Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Malheur City, Baker County to Norton, Clackamas County

Malheur City, Baker County, PO address, El Dorado, 32 miles south of Baker City
Collins John, general merchandise, and saloon
Deveraux John, liquor saloon
Harper J M, hotel
Leatherwood W J, livery stable

Marion, Marion County, PO 17 miles south of Salem
Friendly C W, general merchandise and warehouse
McKay George, grain warehouse
Perve Harrison, blacksmith
Rutherford R H, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co

Marion County

Marshfield, Coos County

Marshland, Columbia County, PO 44 miles of St Helens
Bryant Z S, postmaster
Bryant & Elliott, salmon fishery
Ford E J, carpenter
Graham Samuel and Charles, salmon fishery
Tichenor A M Mrs., teacher

Marysville, Baker County, PO 52 miles south east of Baker City
George R C, postmaster and hotel
Glover George, liquor saloon
Lake Thomas, liquor saloon
Palmer George W, postmaster and general merchandise
Reed Malt, hotel
McKinzie Bridge, Lane Co Po
Renfrew P C, postmaster

McMinnville, Yamhill County

Meadowville, Umatilla County, 28 miles north of Pendleton
Baumgardner J J, blacksmith
Lansdale R K, hotel
Bobbins Thomas, stock dealer

Middleton, Washington County, PO 8 miles south east of Hillsboro
Bennett E, physician
Buffington J B, hotel
Dulow & Olds, blacksmiths
Engle E M, teacher
Gallu Henry, blacksmith
Hill _____ Rev, clergyman
Norton T, teacher
Olds F A, postmaster
Resler J H, teacher
Roe B Rev, clergyman
Vaughan Cyrus, teacher
Winter John & Company general merchandise
Winter Lewis, general merchandise

Midway, Umatilla County, PO
Myers Henry C, postmaster

Miller's, Linn County, PO 5 miles north of Albany
Newman Henry, postmaster

Milton, Umatilla County, PO 30 miles north east of Pendleton
Bunnels James, stock dealer
Holman L F, general merchandise
Ireland James, stock dealer
Miller John, flour manufacturer
Moss J T, liquor saloon
Nornington & McCoy, blacksmiths
Ostertag John, blacksmith
Patterson M S, postmaster
Stean W M, stock dealer
Spencer W, blacksmith
Westroop _____, photographer

Milwaukee, Clackamas County, PO 10 miles north of Oregon City, and five miles south of Portland, on the Oregon and California Railroad, and on the east bank of the Willamette. This is a pleasant town of 100 inhabitants, and favorably situated for business. Among its noted institutions is the Standard Flour Mill, which is distinguished for its products. The town also contains a good district school, an Episcopal and a Roman Catholic Church, an extensive nursery, a tannery, and other business establishments.
Daugherty ____, Rev, clergyman (R C)
Hagenberger John, hotel and general merchandise
Herfurth Theodore & Company tannery
Hoopingeimer J, teacher
Ladd W S, proprietor Standard Flour Mill
Luelling Seth, nursery
Ross Edmund, postmaster
Schur Peter, general merchandise
Sellwood John Rev, clergyman (Episc)

Mitchell, Wasco County, PO 115 miles south east of Dalles City
Cranston G W, postmaster, and general merchandise

Mohawk, Lane County, PO 12 miles north east of Eugene City
Applegate E L, physician, and attorney at law
Hammit N P, carpenter
Parsons Alice, teacher music
Scott Jennie Miss, postmistress
Scott Lucy, teacher penmanship
Selfridge H, plasterer
Walker Thomas, carpenter
Warriner R C, teacher
Weddle D D Rev, clergyman
Weddle Jasper, blacksmith

Molalla, Clackamas County, PO 15 miles south east of Oregon City
Stewart Charles A, blacksmith
Stubbs A J, postmaster, and general merchandise

Monitor, Marion County, PO 28 miles north of Salem
Barlow & Fuller, flour manufacturers
Eagon Joseph P., postmaster
Eagon & Company Monitor Flour Mills
Scott & Company flour, and lumber manufacturers

Monmouth, Polk County, PO 7 miles south east of Dallas and 14 miles from Salem, is a prosperous and flourishing town of 300 inhabitants, surrounded by gently undulating prairie of a fertile and productive character. The Christian Church is here represented by a very large congregation and a Christian College is maintained under its auspices, having an average attendance of about 200 students from every portion of the State. A large and imposing brick building is in course of construction for the college, one wing of which is completed, and presents a pleasing appearance. One newspaper, the Christion Messenger, is published weekly.
Bolter George T, general merchandise
Buffington P, butcher
Butler N H, photographer
Campbell J C, teacher
Campbell T F, teacher
CAMPBELL T F & J C, proprietors Christian Messenger
Dicus J P, carpenter, and builder
Fishback J L, carpenter, and builder
Foulkos R, printer
Gard Ruth G Mrs. hotel
Johnson V Mrs. teacher
Lindsay & Churchill, washing machines
Lindsay & Owen, general merchandise
Mason B D, painter
McGrath James, blacksmith
Murphy J E Rev, clergyman
Murphy P H, boots and shoos
Powell J M, drugs, books, stationery, and paints
Robeson A B, painter, and paper hanger
Rohrer D, hotel, and blacksmith
Rohrer E Mrs., patent medicine manufacturer
Rubell W H, dentist
Tothrow S, livery stable
WATERHOUSE warren, postmaster, physician, and sash and door manufacturer

Monroe, Benton County, P 16 miles south of Corvallis.
Boswell C M, physician
Bowen H, blacksmith
Hodes C, harness and saddlery
Howard A, hotel
Kelley William J, postmaster
Londrinkin George, liquor saloon
Mahon J W, physician
Reader Thomas, flour manufacturer
Rycraft George, carpenter
Shannon M. general merchandise
Shipley L F, physician
Speer William, painter
Stannus S, carpenter
Weber John, boot and shoe maker
Woodcock W C, general merchandise

Monument, Grant County, PO
Wilson P S, postmaster

Morgansville, Lake County, PO 2½ miles south of Linkville
Handy & Roberts, general merchandise
Roberts J P, postmaster

Mormon Basin, Baker County, (See Humboldt Basin)

Mount Hood, Wasco County, PO
Shannon A Mrs., postmistress

Mount Pleasant, Linn County, PO
Richardson E T, postmaster

Mountain Dale, Washington County, PO 9 miles north east of Hillsboro
Davis Thomas, painter
Federson F, dyer
Gardner Henry, carpenter
Latterty J F, carpenter
Quick David O, postmaster, and lumber manufacturer
Quick E E, teacher

Muddy Station, Linn County, 20 miles south of Albany
Edward John, blacksmith
Landreth William, general merchandise

Multnomah County

Murphy, Josephine County, PO
Park Ephraim, postmaster

Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, PO 17 miles south of Roseburg, is at the junction of Myrtle Creek with the South Umpqua River, and is distinguished for its available water-power, which is utilized by saw and flouring mills. The place is pleasantly situated, contains a good school, and is in a prosperous condition.
Cameron Robert, hotel
Hall John, proprietor Myrtle Creek Flour Mills
Marks. Sideman &. Company general merchandise
Robinson Felix, lumber manufacturer
Sanderson William, hotel
Strong & Son, lumber manufacturers
Syron Daniel, postmaster, and general merchandise
Weaver Edwin, blacksmith
Weaver Robert, photographer

Needy, Clackamas County, PO 12 miles south east of Oregon City
Boynton C O, cooper
Clark & McCowen, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
McCowen William, blacksmith
Moreland William, postmaster, and general merchandise
Myers & Zimmerman, tanners
Owen M M carpenter
Stubbs A J, general merchandise

Nehalem, Tillamook County, PO
Corwin Samuel, postmaster, and general merchandise
Fuller, James M, shipping, and forwarding
Melson James M, general merchandise
Richardson Clayton, shipping, and forwarding

Nestocton, Tillamook County, PO 6 miles south of Tillamook
Grabel Joseph, lumber manufacturer
Harris T, blacksmith
Killim Leonard, lumber manufacturer
Lamb Francis M, postmaster
St. John William, wheelwright
St. John & Company lumber manufacturers

Newberg, Yamhill County, PO 9 miles north east of Lafayette
Albee Simon, postmaster, and general merchandise

Newellsville, Marion County, PO 25 miles ne of Salem
Bailey W I, physician
Hoefer & Company flour, and lumber manufacturers
Kerrigan B H, liquor saloon
Laroque & Pelland, general merchandise
McKay James, flour, and lumber manufacturer
Pelland Charles O, postmaster
Prevost Louis, blacksmith
Weston David, blacksmith

Newport, Benton County, PO 65 miles west of Corvallis
Abbey Peter, hotel
Bensell & Case, livery stable
Hammond William, liquor saloon
Jessup John, carpenter
Sawtell F K, postmaster, hotel, and general merchandise

Newport, Coos County, PO address Empire City, 42 miles north east of Empire City
Flanagan & Mann, proprietors Newport coal mine
Malarkey John, hotel

Newton, Benton County, PO (see Elk City)
Carter Franklin M, postmaster

North Bend, Coos County, PO address Empire City, 4½ miles north east of Empire City
Simpson A M & Bro, general merchandise, lumber manufacturers, and ship builders

North Canonville, Douglas County, (See Canonville)
Sideman Benjamin J, postmaster

North Powder, Union County, 35 miles south east of La Grande
Tartar D, flour manufacturer

North Yamhill, Yamhill County, PO 8 miles north east of Lafayette and forty miles southwest of Portland, on the Oregon Central Railroad, is romantically situated in the midst of a beautiful and fertile farming region by the banks of the North Yamhill River, here a clear and sparkling stream. Besides numerous business houses, it contains a flouring mill, an academy, a public school, and a church of the United Brethren.
Ball William, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Bower Bros, lumber manufacturers
Dunn B W, hotel, and blacksmith
Hausworth & Laughlin, general merchandise
Laughlin R R, manager Grangers' warehouse
McConnell William J, postmaster and general merchandise
Runnels A D, shoe maker
Smith & Redman, warehouse

Norton, Clackamas County, PO 12 miles east of Oregon City
Baker James, shoe maker
Brown J H, blacksmith
Feldhammer L, wagon maker
Githens George, lumber manufacturer
Korsham M, flour manufacturer
Norton Z C, postmaster, and general merchandise
Norton & Lewis, general merchandise
Rhoads George, cooper
Royal J H B Rev, clergyman
Tracy J M, general merchandise
Wilber A C, teacher

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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