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State of Oregon - Corvallis, Benton County

Corvallis, Benton County, PO, incorporated city and County seat eighty-five miles south of Portland, is pleasantly situated on the west bank of the Willamette, north of the junction of Mary's River, and is regarded as one of the handsomest towns of Oregon. The population is estimated at 900. Corvallis, meaning "the heart of the valley," is appropriately applied to the central point of this fair section. A broad and gently undulating prairie spreads in fertile fields before the eye, clad in perennial verdure, and dotted with the neat white dwellings of the thrifty farmers. To the eastward flows the beautiful Willamette, here a navigable stream for the greater portion of the year, and the numerous light steamers that bear away the country's products give life to the scene. The town was laid out in 1851, and then called Marysville and was at one time the capital of the Territory. It is now the center of a large trade; the large warehouses, numerous business and manufacturing establishments, including saw, planing, and carding mills, sash and blind factories, etc., being indicative of enterprise and general prosperity. Railroad communication is expected soon by the Oregon Central, or West Side Railroad which it is expected will be completed at an early day to Junction City, where it will intersect the Oregon and California Railroad. Another road is hoped for from Corvallis to Yaquina Bay forty miles west, on the ocean. A good land very feasible route exists, over which a stage now runs tri-weekly. For this purpose the Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad Co., has been incorporated, and it is expected a narrow gauge road, will soon be constructed over the route. The educational and literary institutions are numerous and of a high order. Among them is the State Agricultural College, endowed by Congress and under control of the State. This institution is in its infancy, but is growing in popularity and influence, and is the foundation of a University of great importance to the future of Oregon. Besides this is an academy under the control of the Episcopal Church, two public schools and several literary and benevolent societies. The Masons, Odd Fellows, Daughters of Rebekah, and Good Templers have lodges, and the city maintains a public library of several hundred volumes. These and the numerous churches are evidence of a refined state of society. Two newspapers, the Corvallis Gazette and the Benton Democrat, are published weekly.
Allen & Woodward, drugs, medicines, stationery, etc
Applewhite J R, physician
Atwood H M Mrs., photographer
Backensto H, barber
Baeson Nicholas, butcher
Baldwin Wallace, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Barber N H, carpenter and builder
Baxter & Anderson, house and sign painters
BENTON DEMOCRAT, Quincy & Humphrey, proprietors
Biddle B K, justice of the peace
Biddle William, dentist
Bird Henry C, liquor saloon
Boswell Cal M, physician
Boswell John, physician
Boswell John Rev, clergyman
Brown N, house and sign painter
Burnett John, attorney at law
Caldwell L M, dentist
Carter William B, insurance agent
Canthorn A & Company general merchandise
Canthorn J A, manager Farmers' Warehouse
Canthorn & Nye, merchant tailors
CARTER W B, proprietor Corvallis Gazette
Chenoweth & Smith, attorneys at law
Chisholm J M, wagon maker
CORVALLIS GAZETTE, W B Carter proprietor
Coughter Peter, blacksmith
Davis James A, physician
Day ____ Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Devendorf George N, billiard saloon
Dixon James, proprietor Corvallis and Yaquina Stage Line
Drake & Grant, merchant tailors
Eglin J M, freighting
Elgin J B, attorney at law
Emerick Henry, blacksmith
Emerick Joseph, wagon maker
Emerick & Allphin, contractors
Emery Joseph Rev, clergyman (Meth South)
Fisher H, house and sign painter
Fleckinger Hiram, harness and saddlery
Fox Ignatz, furnishing goods', tobacco, cigars, etc
Friendly Max, general merchandise
Gaylord G, sash and door factory
Gerhard Joseph, blacksmith
Gerhard L, liquor saloon
Goldson L, photographer
Graham William, physician
Graham & Hamilton, drugs and medicines
Graves James, furniture manufacturer
Greffoz P P, watch maker and jeweler
Groves & Horning, carding machine
Hamilton Brothers, grain buyers, and warehouse
Hanna J A, stationery, etc
Harris E. groceries, provisions and dry goods
HASKINS JOHN J, proprietor North Pacific Hotel
Hodes G, gunsmith
Horning L L, wagon maker
Houck, G W, livery stable
Houck & Huntington, liquor saloon
Hunt Bernard, brewery
Hunter B, blacksmith
Hunter Peter, patent medicines
Hurst, Gray A Company flour manufacturers
Hyland B, groceries, grain and warehousing
Irwin D B, shoe maker
Irwin Joseph R R, sowing machine agent
Jacobs & Neugass, general merchandise
JOHNSON ANDREW, wagon and carriage maker
Kelsay John, attorney at law
Kiger W W, house and carriage painter
King Sol, livery stable and stage proprietor
Kline L G & Company general merchandise
Knight August, furniture manufacturer
Knight E A Mrs., milliner
Knight Manuel, blacksmith
Lee J B, physician
Lilly & Henkle, butchers
Look S H, shoe maker
Mackin, P Rev, clergyman (R C)
Manns Henry, shoe maker
Mason Joshua, door and sash factory
McCune & Hanna, lumber manufacturers
McElroy H M, teacher
McFadden W S, attorney at law
McFarland, Baldwin & Company agricultural implements, hardware, and stoves
Mercer George, real estate agent
Milner E A, teacher
Morris C S. restaurant
NEW ENGLAND HOUSE, De H W Vincent, proprietor
NORTH PACIFIC HOTEL, John J Haskins, proprietor
Norton E, Cooper
Nye J J, merchant tailor,
Peterson J, carpenter and builder
Phillips J T, blacksmith
Purdy A, wagon maker
QUINCY & HUMPHREY, proprietors Benton Democrat
Rayburn J W, attorney at law, and real estate agent
Right T J, physician
Robinson F E & Bro, lumber manufacturers
Russ H M, dentist
Seller William, liquor saloon
Sheppard J R, house and sign painter
Simmons, R G, harness, and saddlery
Smith Green B, stock dealer
Stiles George B, general merchandise, and soda water manufacturer
Stiles M B Mrs., millinery goods
Strahan R S, attorney at law
Taylor B F & Son, butchers
Thompson Samuel H, general merchandise
Thornton W T, house and sign painter
Todd J, carpenter and builder
VINCENT Dell W, proprietor New England House
Wallace W, carpenter and builder
Warrior Henry, groceries, etc
Webber J K, stoves and tinware
Westheimer Arnold, furnishing goods, tobacco and cigars
White L M Mrs., millinery
White & Crawford, watches, clocks, and jewelry
Woodward Elias, postmaster
Wrenn George P, carpenter
Yantis James A, attorney at law
York J N Rev, clergyman

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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