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State of Oregon - Eugene City, Lane County

Eugene City, Lane County, PO, Incorporated town of 2,000 inhabitants, and County seat and seat of the State University, is pleasantly situated on the west bank of the Willamette, 75 miles south of Salem, and 124 from Portland. The river, excepting at low water, is navigable to this point, by which means it is reached by steamboats. The Oregon and California Railroad also passes through it, thus making communication complete. The surrounding country is fertile, with a broad extent of agricultural land, giving assurance of a lasting future of increasing prosperity. An excellent academy for teaching the higher branches of science and literature is established; public schools and churches of every denomination are maintained. By act of the Legislature of 1872 the State University was located here, and an elegant building has been erected half a mile south of the town, at a cost of $50,000. The site is commanding, and when the structures are completed the University will become an attractive feature to the place and a proud institution for Oregon. Two newspapers, the Oregon State Journal and the Eugene City Guard, are published weekly.
Abrams W H & Bro, lumber and planing mill
Archberger George, barber
Arnold J C, teacher
ASTOR HOUSE, A Renfrew, proprietor
Baker Charles, proprietor St Charles Hotel
Becker & Rosenbaum, butchers
Bond G W, clergyman (Bap)
Bright J L, house and sign painter
BROWN JAMES F, attorney at law, and notary public
BUYS GEORGE J, proprietor Eugene City Guard
Callison & Osburn, groceries, confectionery, and bakery
Canaday M, physician
Cherry D & Bro, furniture and bedding manufacturers
Coleman Frank, billiard, and liquor saloon
Cooper G M, cigars, tobacco, crockery, and fancy goods
Crain Brothers, watches, jewelry, music, and sewing machine agents
Dillard & Renshaw, butchers
Donald J H, boot and shoe manufacturer
Dorris Benjamin F, hardware, stoves and tinware
Dorris George B, attorney at law
Dunn P B, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturer
Eakin Robert, insurance agent
Ellsworth S, attorney at law
Ellsworth &, Company drugs and medicines
EUGENE CITY GUARD, George J Buys, proprietor
Fairchild A C, clergyman (Meth)
Forbes Robert L & Company photographers
Friendly S H, general merchandise
Geary Lizzie W Miss, select school
Gill Joseph P, physician
Gill J P & Son, drugs and medicines.
Goldsmith A, general merchandise
Gray D B, clergyman (Presb)
Grubbs F H, teacher
Hammond J E, clergyman (Episc)
Hanson Christian, tailor
Harrington Franklin, barber
Hays H T, stoves, and tinware
Herrbold John, dentist
Hodes C, liquor saloon
Horn Charles, gunsmith
Hunt Andrew, Boots and shoes
Irving William, manufacturer yarn, batts, etc
Jackson M M Mrs., milliner, and dress maker
Jemima & Leakin, billiard saloon
Killingworth & Son, bakery, groceries and provisions
KINCAID H R, proprietor Oregon State Journal
Kinsey J D, planing mill, and sash factory
Lane Charles, house and sign painter
Lane M, harness and saddlery
Linder Levi, blacksmith
Lucky Bros, watches and jewelry
Lucky William N, livery stable
McClure A S, groceries, provisions, tobacco, etc
Mellor Mathias, proprietor Eugene City Brewery
Miller J A, dentist
Mills John B, furniture, and bedding
Moore Benjamin F, wagon and carriage maker
Nicklin A J, physician
Odell George W, physician
Odell & Evans, drugs, medicines, paints, and oils
OREGON STATE JOURNAL, H R Kincaid, proptr.
Osburn & Company drugs, medicines, paints, and oils
Patterson A S, postmaster, books, stationery, etc
Patterson A W, physician
Pennington & Wymer, butchers
Peters A V & Company general merchandise
Preston William, harness and saddlery
Rankin Carrie Miss, stationery, fancy goods, etc
Ream J R, undertaker, and carpenter
RENFREW A, proprietor Astor House
Risdon, D M, attorney at law
Roberts John, butcher
Robinson R M, confectionery, tobacco, cigars, etc
Robinson & Church, agricultural implements, hardware, etc
Rosenblatt S & Company general merchandise
Rush & Poindexter, blacksmiths
Saxton S J, liquor saloon
Sharpies Abram, physician
Singer F T & Company butchers
Skaggs J W, books, and stationery
Sloan Brothers, blacksmiths
Steinheiser S, groceries, crockery, liquors, etc
Stevens Mark, groceries, provisions, and varieties
Thanhauser L, general merchandise
Thompson & Fitch, attorneys at law, and real estate agent.
Tibbetts & Company tobacco, cigars, and varieties
Titus S M, livery stable
Turner Jacob, shoe maker
Underwood J B & Company proprietors Eugene City Lumber
Mills, and agents Wells, Fargo &. Co
Wade W L, physician
Walton, J J, attorney at law
Walton & Lynch, groceries, provisions, crockery, etc
Watkins M J Mrs., milliner, and dress maker
Welch F, dentist
Whitney G M Rev, clergyman (Christian)
Winter J A, photographer
Witter & Company tanners

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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