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Montana Territory Quartz Mills

January, 1874

Tho number of Quartz Mills in operation were forty-eight, of which thirty-four were propelled by steam, and fourteen by water. The number of Stamps is about six hundred, and the aggregate cost is estimated at $800,000.

With the Location, Name, Date of Erection, Occupant's Name.

Bannack, Butterfield, 1864, Phil. Sheenon & Co.
Bannack, Carhartt, 1847, John Carhartt.
Bannack, Grasshopper, 1871, William Merry.
Bannack, Sheenon, 1869, Phil. Sheenon & Co.

Cable City, Atlantic Cable, 1867, William Nowlan & Co.
Cable City, Thomas, 1868, S. Cameron & Co.
Highland Gulch, Swallow, 1865, Highland M. Co.
Moose Creek, _____, 1869, Dickey & Co.
Phillipsburg, Imperial, 1872, Imperial M. Co.
Phillipsburg, James Stuart, 1867, Hope M. Co.

Clancy, Kemp's, 1873, Kemp Brothers.
Crow Creek, Ross, 1870, _____.
Jefferson City, Jefferson, 1872, Nolan
Keatingville, Keating's, 1870, Keating & Blacker.
Naves, Nave, 1869, Naves, Son & Co.
Park, Jaw Bone, 1873,
Radersburgh, Sample, 1870, Charles G. Hallbeck.

Blue Cloud, Blue Cloud, 1868, Comer & Co.
Greenhorn, War Eagle, 1868, Plymouth Mining Co.
Grizzly Gulch, Memphis Mining Cos., 1868, Memphis Mining Co.
Grizzly Gulch, Whitlach, 1870, J. W. Whitlach.
Grizzly Park, Addis, 1868, Addis & Co.
Grizzly Park, Gormley's, 1867, Gormley & Co.
Grizzly Park, I X L, 1868, I X L Mining Co.
Grizzly Park, Turnley's, 1865, Turnley & Co.
Oro Fino Gulch, Hendrie's, 1869, Charles Hendrie.
Oro Fino Gulch, Schafer's, 1867, Jacob Schafer.
Owyhee Park, Columbia Mining Cos, 1867, Columbia Mining Co.
Owyhee Park, National M. &, E. Cos, 1866, National M.& E. Co
Ten Mile, Allen, 1868, Allen Mining Co.

Brandon, Broad Gauge, 1871, Cisler, Zuin & Co.
Brown's Gulch, Connor, 1868, Thomas H. Manning.
Meadow Creek, Mother Hendricks, 1857, F. R. Merk.
Rising Sun, Alpha, 1874, Kentucky & Mon. M. Co.
Rochester, Hendric, 1868, W. Tennant
Rochester, Wann, 1868, F. S. Gitchell.
Silver Star, Everett, 1868, Green Campbell M. Co.
Silver Star, Iron Rod, 1868, L. D. Porter & Co.
Sterling, Midas, 1857, Midas M. Co.
Sterling, Clark & Upson, 1865, Clark & Upson.
Sterling, Merk, 1865, Olds & Thomas.
Summit, Excelsior, 1866, John How.
Summit, Hawley's, 1866, W. H. Postlewaite.
Summit, Lucas, 1866, Lucas M. Co.
Summit, McClure, 1866, A. Largey.

Duck Creek, Leonard, 1874, O. Leonard.
Montana Gulch, Philadelphia Co., 1874, R. Lawrence, Agent.
Trout Creek, Vantilburgh, 1867, Brainard Brothers.

Smelting Furnaces

There are several Smelting works in the Territory, which materially add to the bullion product. The Helena Smelting Works, located at Helena, erected at a cost of 340,000; the Dahlen, at Bryant District, cost $10,000, and the Argenta, at Argenta, cost $6,000, are the only works from which returns have been received.

* Returns of 1871.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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