of the Columbia

Boise Fort, Idaho, Capt. G. M. Downey, 21st Infantry, Co. K, 21st Infantry.
Colville Fort, Washington Territory, Capt. M. Harris, 1st Cavalry, Co. M, 1st Cavalry.
Fort Canby, Washington Territory, Capt. F. G. Smith, 4th Artillery, Co. H, 4th Artillery.
Harney Camp, Oregon, Major J. Green, 1st Cavalry, Co's K, 1st Cavalry, and A, 21st Infantry.
Klamath Fort, Oregon, Capt. James Jackson, 1st Cavalry, Co. B, 1st Cavalry, and F, 21st Infantry.
Lapwai Fort, Idaho, Capt. H. M. Smith, 21st Infantry, Co. E, 1st Cavalry, and G, 21st Infantry.
Sitka, Alaska, Capt. J. Campbell, 4th Artillery, Co's F and M, Light 4th Artillery.
Stevens Fort, Oregon, Capt. M. P. Miller, 4th Artillery, Co. E, 4th Artillery.
Townsend Fort, Washington Territory, Capt. G. H. Burton, 21st Infantry, Co. C, 21st Infantry.
Vancouver Fort, Washington Territory, Col. Alfred Sully, 21st Infantry, Headquarters Co's D, H and I, 21st Infantry.
Vancouver Arsenal, Washington Territory, First Lt. J. A. Kress, Ordnance Dept., Detachment of Ordnance.
Vancouver Depot, Washington Territory, Capt. George H. Weeks, Acting Quartermaster,
Walla Walla Fort, Washington Territory, Major E. Otis, 1st Cavalry, Co's F, L and H, 1st Cavalry, and Co. E, 21st Infantry.

Department of Arizona

Apache Camp, Arizona, Capt. F. D. Ogilby, 8th Infantry, Co's A and D, 6th Cavalry, and Co's, E and K, 8th Infantry.
Bowie Camp, Arizona, First Lt. W. M. Wallace, 6th Cavalry, Co. H, 6th Cavalry.
Grant Camp, Arizona, Capt. A. T. Smith, 8th Infantry, Co's B, G and M, (5th Cavalry, and Co. I, 8th Infantry.
Lowell Camp, Arizona, Capt. John N. Andrews, 8th Infantry, Headquarters, and Co. L, 6th Cavalry, and Co's D and G, 8th Infantry.
McDowell Camp, Arizona, Capt. A. W. Corliss, 8th Infantry, Co. K, 6th Cav., and Co. C, 8th Infantry.
Mojave Camp, Arizona, Capt. E. C. Woodruff, 12th Infantry, Co's A and K, 12th Infantry.
Verde Camp, Arizona, Capt. George M. Brayton, 8th Infantry, Co's E and I, 6th Cavalry, and Co's A and B, 8th Infantry.
Whipple Fort, Arizona, Capt. J. J. Van Horn, 8th Infantry, Co. F, 6th Cavalry, and Co. F, 8th Infantry.
Whipple Depot, Arizona, First Lt. B. Aldrich, 8th Infantry, A. A. Q. M., Not listed.
Yuma Fort, California, Major H. R. Mizner, 12th Infantry, Co. H, 8th Infantry, and Co. B, 12th Infantry.
Yuma Depot, Arizona, Capt. G. M. Bradley, A. Q. M., Not listed.
New San Diego, California (Not garrisoned), Ordnance Sergeant Michael Donovan, in charge.

* Fortifications have been erected at the following points: San Francisco Harbor; Fort Point and Alcatraz Island; San Diego Harbor; Mouth of the Columbia River; Forts Stevens and Cape Disappointment. Batteries have been also erected at Point San Jose, Lime Point, and Angel Island, San Francisco Harbor.

United States Navy* ~ Pacific Coast

North Pacific Fleet

Rear Admiral Jno. J. Almy, U. S. N Commanding.

Vessel, Motive Power, Guns, Commanding Officer
Pensacola, F. S., Screw, 23, Captain Bancroft Gherardi.
Benicia, Screw, 12, Captain W. E. Hopkins.
Portsmouth, Sails, 14, Commander Silas Casey, Jr.

South Pacific Fleet

Rear-Admiral Napoleon Collins, D. S. N Commanding.

Richmond, F. S., Screw, 14, Captain E. R. Colhorn.
Omaha, Screw, 12, Captain P. C. Johnson.
Onward, Store Ship, Sails, 8, Lt. Commander Edwin White.

Surveying Service ~ Pacific Ocean

Tuscarora, Screw, 6, Commander Geo. E. Belknap.
Narragansett, Screw, 5, Commander George Dewey.
U. S. C. S. S. Hassler, Screw, _, Lt. Commander H. C. Taylor.

Naval Rendezvous ~ San Francisco
Captain Paul Shirley, U. S. N Commanding.

Navy Pay Office ~ San Francisco
Pay Inspector J. S. Cunningham, U. S. N, in Charge.

Navy Yard ~ Mare Island

Rear Admiral John Rodgers, U. S. N., Commandant.
Captain Thos. S. Phelps, Executive Officer.
Captain Thos. S. Phelps, Equipment Officer.
Commander W. E. Fitzhugh, Navigation Officer.
Commander W. E. Fitzhugh, Inspector of Ordnance.
E. Lawton Chief Engineer.
Pay Inspector Casper Schenck, Paymaster of the Yard.
Pay Inspector James Fulton, Inspector of Provisions and Clothing.
Medical Inspector J. Suddards, In, Charge of Naval Hospital.
Surgeon W. E. Taylor, Surgeon of the Yard.

Civil Officers
Geo. W. Much Naval Constructor.
Calvin Brown Civil Engineer.
W. H. Davis Timber Inspector.
W. C. Root Superintendent of Floating Docks.

Marine Barracks ~ Mare Island

Captain C. D. Hebb Commanding

* On the 15th July, 1874, the Navy of the United States consisted of one hundred and seventy-five vessels, with a tonnage of 171,360. They are calculated to carry, when in commission, about 1,200 guns. Of these fifty-three are Iron Clads and Monitors, and twenty-eight are tugs, etc. There were in commission, July 15th, 1874, (including all) sixty-three vessels, mounting 683 guns.

Note. The following are the different Stations as at present organized: European Station, Rear Admiral Augustus L. Case; Asiatic Station, Rear Admiral Alexander M. Pennock; North Atlantic Station, Rear Admiral J. R. Madison Mullany; South Atlantic Station, (Ordered to command) Rear Admiral William E. Le Roy; North Pacific Station, Rear Admiral John J. Almy; South Pacific Station, Rear Admiral Napoleon Collins. In addition to the vessels attached to these Stations, there are several others engaged on special service.

Vessels ~ Mare Island

Vessel, Motive Power, Guns, Commanding Officer
Independence, Rec. Ship, Sails, 22, Captain Thomas Pattison.
California, Screw, 21, In Ordinary.
Nyack, Screw, 8, In Ordinary.
Jamestown, Sails, 21, In Ordinary.
Cyane, Sails, 18, In Ordinary.
Monadnock, Screw, 4, In Ordinary, Iron Clad.
Camanche, Screw, 2, Repairing at Vallejo,
Mohican, Screw, 8, Repairing at Mare Island,
Monterey, Screw, __, Yard Tug at Mare Island.



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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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