Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Dallas Polk County to Evans Creek, Jackson County

Dallas, Polk County, PO and County seat

Dalles City, (The Dalles) Wasco County, PO and County seat

Damascus, Clackamas County, PO 10 miles north east of Oregon City
Buchman August, blacksmith
Darling Norman, postmaster
Earle S D Rev, clergyman
Gradon Israel, wagon maker
Grove L S, pottery
Lent, David, lumber manufacturer
McLeran Charles, teacher
McLeran Sylvester, teacher
Parsons Eliza Mrs., physician
Richey Edgar, wagon maker
Rock John, teacher
Rugg ____, Rev, clergyman
Tuttle Charles, teacher
Tuttle J E, teacher
Wicker J Rev, clergyman

Dayton, Yamhill County, PO 3 miles south east of Lafayette
Baxter & Bollinger, blacksmith, and machinist
Best Joseph, livery stable
Call C C, harness and saddlery
Cary John, postmaster, and notary public
Carey John W, painter, and turner
Pertain Frederick, liquor saloon
Harker & Company general merchandise
Lewis B P, carpenter
Longacre John R, livery stable
Longacre & Company warehouse
Mutchler Alex, carriage and wagon maker
Nichols Isidor, boots and shoes
Nichols W D, clergyman (Meth)
Powell, Miller, Marshall & Company proprietors Dayton Warehouse
Powell W S, lumber manufacturer
Riley Joseph B, proprietor Dayton House
Robinson N P, butcher
Snell & Company general merchandise
Taylor Chris, general merchandise
Trowbridge ____, attorney at law
Vesey August, physician

Dayville, Grant County, PO 28 miles west of Canon City
Brackett James N, postmaster

Dexter, Lane County, PO. (See Butte Disappointment)
Handsaker Samuel, postmaster

Dilley, Washington County, PO
Boggs W N. chair manufacturer
Bullock G A Rev, clergyman
Chamberlain J L, general merchandise
Lee A, lumber manufacturer
Markham Seth, postmaster
McLeod A, lumber manufacturer
Parson O, flour manufacturer
Pricket, J B. blacksmith
Shearer R D, shoe maker
Sinfield George, blacksmith, and wagon maker

Dixie, Grant County. (See Prairie City)

Dixie, Polk County. (See Eickreal)

Dog Creek, Josephine County, PO address, Slate Creek, 25 miles north west of Kirbyville
White Samuel, general merchandise

Dora, Coos County, PO 29 miles south east of Empire City
Palmer & Harrison, hotel (Coos Bay Road)
Roach John H, postmaster, and carpenter
Tompkins E W, mftr washing machines (East Fork Coquille)

Douglas County

Drains, Douglas County, PO 30 miles north of Roseburg
Comstock J J, lumber manufacturer
Krewson John W, postmaster, and general merchandise
Tracy C E, general merchandise

Drew's Valley, Lake County, PO 80 miles east of Linkville
Loftin T, hotel
Ponland G W, postmaster
Phelps J B, carpenter
Phelps Kate Miss, teacher
Scovill R W, butcher
Smith William, blacksmith, and gunsmith

Drift Creek, Benton County, PO 65 miles south west of Corvallis
Brand Matthew, postmaster

Eagle Creek, Clackamas County, PO 18 miles north east of Oregon City
Wilburn Henry, postmaster, and general merchandise

Eagle Mills, Jackson County, PO address Ashland, 20 miles south east of Jacksonville
Farnham Allen F, flour manufacturer

Eagle Point, Jackson County, PO 18 miles north east of Jacksonville
Daily & Emery, flour manufacturers
Mathews D P, blacksmith
McNeil Andrew, postmaster, and wagon maker

East Portland, Multnomah County

Eastport, Coos County, 15 miles east of Empire City
Pool & Harris, proprietors Eastport Coal Mine
Schelter Frederick, general merchandise

El Dorado, Baker County, PO 30 miles south of Baker City
Barnes Henry, livery stable
Boswell W S, hotel
Brower k Company general merchandise
Cook George, butcher
Edwards Daniel, liquor saloon
Goff, postmaster
Landers Chris, liquor saloon
Lewis H P, blacksmith
Parker N S, blacksmith
Richardson James, liquor saloon
Stephenson & Bro, general merchandise
Stevens Thomas, postmaster

Elk City, Benton County, PO address Newton, 48 miles west of Corvallis
Blair H, livery stable
Bryan Mrs., hotel
Cline & Company general merchandise
Dixon James E, hotel and stage proprietor
Fox A, chair manufacturer
Hite W S, blacksmith
Simpson & Abbey, general merchandise

Elk Horn, Polk County, PO 12 miles north east of Dallas
Blair Thomas R, postmaster
Buell Cyrus, flour manufacturer

Elkton, Douglas County, PO
Haines A B, postmaster

Ellensburg, Curry County PO and County seat, is on the southern bank of Rogue River, near the ocean. This is near the southwestern extreme of the State-and high mountains render intercommunication difficult. Gold mines exist in the vicinity both upon the ocean beach and in the interior of the grazing is good; the surrounding forests grand; but little progress has been made in their development. The catching and curing of salmon has constituted an important branch of industry during the past few years, and the resource seems exhaustless.
Canfield J AV, teacher
Gauntlett J H, hotel
Geisel ____, Mrs., hotel
Hastings & Saunders, lumber manufacturers
Huntley J, attorney at law
Huntley M E, Mrs., post mistress
Jones Q S, attorney at law
Lovelace & Griffin, Columbia Salmon Co
Mansfield John Rev, clergyman
Riley & Stewart, general merchandise, and fish packers
Strahan H, hotel
Vonder Green F O, physician
Walker k Moore, liquor saloon

Empire City, Coos County

Enchanted Prairie, Coos County
King Alice E Miss, postmistress

Eola, Polk County, PO, 11 miles east of Dallas
Becket, Jones & Thompson, warehouse
Connliss W H, teacher
Doty Reuben, postmaster
Grubbs C W, blacksmith
Hayden Benjamin, attorney at law
Hayden H H, machinist
Jeffries W D, physician
Ray J H, notary public
Ray R A & Company general merchandise
Ray W H, harness and saddlery
Waller H M Rev, clergyman

Eugene City, Lane County

Evans Creek, Jackson County, PO address, Rock Point, 18 miles north west of Jacksonville
Jacobs E, general merchandise
Weiss Christopher, hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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