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State of Oregon - Albany Linn County

Albany, Linn County. PO County seat and incorporated city, of 2,000 inhabitants, is situated on the east bank of the Willamette, 75 miles south of Portland, and is the most extensive shipping point on the river south of that city. The tine navigable stream along the city front, and the rich agricultural section surrounding it, give Albany rare commercial advantages, and the bright prosperity it enjoys is a proof of its eligible situation. The town is well built, substantial brick blocks, hotels and business houses adorn its principal streets, while the neatness of the suburbs indicates the refinement and character of the inhabitants. The Court House is a fine brick building, costing $35,000, and is an ornament to the place. The educational and religious institutions are of a high order. A college is established in the city under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church, and the public school occupies a noble building capable of accommodating two hundred pupils. Four church societies own their own houses of worship, two Presbyterian, one Methodist, and one Baptist, and the Southern Methodists and Campbellites have services in rented buildings. The secret societies are represented by a Royal Arch Chapter and Lodge of Masons, Encampment and Lodge of Odd Fellows, and a Lodge of Good Templars. A Fire Company of 60 members with a hand engine, and other necessary apparatus, constitutes the Fire Department. A large canal, 13 miles in length with a width on top of 25 feet, brings the water of the South Santiam to Albany, where it is used as a power for manufacturing, having a pressure of 36 feet at the river bank of the Willamette. A large amount of machinery is moved by this and other water power in the city, and steam is also brought into requisition. Several saw, planing, and flouring mills, machine shops, foundries, sash and door factories, carriage and wagon shops, and other manufacturing industries give life to the town. There are two elevators and six grain warehouses capable of storing at one time 800,000 bushels. The Oregon and California Railroad, as well as the navigable river, give ready means of transportation, and a branch railroad running direct to the grain warehouses and mills make shipments easy. Three newspapers are published weekly, the Albany Register, the State Bights Democrat, and the Oregon Granger.
ALBANY REGISTER, Collins Van Clove, proprietor.
Allison L J Mrs., millinery and dress making.
Althouse & Company planing mill, sash and door factory
Arnell A T, painting and paper hanging
Backensto & Montgomery, proprietors Exchange Hotel
Baker M A, attorney at law
Baldwin J W, attorney at law
Banty, Allen & Company contractors and builders
Baum N, general merchandise and insurance agent
Beach & Montieth, proprietors Albany City Mills, and agents O S S Co
Belding W D, broom manufacturer
Boll & Parker, drugs and medicines
Bellanger Edward, brewery
Bloom Jacob, general merchandise
Boughton H J, physician
Briggs John, stoves and tinware
BROWN & STEWART, proprietors State Rights Democrat
Brunk & May, boots and shoes
Bush W, blacksmith and wagon maker
Cannon W R, livery stable
Carothers A & Company drugs and medicines
Carter Eli, planing mill and real estate
Cheadle R, general merchandise and grain warehouse
Cherry A F, foundry and machine shop
Clark & Wyatt, iron, steel, hardware, agricultural implements, etc, and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Cline Jennie, millinery and dress making
Comstock J J, lumber manufacturer
Conner John, banker and insurance agent
Crawford J A, insurance agent
Depew M S, stoves and tinware
Dodd W H & Company hardware, agricultural implements, etc.
ELKINS L, president Santiam Canal Co
Flindt H, boot and shoe maker
Foshay John, books, stationery, etc.
Foster J H & Company proprietors Magnolia Flour Mill
Fox & Bro, general merchandise
Gamble A W, physician
Gird k Montgomery, liquor saloon
Gisler William, boot and shoe manufacturer
Gounsky Joseph, merchant tailor
Gradwohl Julius, general merchandise
GRANGER PUBLISHING CO. proprietors Oregon Granger
Graf & Caller, furniture
Gray G W, dentist
Griffin E H, furniture and upholstery
Hannon Joseph, attorney at law
Harper P C & Company general merchandise, forwarding and commission
Harris J L, stock dealer and butcher
Harris T. W, physician
Helm George R, attorney at law
Hill L Linsey, physician
Houck G, stoves and tinware
Houck Myron, cooper
Humphrey N B, attorney at law
Hurd John D, lumber manufacturer
Hyde E U, cigars, tobacco and fancy goods
Irvin David, leather and findings
Irvine S G Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Jacobs R, tailor
Johns S A, attorney at law
Johns S A Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Johnson B, blacksmith
Jones D M, physician
Joseph Julius, general merchandise
Kiofer Charles, brewery
Kilbourne Oscar, auctioneer and commission merchant
Kline & Company general merchandise
Lister William, groceries
Mahler S W, tailor
Marshall & Schlossen, livery stable
Matthews & Morrison, proprietors St. Charles hotel
Mattoon C H Rev, clergyman (Bap)
McCoy J F. harness and saddlery
McFarland W H, stoves, tinware, etc.
McKnight & Cowan, butchers
McMerrick A, billiard saloon
Mealey Charles, furniture, upholstery, and undertaker
Merrill and Putnam, blacksmiths and machinists
Metzler J M, chair manufacturer
Meyer Henry, billiard and liquor saloon
Miller Samuel, blacksmith
Monroe & Staiger, marble works
Montanye L H, real estate and insurance agent
NEWBY & SOX, forwarding, commission, and storage
OREGON GRANGER, Granger Publishing Co. proprietors
Palmer W O, stock dealer and butcher
Parker & Morris, lime, hair, laths, etc.
Paxton A B, photographer
Peters William, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Petty John, butcher
Plummer UPS, physician, and drugs, books, stationery, etc.
Powell & Flinn, attorneys at law
Powers & Vanwackter, blacksmiths
Preshaw R G, physician
Purdom Jennie C Mrs., millinery
Raymond P H, postmaster
Rehwald Louis, boots and shoes
Rice D B, physician
Richter & Company manufacturer's boots and shoes
Rockwell C E & Company gunsmiths
Royal L B, barber
Safford T J, manufacturer gates, wagons, etc.
Schmeer John, bakery, provisions, and wines
Senders & Sternberg, general merchandise
Settlemier G F, drugs, medicines, paints, oils, etc.
Simpson A Church, forwarding, commission, agricultural implements, warehouse, etc
Smith E O, dentist
Smith John E, bakery groceries, provisions, etc.
STATE RIGHTS DEMOCRAT, Brown & Stewart, proprietors.
Stratton H W Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Strong W S, groceries, provisions, and bakery
Talley William, billiard saloon, tobacco, and cigars
Tandy E N, attorney at law
Taylor Bros, liquor saloon
Thompson & Irving, harness and saddlery
Tileston & Scott, guns, sporting materials, cigars, tobacco, etc.
Titus Bros, watches, jewelry, and sewing machine agents
Tweedale William C, general merchandise
VAN CLEVE COLLINS, proprietor Albany Register
Wadsworth F M &. Company house and sign painters
Warren R K, principal Albany Collegiate Institute
Warren W J, furniture, upholstery, and sewing machines
Webber Joseph, hair dressing and bathing saloon
Weed H, general merchandise
Weller George, liquor saloon
Whitney J J, attorney at law
Wiberg C M, boots and shoes
Willert & Busch, carriage and wagon manufactory
Wilson Isaiah Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Wilson John, butcher
Wolverton Charles E, attorney at law
Wood Frank, general merchandise and blacksmith
Young Samuel E, general merchandise
Zuckelman J, watch maker and jeweler

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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