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Josephine County. Bounded north by Douglas, east by Jackson, south by the State of California, and west by Curry. Area, 2,500 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1873, $268,494. Population, 1,500.

County seat, Kirbyville. Principal towns: Althouse, Slate Creek, Waldo, Williamsburg and Wolf Creek. The county is hilly in some parts mountainous, with small valleys of rich alluvia soil. The Rogue River range of mountains runs along the northern border, with the river of the same name at the base.

The Illinois, the principal affluent of Rogue River, rises in the southern hills, and flows northerly through the county to the main stream. Upon the upper branches of this river are gold mines of extraordinary richness; and many fine fortunes, giving comfort and luxury to people in distant lands, were obtained from the placers of Applegate, Althouse, Josephine Creek, Sailor Diggings, and other mining localities of this county.

The section, including Jackson and Douglas counties, for a number of years labored under the disadvantage of a murderous Indian war, under which fell some of the bravest and most enterprising pioneers and others were compelled to leave.

The Rogue River Indians, who occupied the country, were distinguished for their robust health, stalwart forms, intelligence and bravery and made a most vigorous war against settlers and soldiers. The land so bravely defended, and the scene of so much strife and bloodshed, is now freed from the savage foe, and is devoted to peaceful pursuits.

When opened to the world by easy means of transportation, the resources will be developed, and great prosperity will surely result therefrom. Noticeable among its means of wealth are the massive veins of copper ore found in the hills in the vicinity of the Illinois River, which at some day will make the county famous.

Officers: M. P. Baldwin, County Judge; Charles Hughes, Clerk; H. K. Hanna, District Attorney; Daniel L. Green, Sheriff and Tax Collector; William Naucke, Treasurer; John Howell, Assessor; B. F Sloan, Superintendent Public Schools.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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