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Baker City, Baker County, PO and County seat, is a thriving town of 1000 inhabitants, on the South Fork of Powder River, in the fertile valley of the same, and enjoys considerable trade with the neighboring mining and agricultural districts. It is a new town, and the center of a section which, thirteen years ago, was an untenanted and unbroken wilderness. Now, a pretty village exists, with numerous hotels, stores, schools, dwellings, and business houses of various character. A good road leads to The Dalles, and to the mining districts of Idaho, over which runs a daily stage carrying the United States mail and express. Five different stage lines center here, radiating to the different towns in this. Grant and Union counties. The Powder River Valley, of which Baker City is the business center, possesses a large area of excellent arable land, which invites the settler from every land to take possession of, and to create, through the bounty of Nature and of our own free Government, homes of comfort and independence. The two forks of Powder River take their rise in the Blue Mountains-and the South Fork, the larger of the two, after a northeast course of seventy-five miles, is joined by the lesser branch, when continuing their course upward of one hundred miles further, empty into the Snake River. Burnt River is separated from it by a spur of the Blue Mountains, A writer from the locality says: "From the summit of a spur of the Blue Mountains that divides these two rivers, the scenery for beauty and grandeur cannot be surpassed. To the south can be seen the Burnt River Valley, above Clark's Creek, stretching away in a westerly direction, in one unbroken line of verdant beauty its smooth, green surface presenting a strong contrast with the undulating upland, alternating between grass-crowned hills and forests of gigantic pine. Turning to the north, the valley of Powder River lying in full view, far more extensive and equally as beautiful, can scarcely fail to strike the eye of the beholder with awe and admiration, and beget the wish for the mechanic, day-laborer, and landless poor of the older countries to apply the magic touch of civilization to those rich gifts of "Nature, and convert these extensive wilds into happy homes." The condition of society on the wild frontier, often so sadly pictured by sensation storytellers, is well shown by the condition of schools, newspapers, churches, and social associations. Baker City contains one Academy, and one public school, three churches, and four benevolent societies, and supports two efficient newspapers, the bedrock Democrat and the Herald, both published weekly. Few towns in the land which claims, par excellence, to be of "steady habits," can make a better showing.
Alfred F M Mrs., millinery and dressmaking
Atwood J P, physician.
Baer Samuel, gent's furnishing goods, groceries, tobacco, etc
Baker City Academy, W. F. McCrary, president
BAKER CITY HERALD, James and Curtis, proprietors
Bamberger & Frank, general merchandise
Barrett S P, principal Baker City Academy
BEDROCK DEMOCRAT, J M Shepherd & Son, proprietors.
Block M & Company groceries and provisions
Bohna F A. liquor saloon.
Bowen John P, storage and commission
Bowman George J, wagon maker
Boyd J M, physician
Brinker H, merchant tailor
Bushee J P, agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Chord & Manning, carpenters
Cleaver J W, furniture manufacturer
Clements & Sicord, hotel
Coffey J J, varieties, and insurance agent
Constable k Porter, liquor saloon
Dealy & Tweedie, blacksmiths
Dill & Weller, butchers
Elliott & Van Patten, lumber manufacturers
Eppinger John, butcher
Eyler A E, bakery
Fishel & Roberts, merchant tailors
Fletcher & Stevenson, hotel
Foster C M, attorney at law
Foster & Ferguson, millinery
Gaines S A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Gardner J B, watchmaker and jeweler
Gildersleeve W, liquor saloon
Grier & Kellogg, livery stable.
Hardesty & Levins, butter, eggs, fruits, etc
Haynes J D, attorney at law
Henderson T P, harness and saddlery
Houston. Brewer & Palmer, bricklayers and plasterers
Houston L J Mrs., millinery and dress making
JAMES & CURTIS, proprietors Baker City Herald
Kellogg & Small, auctioneers
Kilburn & Perkins, livery stable
Lawrence A J, attorneys at law
Levins W F, liquors and cigars
Littlefield Charles, shoemaker
Ludwig Martin, liquor saloon
Manaudas Joseph, restaurant
McCord Robert, liquor saloon
McCRARY WILLIAM F, books, stationery and music
McIntosh R, carpenter and builder
McKinney H N, drugs and medicines
Miller Charles, shoe maker
Miller W C, wagon maker
Ottonheimer Samuel, general merchandise
Parker J H, stoves and tin ware
Pfeiffenberger ____, liquor saloon
Reid it Constable, hotel
Reid & Fletcher, butchers
Restner & Lochner, brewery
Reynolds E W, notary public
Richardson James, liquor saloon
Ross, Reid & Fletcher, liquor and billiard saloon
Schellworth Charles, liquor saloon
Shepherd J M, attorney at law
SHEPHERD J M & SON, proprietors Bedrock Democrat
Shepherd R C Mrs. & Company dress makers and sewing machine agents
Shinn Joseph H, notary public
Smith Daniel, lumber dealer
Snow T N, physician
St Louis Charles, watchmaker and jeweler
Sterns & Hyde, attorneys at law
Taft C J, physician
Tandy H C, photographer
Thibodo A J, physician
Tracy George H, postmaster
Virtue James W, banker and assayer
Williams Richard, barber
Wisdom J W, Drugs and medicines

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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