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State of Oregon - Hillsboro, Washington County

Hillsboro, Washington County, PO and County seat, 18 miles west of Portland, is one of the towns of the beautiful and fertile Tualatin Plains, near the Tualatin River, which here affords a water-power of almost unlimited capacity. The town is on the line of the Oregon Central Railroad, and by this route is 21 miles from Portland. A stage line is also maintained, having a shorter route and accommodating places on the way not reached by rail. It contains a tine brick Court House, three churches, two schools. Masonic and Good Templars' Lodges, a large steam flouring mill, and other business establishments. The surrounding country is of the most lovely character, healthy and productive, and it is referred to as the garden spot of the noble valley of the Willamette. A town so situated has only continued prosperity in the future, when population and more frequent intercourse with the world shall awaken its energies to greater activity. One newspaper, the Washington Independent, is published weekly.
Archibald A C, general merchandise
Bailey F A, physician, and drugs, medicines, etc
BOYCE A. Y, postmaster, and dentist, and drugs, stationery, tobacco, etc
Brugger J J & Bro, flour and lumber manufacturers
Cave & Finney, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Chenette J E, shoe maker
Cloninger & Cooper, butchers
Daley M S, livery stable
Gault D M C, principal Hillsboro High School
Gosney B D, gunsmith, and harness maker
Hale & Malone, carpenters and builders
Handley T B, attorney at law
Hart Thomas, house and sign painter
Hay William, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Heller Jacob, stoves, and tinware
Hopkins John, barber
Hopkins & McKinney, shoe makers
Humphrey Thomas D, notary public, conveyancer, and real estate agent
Imbric James, stock dealer
Jackson Ulysses, stock dealer
Jolly William B, lumber manufacturer
Kahn & Freidenrich, general merchandise
Laughlin Charles, livery stable
LUCE H B, proprietor Washington Independent
Miller J M, clergyman (Meth)
Milne John, proprietor Oakland flour mills
Morgan H B, clergyman (Christian)
Pickett Charles, groceries and provisions
Stott F L, attorney at law
Thomas J L, blacksmith, and machinist
Tongue Thomas H, attorney at law, and notary public
Turpin D L, proprietor Tualatin Hotel
Vite John, physician
Wehring Henry, cabinet maker
Wiley Richard, liquor saloon
Williams L, groceries, and provisions
Withycombe James, veterinary surgeon
Wood Mary Mrs., proprietor Washington Hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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