Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Albany, Linn County to Cuttingsville, Clackmas County

Albany, Linn County. PO County seat and incorporated city

Albina, Multnomah County, PO address, Portland
Oregon Iron Works, John H Moore, superintendent

Alsea, Benton County, PO 30 miles south west of Corvallis
Curtiss William, blacksmith
Mason Eli, blacksmith
Roberts Anthony Rev, clergyman
Russell Thomas, postmaster
Starr H H, saddle and harness maker
Taylor William, general merchandise
Vidito Willis, general merchandise
Von Wustrow Paul Rev, clergyman

Althouse, Josephine County, PO address, Kirbyville. 15 miles southeast of Kirbyville, on Althouse Creek, is a noted mining locality of southern Oregon. The placers were discovered early in 18-53, and a great rush of miners took place. The mines were exceedingly rich, and many large fortunes were the result of the venture. Sailor Diggings, as a portion of the mining settlement was called, became famous. The creek takes its rise in the Siskiyou Mountains, and runs northerly, forming one of the tributaries of the Illinois, which flows through a fertile valley to the ocean. The principal mining operations at present are confined to the bed of the stream, which is turned by expensive tunnels through projecting points of the mountains. For some years past the mining has been mostly conducted by Chinese, but white labor with the aid of capital and enterprise is again getting control. The annual product is about $40,000, but with the improved systems now in use in California, it is believed the returns will be greatly increased. Valuable copper veins have been found in the vicinity, but are not extensively worked at present
Beach & Plattee, general merchandise, and butchers
Brown James R, liquor saloon
Delamater & Bro, general merchandise
Evans William M, general merchandise
Leonard Lawrence, general merchandise

Alvord, Grant County, PO 150 miles south of Canon City.
Abbott James G, postmaster

Amity, Yamhill County, PO 10 miles south of Lafayette.
Brown W R, blacksmith
Caucher D J , carpenter
Croge H, cooper
Goucher G W, physician
Hagan Charles, barber
Jillerson T J, wagon maker
Kelly & Simpson, general merchandise and drugs
Lancefield R J, general merchandise
McFadder J, physician
Nicklin John, physician
Philips A G, dentist
Rollins J L, harness maker
Schiepp M, general merchandise
Shurman E N, hotel
Simpson Richard L, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Taylor J A, hotel
Thurber Charles, liquor saloon

Antelope, Wasco County, PO
Wallace N W, postmaster

Applegate, Jackson County, PO 14 miles south west of Jacksonville.
Benedict Royal, hotel
Bolt John, general merchandise
Cameron & Hayden, general merchandise
Pearson John C, postmaster
Sturgis Alfred, general merchandise

Ashland, Jackson County, PO 18 miles south east of Jacksonville, on the stage road between the terminal of the California and Oregon, and the Oregon and California Railroads. Among the many pleasant, prosperous and healthy towns of Oregon, few can claim precedence of this. The scenery is fine, the soil fertile and the water pure and sparkling. Here is the seat of the Ashland Academy, a flourishing institution of 200 pupils. Ashland Creek, a tributary of Rogue River, furnishes an abundant water power, which is here appropriated for the propulsion of extensive machinery used in the manufacture of woolen goods, flour, lumber, etc. Marble of an excellent quality is found nearby, and is here prepared for various purposes.
Bower F D, butcher
Brown Mrs., millinery
Chapman Daniel, butcher
Chitwood J H, physician
Coolidge O, nursery
De Poatt Edward, shoe maker
Eubank & Company blacksmiths
Gillett A V. lumber manufacturer
Hargadim Robert B, general merchandise
Helman Abel D, postmaster, and stationer
Houck Jasper, hotel
Inlow H T. physician
Kenton William, wheelwright
Marsh & Company cabinet makers
Marshall, lumber manufacturer
Marshall & Goodchilds, proprietors Ashland Woolen Mills
McCall J M & Company general merchandise, and flour manufacturers
Mickelson M, blacksmith
Miller L. S. P. carpenter
Myer B F, deputy mineral surveyor
Reeser B F, hardware, stoves and tinware
Russell J H, marble works
Skidmore J H, principal Ashland Academy
Stephenson George, livery and feed stable
Tolman James C, tanner
Wagner, Anderson & Company proprietors Ashland Flouring Mills
Watson C B & Company drugs and medicines
Watt & Kloam, harness and saddlery

Astoria, Clatsop County, PO and County seat, and incorporated city

Auburn, Baker County, PO 11 miles south west of Baker City, is located among the lower timbered hills of the Blue Mountains, in the northeastern portion of the State, about 350 miles from Portland by the usual traveled route. The place was settled upon the discovery of gold in the vicinity, in 1860, and rapidly grew to the proportions of a large and populous town, numbering at one time between 3,000 and 5,000 inhabitants. The placers were very rich, but were not lasting; and the other interests of the section being undeveloped, Auburn declined in importance, until but a dozen or more white families remained. The Chinese still continue mining with some success, and some halt-dozen small trading establishments are maintained. A mining company is now engaged in running a bed rock tunnel and flume on Blue Canon, below the town, by means of which more extensive mining can be carried on. Valuable quartz lodes have also been discovered in the vicinity, and with the development of the agricultural resources promise to revive business to something like its former activity. The stages running between Baker City and Canon City pass through Auburn, by which means regular communication is had.
Graham Thomas, physician
Graham William, general merchandise
Griffin Henry, hotel
Janey & Smith, lumber dealers
Ludwig G M, brewery
Mehaffey S, general merchandise
Nichols John, blacksmith
Scofield D B, general merchandise
Smith Thomas, postmaster, and general merchandise
Trescott K, livery stable

Aumsville, Marion County, PO 12 miles south east of Salem
Bleakney J G, butcher
Bleakney Lewis, teacher
Denyer Job, blacksmith
Hobson & Whitney, general merchandise
Ishern J, boot and shoe maker
Peebles J C, attorney at law
Powell W H, postmaster, and carriage and wagon maker
Roberts J Rev, clergyman
Taylor D P, drayman
Turner G H & Company flouring mill

Aurora, Marion County, PO 24 miles north east of Salem, and 29 miles from Portland on the Oregon and California Railroad; is an enterprising and prosperous settlement of Germans, who have established here, in this fine and fertile valley, a model village on the plan of sociality, neatness and comfort of the pleasant villages of the fatherland. Here it is claimed is the finest park in the State, where trees and flowers, and pleasant walks invite the people to social gatherings and recreation. Several manufactories are maintained, as of flour, lumber, harness, saddles, and cabinet ware. The town possesses a good hotel, a well-attended school and church, and a population of three hundred.
Fry G M, watch maker, and jeweler
Fry William, blacksmith
Gerken Peter, flour manufacturer
Giesy Frederick, post master
Giesy H E, tinsmith
Giesy Martin, physician
Giesy N, turner
Giesy Samuel, harness and saddlery
Graher George, cabinet maker
Keil F & Company general merchandise
Koenig Jacob, brick manufacturer
Krans George, shoe maker
Pflugk Adolph, buckskin manufacturer
Scholl Frederick, distiller
Scholl John, painter
Smith Stephen, wagon maker
Wolfer J & Company tanners
Zimmerman C, lumber manufacturer

Baker City, Baker County, PO and County seat

Baker County

Bandon, Coos County
Nelson Orliff, hotel

Barron, Jackson County, PO
Tyler James, postmaster

Bay City, Coos County, PO address, Marshfield
McKay Donald, general merchandise and hotel

Beaver, Clackamas County, PO address, Oregon City, 6 miles south of Oregon City
Ball D, mason
Butcher William, tannery
Darnell John, blacksmith
May H B, wagon maker
Morris Robert, carpenter
Waldron Samuel, carpenter
Warsham R W, butcher
Wingfield George, blacksmith

Beaverton, Washington County, 10 miles east of Hillsboro
Brown Mary Miss, teacher
Stone Elisha, blacksmith
Wilmot, W H, general merchandise

Belknap Springs, Lane County, PO 55 miles east of Eugene City
Belknap R S, postmaster, hotel and springs proprietor

Bellevue, Yamhill County, PO 12 miles south west of Lafayette
Coleman D C, carpenter
Coltharp G W, harness and saddlery
Davis George W, blacksmith
Davis Jeff, carpenter
Enery John, postmaster, and general merchandise
Ensley M V, carpenter
Galloway William, teacher
Morris Thomas, book agent
Payne M P, physician
Payne Thomas, horse dealer
Tharp A, blacksmith

Benton County

Bethel, Polk County, PO 15 miles north east of Dallas
Cooper W H, harness maker
Denny A H, well borer
Kelty & Hawley, general merchandise
McGraw Abraham S, postmaster
Robbins, J H, well borer
Wariner W C, physician

Bethesda Springs, Lane County, PO address Belknap Springs, 55 miles east of Eugene City
Foley A N, hotel and springs proprietor

Big Springs, Lake County, PO address, Linkville, 22 miles east of Linkville.
Handy & Roberts, general merchandise
Hazen W, carpenter

Blue Mountain, Coos County, PO address, Isthmus, 23 miles south east of Empire City
Utter, Ujeda & Moynihan, coal mining

Bridge Creek, Wasco County, 100 miles south east of Dalles City
Sutton Alfred, postmaster

Brooks, Marion County, PO 9 miles north of Salem
Green John, general merchandise
Green Obed, postmaster

Brownsborough, Jackson County, PO 20 miles east of Jacksonville
Brown Robert H, postmaster
Brown & Bro, general merchandise
Tool Arthur, blacksmith
Powell Samuel, wagon maker
Sutherland William, hotel

Brownsville, Linn County, PO 22 miles south east of Albany,

Browntown, Josephine County, PO address, Kirbyville, 15 miles south west of Kirbyville
De Lamater Newell, general merchandise

Buena Vista, Polk County, PO 15 miles south east of Dallas
Albers Joseph, carpenter
Baldwin D C, hotel, and livery stable
Beach J M, general merchandise
Bettman & Rosenblat, general merchandise
Buena Vista Saw Mill Company lumber manufacturers
Fletcher J T, butcher
Galloway T J, carpenter
Goodall A, blacksmith
Holder H M, blacksmith
Hotart J W, postmaster, and harness, and saddlery
Hotart and Ground, commission and storage
Miller A P, physician
Miller & Galbraith, druggists
Munsell A, carpenter
Myers C H Jr, tinsmith
Nash Daniel, carpenter
Rowe E. wagon maker
Sellwood J RN, teacher
Smith A M & Company pottery
Wells G A & Company hop growers
Wells R F, commission and storage
Wells William, hop grower
Williams H F, carpenter

Burnt River, Baker County, PO address, Express Ranch, 33 miles south of Baker City
Weatherby A J, hotel

Butte Creek, Clackamas County, PO 24 miles south east of Oregon City
Fried Moses, postmaster and general merchandise

Butte Disappointment, Lane County, PO address, Dexter, 19 miles south east of Eugene City
Breeding, James, blacksmith
Handsaker Samuel, postmaster and general merchandise
Howard William & Sons, lumber dealers
Luckey William, blacksmith
Parvine James, wagon maker
Williams Thomas, lumber dealer

Butteville, Marion County, PO 28 miles north east of Salem
Clark B S, warehouse
Cone B F, postmaster
Cone G A & Son, general merchandise
Crawford John D, attorney at law
Florence E, butcher
Galland S, general merchandise
Geer F C, teacher
Hobach H, general merchandise and soap manufacturer
Hug John, distiller
Ryan J J, liquor saloon
Webster David, blacksmith, and gunsmith
Whitney William Jr, physician
Woolley A W, shoe maker

Cammas Valley, Douglas County, PO 24 miles south west of Roseburg
Arley, John W, postmaster
Barr Bros, blacksmiths
Holmes W B, teacher
Jay William, general merchandise
Martindale A, blacksmith
Neevis M, Teacher
Stoak D, blacksmith

Camp Creek, Lane County, PO 12 miles east of Eugene City
Dick J M Rev, surveyor and civil engineer
Hammersly G R, postmaster
Millican Robert, carpenter
Osborn Scott, teacher
Pattison William, wagon maker
Wegner A, blacksmith
Wolcott W A, cabinet maker

Camp Harney, Grant County, PO 70 miles south of Cañon City
Clark A V, general merchandise
Stevens William J, postmaster

Camp Polk, Washington County, PO
Hendland Samuel W, postmaster

Camp Watson, Grant County, PO 60 miles north west of Cañon City
Howe M, postmaster
Thornbury C N, general merchandise

Canby, Clackamas County, PO 9 miles south of Oregon City
Knight C & Bros, general merchandise, blacksmiths, and shoe makers
Knight Charles, postmaster, physician, and hotel
Simmons Charles, blacksmith

Canemah, Clackamas County, PO address Oregon City, 1 mile south of Oregon City
Bingman & Fledges, contractors, and undertakers
Calef S B, broom manufacturer
Pasquett & Sons, ship builders

Canon City, Grant County, PO and County Seat

Caples Landing, Columbia County, (see Columbia City)

Carlton, Yamhill County, PO, 5 miles north west of Lafayette
Carr S, wagon maker
Fryer F J, postmaster, and general merchandise
Kutch W F, hotel
Shamley Thomas, carpenter
Smith J B, artist

Cartwright's, Lane County, PO 20 miles south west of Eugene City
Russell William, postmaster

Cayuse, Umatilla County, PO, 12 miles east of Pendleton
Coutee James L, hotel
Newell John, flour manufacturer
Ringuet Frank, postmaster, and general merchandise
Romig S, blacksmith

Cedar Mill, Washington County, PO
Cornell W Rev, clergyman
Everson & Son, lumber manufacturers
Hoclett J M, teacher
Mattison A L, physician
Walters S, blacksmith
Young J Q A, postmaster, and general merchandise

Central Point, Jackson County, PO 7 miles north east of Jacksonville
Magruder Brothers, general merchandise
Magruder Constantine, postmaster
McKenzie, & Amy, flour manufacturers

Centreville, Washington County, PO address, Hillsboro, 4 miles north west of Hillsboro
Buford John, blacksmith
Parker H L, teacher
Trullinger John, general merchandise
Champoeg, Marion Company (see Newellsville)

Chester, Lane County, PO
Chester James B, postmaster

Chetco, Curry County, PO, 40 miles south of Ellensburg
Cooley Miller, postmaster

Clackamas, Clackamas County, PO
Chamberlain H E, attorney at law
Johnson H H, attorney at law
Johnson Julia Miss, physician
Lentz David, carpenter
Matlock M N & T J, flour manufacturers
McGrew James, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Mills & Phillips, general merchandise
Phillips W A, attorney at law
Phillips A William, postmaster
Simpson A P, carpenter

Clackamas County

Clarksville, Baker County, PO, 25 miles south east of Baker City
Brinker Henry, merchant tailor
Buckland & Virtue, general merchandise
Eliott Daniel, hotel
Frank & Rust, brewery
Frisby John, blacksmith
Lake George W, general merchandise
Mover August, shoe maker
Rust Henry, postmaster
Wendt Ernest, hotel

Clatskanie, Columbia County, PO, 30 miles north west of St Helens
Barr Adam, boat builder
Barr Bros, flour and lumber manufacturers
Blood B W, carpenter and joiner
Bryant S A J, lumber manufacturers
Conyers A B, teacher
Conyers, E W, postmaster, physician, and general merchandise
Conyers, W H. blacksmith
Murray A H, hotel

Clatsop Beach, Clatsop County, (See Seaside House)

Clatsop County

Clear Creek, Clackamas County, PO 14 miles north east of Oregon City
Cutting & Company lumber manufacturers
Dickson Joel, postmaster, and flour manufacturer
Knight M S, blacksmith
Wendt H, general merchandise

Cleveland, Douglas County, PO
Good Franklin M, postmaster

Clifton, Clatsop County, PO 22 miles east of Astoria
Cook J W & V, general merchandise
Cook Vincent, postmaster
Gill & Company fish cannery
Oregon Packing Company fish cannery
Spear Stephen G, cooper
Watson & Bannan, fish cannery

Cloverdale, Lane County, (See Cresswell)

Coaledo, Coos County PO
Kelly James C, postmaster

Coast Fork, Lane County, (See Cottage Grove)

Cole's Valley, Douglas County, PO 15 miles north of Roseburg
Bradley Ada, teacher
Brimhaul John, shoe maker
Churchill David, stock dealer
Clark W B, lumber and liquor dealer
Clayton Jesse, blacksmith
Colwell & Newman, cabinet makers
Crow E J, dentist
Emmett Frank, teacher
Emmett John, wagon maker
Emmett Robert, teacher
George Abel, wagon maker
Good F M, flour manufacturer
Howard - Rev, clergyman
Livingston E, wagon maker
Macbeth Daniel, tannery
Pierce John, shoe maker
Shambrook George, postmaster, and butcher
Yale George, teacher
Yates _____, blacksmith

Columbia City, Columbia County, PO 1½ miles north west of St Helens
Caples H, wood dealer
Caples Minerva J Mrs., postmistress
Clark W Mrs., hotel
Hamilton Joel, general merchandise
Maxwell, G W, paint manufacturer
Nichols W W, boat builder

Columbia County

Coos City, Coos County, PO
Coston Henry A, postmaster, and hotel
Davis T J, shingle manufacturer
Henderson M, teacher
Jarvis Frederick, hotel (Coos Bay Wagon Road)
Ransom P, builder
Sheridan & Son, hardware and tinware
St. Clair C, carpenter and boat builder

Coos County

Coos River, Coos County, PO
Bridges F M, postmaster
Campbell Abram, machinist
Cathcart Daniel, surveyor
Colver A B, fruits
Glenn W W, millwright
Hinch A H, batcher
McKnight William, fruits

Coquille, Coos County, PO 25 miles south of Empire City
Andrews C, general merchandise
Bryan Samuel, furniture
Dean J A, teacher
Drew D M; blacksmith
Drew M Mrs., teacher
Matteson F S, real estate agent, drugs and medicines
Miller M W. hotel
Moulton J T, postmaster, and general merchandise
Nosler Annie Mrs., teacher
Nosier W H Rev, clergyman
Panter John, flour manufacturer
Robinson Alexander, hotel
Robinson A C Miss, teacher
Snyder John, photographer
Wright W P, surveyor

Cornelius, Washington County, PO
Bailey J E, teacher
Boyce A Y, drugs and medicines
Clark & Powers, liquor saloon
Cornelius Thomas K, general merchandise, and grain buyer
DAVIS A J, proprietor St Joseph Hotel
DeLetts J, blacksmith
Kelso Lewis, general merchandise
Lakin E C, varieties
Martin & Company wagon makers
Miller A A, livery stable
Nossly M F, postmaster
Noland W W, harness and saddlery
Punch Richard, shoe maker
Shaw George H, agent Oregon Central R R
Spencer J K, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Stewart William, liquor saloon

Corvallis, Benton County, PO, incorporated city and County seat

Cottage Grove, Lane County, PO 22 miles south east of Eugene City
Dillard S Rev, clergyman
Elder Thomas, wagon maker
Goer & Hazleton, flour manufacturers
Goldsmith A, general merchandise
Harrington Edward, shoe maker
Harris John Rev, clergyman
Hazleton H A, blacksmith
Kennedy F, physician
Knowlton P D, hotel
Masterson J W, blacksmith
Martin N, attorney at law
Numbers P, lumber manufacturer (Coast Fork)
Sharp J H, general merchandise (Latham)
Shortridge J H, blacksmith (Coast Fork)
Underwood David C, postmaster
Wallace C H Rev, clergyman
Webber Charles, physician
Whipple E W & Company general merchandise
Wynn A L, physician
Yancey & Vaughn, flour manufacturers (Coast Fork)

Cove, Union County, PO, 15 miles north east of La Grande
Burroughs S, turner, and cabinet maker
Cochran & Company lumber manufacturers
Cowles S D, postmaster
Cowles & McDaniel, general merchandise
French S G, flour manufacturer
Gephart J, boot maker
Metzsker William, lumber manufacturer
Minos W R, wagon maker
Morrison A Rev, clergyman (Univ)
Moxley J W, teacher
Russell & Company blacksmiths
Shaffer L, photographer

Cow Creek, Douglas County. (See Galesville)

Crawfordsville, Linn County, PO 22 miles south east of Albany
Fuller V R, general merchandise
Glass Robert, postmaster

Creswell, Lane County, PO 12 miles south east of Eugene City
Gilfry John T, general merchandise, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company and flour manufacturer
Howe N A W, general merchandise
Hughes Alvin, blacksmith
Hughes John, blacksmith
Otis Henry, hotel
Thompson Thomas, teacher

Crow, Lane County, PO
Hemenway A, postmaster

Curry County

Cuttingsville, Clackamas County, PO 22 miles south east of Oregon City
Cutting Charles, postmaster and liquor saloon

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Oregon Directory and Gazetteer

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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