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State of Oregon - Jacksonville, Jackson County

Jacksonville, Jackson County, PO, Incorporated city of 800 inhabitants, and County seat, the principal town of Southern Oregon, is situated on Jackson Creek, a tributary of Rogue River, and is the center of trade of that noble valley. Gold was found here in 1850, largely remunerating the labor of its extraction, and, as a consequence, a large and busy place was built up. The mines of this section of the state are of a permanent character, and this, added to the great agricultural capacity of the surrounding country, as well as the fact of its being on the stage .and chiefly traveled route between California and Oregon, have continued its prosperity. Quartz mining is attracting the attention of capitalists much more than formerly, and gold and silver bearing ledges of great value nave been found in various parts of the county. These being of recent discovery are but little developed, but great worth is claimed for them. Veins of copper and magnetic iron also exist, but await development. The institutions of learning are of a high character, and both private and public schools are well maintained. Church organizations of the various religious societies are established, and fine church edifices adorn the town. Two weekly newspapers, the Oregon Sentinel and Democratic Times, are published, and schools and churches may be taken as the best evidences of the cultivation and refinement of the people.
Badger John L, wagon maker
Beall & Obenchain, butchers
Beck man C C, banker, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Boll J R N Rev, clergyman (Meth)
BELT J C, physician
Bilger John, stoves, and tinware, etc
Blanchet F N Rev, clergyman (R C)
BOYER JOHN A, general merchandise
Britt Peter, photographer
Brooks E C, watch maker, and jeweler
Brooks & Reick, drugs and medicines
Callender & Matthias, physicians
Carter John L & Son, carriage, house and sign painters
Caton Milo, shoe maker
Chambers William Mrs., dress maker
Coleman Lippman C, general merchandise
CRONEMILLER DAVID, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Crystal G W, blacksmith
Danforth Lucius, physician
DEMOCRATIC TIMES, Charles, Nickel!, proprietor
Donigan Patrick, blacksmith, and plow maker
DOWELL B F, attorney at law, and proprietor
Oregon Sentinel
Dowell & Kelly, attorneys at law
DRUM JAMES, general merchandise
Fenton M E J Mrs., millinery
Fisher & Caro, general merchandise
Frey George W, boots and shoes
Hall & Smith, cabinet makers, and planing mill
Hanna H K, attorney at law
Hayden U S, general merchandise
Hoffman William, notary public, and conveyancer
Holt G W, brick layer, and plasterer
Holt Jeanne Mme, hotel, and restaurant
Home Louis, proprietor Union Hotel
Howard James S, mining surveyor
Hunt J T, carriage and wagon maker
Jackson William, dentist
Jacobs E, general merchandise, and furniture
Judge & Nunan, harness, and saddlery
Kahler Robert, drugs and medicines
Kahler & Watson, attorneys at law
Karewski Gustav, general merchandise
Kelly H, attorney at law
Kreuzer William, bakery
Kubli Kaspar, general merchandise
Kubli & Wilson, livery, and feed stable
Langell N, shoe maker
Linn David, furniture, sash, door, and blind manufacturer
Luy Frederick, boots and shoes
Manning & Ish, livery and sale stable
McCain J S Rev, clergyman (Meth)
McCully Mollie Miss, private school
Meier Jacob, wagon maker
Mensor Morris, general merchandise
Miller John, guns, and hardware
Muller Max, postmaster
Nenber John, watches, jewelry, and fancy goods
NICKELL CHARLES, propr Democratic Times
Nolan John, liquor saloon
OREGON SENTINEL, B F Dowell proprietor.
Orth John, butcher
Pape Henry, liquor saloon
Prim P P, attorney-at-law
Reames Bros, general merchandise
Robb B, drugs and medicines, books and stationery
Ryan Patrick J, general merchandise
Sachs Benjamin, books, stationery, and varieties
Sachs Bros, general merchandise
Schumpf George, barber
Schutz Veit, brewery
SMITH GEORGE W, watch maker and jeweler
Solomon Louis, general merchandise
St Mary's Academy, The Sisters of the Holy Names
Stanley W J, teacher
Starr Noah Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Stinson J H, attorney at law
Stohl James Rev, clergyman (Meth South)
Taylor S R, auctioneer
Webb & Jones, billiard, and liquor saloon
Welterer Joseph, brewery
Williams M A Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Wintjen & Helms, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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