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State of Oregon - Dalles, Wasco County

Dalles City, (The Dalles) Wasco County, PO and County seat, is on the south bank of the Columbia, 165 miles northeast of Salem, and 115 east-northeast of Portland, and is one of the most important towns of the State. Here the river enters the Cascade Range of mountains, falling over a series of rapids, which interrupt the navigation, and render a portage of fifteen miles necessary. For this purpose a railroad has been constructed from the foot of The Dalles, or rapids, to the head at Celilo, over which the large amount of merchandise carried on the upper Columbia is transported. Dalles City, or as usually called The Dalles, is an old established place, being a well-known point when the State was occupied only by Indians and the hunters of the Fur Companies. It is now a well-built city of numerous brick and stone business blocks, churches and schools. The building of a Branch Mint was undertaken several years ago, but the cessation of appropriations by Congress gives but slight hope for its completion. The falls in the river afford an unlimited water-power, but the manufactories are confined to a woolen mill, flour mill, foundry, and machine shop. Several important roads radiate from The Dalles, making it the entreport of eastern Oregon and Idaho. The travel is large and the freight and forwarding business is extensive. The hotels are prominent, and the churches and public buildings are fine and substantial structures. The private residences, .surrounded as they usually are by pleasant flower gardens, give a home like air of comfort and contentment to this city of the wild mountain gorge. One newspaper, the Mountaineer, is published weekly.
Baldwin & Cook, liquor saloon
Bonzer Frederick, bakery, groceries, and provisions
Bettengen A, stoves, tin and hardware, groceries, etc
Bird J M, livery stable
Blumauer S & Company clothing and dry goods
Bonzie A K. liquor saloon
Booth J P, harness and saddlery
Brooks Charles B, physician
Brooks & McFarland, general merchandise
Bunnell A. stoves, and tinware
Butcher W R Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Cartwright J C, attorney at law
Chapman N W, general merchandise
Crandall R W, lumber manufacturer (Five Mile Creek)
Craig P, drugs and medicines
Crossen & Kerrison, liquor saloon
Cashing M M, groceries, fruits, and vegetables
Davidson W J, carpenter
Dehm F, watch maker and jeweler
Edgar Ad, stage proprietor
Ferguson A W, carpenter
Fitzgerald E P, hardware
Freiman & Wise, boots and shoes
French D M, insurance agent
French & Company storage, and forwarding
Gates N H, attorney at law
Grant R & Company general merchandise, forwarding, and commission
Hall T B, livery stable
HAND WILLIAM M, proprietor Mountaineer
Handley & Sinnott, hotel, and billiard, and liquor saloon
Hartman William, soda water manufacturer, and liquor saloon
Hellman F L, varieties
Hood R B, livery, and feed stable
Howard & Helm, physicians
Huerta M, harness, and saddlery
Humason &. Condon, attorneys at law
Jenkins J S, butcher
Kiss Louis, shoe maker
Korten Benjamin, liquor saloon
Kron Charles, architect, and builder, door, sash, and blind factory
Liebe George A, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Liebe & Smith, bakery, and groceries, and provisions
Logan Hugh, physician
Lusher R, barber
McArthur L L, attorney at law
McDonald W H, agent Oregon Steam Navigation Co
Michelbach John, butcher
Michell Bros, wagon makers, and lumber dealers
Miller Thomas W, stoves, and tinware
Missimer A Smith, photographers
Moabus William, groceries, and provisions
Moran John, furniture and carpets
MOUNTAINEER, William M Hand, proprietor
Newman M & L, clothing, and dry goods
Nickelsen I C, books, stationery, musical instruments, etc
Pentland Robert, flour mill, and water works
Phelps & Sampson, livery stable
REED R B, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Reeder George, wagon maker
Robbins J R, physician
Ruch George, groceries, and provisions
Savage S, painter, and dealer paints, oils, paper hangings, etc
Schanno Emile, brewery
Schenck J S, agent Oregon Steam Navigation Co
Schultz Charles, notary public
Shackelford William, physician
Snyder William, restaurant
Stephenson D D. dentist
Stroud Samuel, boot and shoe maker
Van Dorsal S Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Vogt Max & Company general merchandise
Wagner Frederick, fruits
Waldron Bros, drugs, medicines, books, stationery, etc
Ward & Springer, lumber manufacturers (Ramsey Creek)
Wentz Henry, cabinet maker
Wickman F, shoe maker
Wingate & Company hardware, agricultural implements, groceries, etc, and insurance agents
Wintermire A, wagon maker
Wolf ____, furs, hides, and pelts
Wood & Harman, blacksmiths
Woodcock Thomas, butcher
Worsley Bros, photographers, and drugs, books, stationery, etc

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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