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State of Oregon - Empire City, Coos County

Empire City, Coos County, PO and County seat, is situated on Coos Bay, five miles from the ocean, and two hundred and fifty miles south southwest of Salem. There is a fine harbor for vessels of light draft, and it is an important depot and shipping point of lumber manufactured in the vicinity. Coal is found in the neighborhood, and is extensively mined and shipped to San Francisco and other markets. Gold and iron are also found in the vicinity, while the surface of the country is covered with most valuable forest trees, and the sea and bay swarm with fish altogether indicating a native wealth almost unprecedented. The harbor carries a depth of 14 feet of water over the bar, at low tide. Several sailing vessels and steamers have been built here, the cost being but from $60 to $75 per ton, and all rate high. Every facility is offered for shipbuilding, and mines and forest furnish the material. The town is prosperous and growing rapidly and with the great native wealth of the surrounding country must continue to advance in importance. Roads have been constructed leading to the Umpqua Valley via the Camas Valley and the Middle Fork of the Coquille River, and a railroad is proposed over the same route. This is now traversed by a tri-weekly stage, and in connection with the steamers affords the most convenient line of travel between the Umpqua Valley and San Francisco. One newspaper, the Cons Bay News, is published weekly.
Barret & Zigler, liquor saloon
Bates A H Rev, clergyman
Bushnell M L Mrs. hotel
Camman George, general merchandise
Campbell John, hotel
Cook John (t, shoemaker
COOS BAY NEWS, Siglin & Bennett, proprietors
Crain P W A, watch maker and jeweler
Delk John P, liquor saloon
Eastorbrook John, hotel and restaurant
Flanagan J & J N, wholesale liquors, and cigars
Getty C E, Sr, hotel
Gruenert Oscar, barber
HANSCOM M L, drugs and medicines
Hazard S H, attorney at law
Hill William F, livery stable
Hinch A H, butcher and liquor saloon
Jackson M A Mrs., hotel
Kiley James, liquor saloon
Knowles & Floyd, liquor saloon
Lockhart E M Mrs., hotel
Luse H H, lumber manufacturer, and general merchandise
Mooney M H, merchant tailor
Morse David, Jr, general merchandise
Morse David, Sr, boat builder
Reichart William, liquors
Siglin J M, attorney at law
SIGLIN & BENNETT, proprietors Coos Bay News
Skinner A A, attorney at law
Smith E, dentist
Tower Charles W, postmaster and physician
Watson D L, attorney at law
Watson & Tower, agents 'Wells, Fargo & Co
Whitney H P & Company butchers
Winchester F E, photographer
Winchester T D, attorney at law
Wing John C, livery stable, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturer

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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