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Oregon Territory - Manufacture Of Lumber

The number of Saw Mills in the State enumerated is one hundred and eighty-four, of which one hundred and forty-one are propelled by water and forty-three by steam. The aggregate cost of these mills is estimated at one million one hundred thousand dollars, and the capacity about one million feet of lumber per day.

With the Location, Name of Mill, Occupants' Name, of each.

Baker County
Auburn, Auburn, Janney & Smith.
Burnt River, _____, William Sutton & Co.
El Dorado, Coontz, Coontz & Co.
North Powder River, Gardner's & Co,
Pocahontas, Baker, Chambers.
Pocahontas, McCords, McCord, Bros.
Pocahontas, McMurren's, Elliott & Co.
Pocahontas, Parker's, Doud Parker.
Rye Valley, Nichols, Nichols & Bros.

Benton County
Alsea, Alsea, D. Inman.
Alsea, Peak's, Peak Brothers.
Alsea, Stroups, A. Stroup.
Beaver, Beaver, A. Bridger.
Corvallis, Corvallis, Robinson Bros.
Corvallis, McCune, McCune & Hanna.
Mary's River, Hoffman's, Hoffman & Simms.
Mary's River, Sol Kings, J. Pitman.
Mary's River, Premier Thomas Briggs.
Muddy, Muddy, Manning & Minton.
Yaquina, Oneatta, _____.

Clackamas County
Abernethy Creek, Canfield's, Robt. Canfield.
Abernethy Creek, Cutting's, J. Cutting.
Abernethy Creek, Beeson's, Wm. Beeson.
Black Creek, Zumwolt's, J. Zumwolts.
Canemah, Elliott's, G. Elliott.
Cedar Creek, Wilson's, R. Wilson.
Clackamas, Chase's, C. Chase.
Clackamas, Githen's, Geo. Githens.
Clear Creek, Dixon's, Joel Dixon.
Clear Creek, Howell's, John Howell.
Clear Creek, Lentz, David Lentz.
Clear Creek, Stricklin's, Wm. Stricklin.
Eagle Creek, Magnett's, Magnett & Co.
Fannow Creek, Durham's, _____ Durham.
Milk Creek, Cutting's, C. Cutting.
Milk Creek, Howard's, C. T. Howard.
Milk Creek, May's, _____ Cassiday.
Milk Creek, Trullinger's, G. J. Trullinger.
Milk Creek, Woodcock, W. D. Woodcock.
Molalla River, Ramsby's, M. Ramsby.
Oregon City, Moore & Pease, Wm. Broughton.
Rock Creek, Choat's, J. L. Choats.
Rock Creek, Dart's, C. B. Dart.
Rock Creek, Kaler's, H. M. Kaler.
Rock Creek, Wilhoyt's, J. Wilhoyt

Clatsop County
Astoria, Ferrell's, Ferdinand Ferrell.
Clatsop Plains, Packard's, I. A. Packard.
Westport, West's, John West & Co.

Columbia County
Beaver Valley, Cromwell's, Cromwell & Bridger.
Beaver Valley, Nicolai's, Nicolai & Bros.
Clatskanie, Kloskanine, E. S. Bryant.
Columbia City, Columbia City, Yeargean & Co.
Keaskanine, Barr's, Barr Bros.
Rainier, Rainier, Dean Blanchard.
Scappoose Creek, Poppleton's, _____ Hamilton.
Scappoose Creek, Watt's, J. R. Watts.
St. Helens, Grant's, St. Helen's Milling Co.

Coos County
Coquille, Pohl's, Pohl & Co.
Empire City, Luce's, H. H. Luce.
Isthmus, Dunham's, _____ Dunham.
Marshfield, Marshfield, John Prosbacker.
North Bend, North Bend, A. M. Simpson.
Randolph, Fahy's, Edward Fahy.
South Fork Coquille, Dement's, S. Dement.
South Fork Coquille, Grant's, V. Grant.

Curry County
Ellensburg, _____, Chas. Doe.
Port Orford, _____, R. Gould.
Rogue River, J. Saunders.

Douglas County
Cammas Valley, Senheer's, J. Senheer.
Canonville, Canon, Marks & Co.
Canonville, Canon, Packard & Co.
Coles Valley, Clark's, W. B. Clark.
Coles Valley, Coles Valley, F. Good.
Galesville, Galesville, H. Elliff.
Gardner, Gardner, A. M. Simpson.
Gardner, Gardner, Stoindale & Co.
Pass Creek, Pass Creek, J. J. Comstock.
Scottsburg, Scottsburg,_____.
Ten Mile, Gearney's, R. M. Gearney.
Ten Mile, McCullough's, W. McCullough.
Ten Mile, Weekley, J. S. Weekley.

Grant County
Bisle Creek, Dean's, T. P. Dean.
Bisle Creek, Porter's, William Southworth.
Pine Creek, McKenna & Dosh's, Alex. McKenna.
Strawberry Creek, Perine's, Perine & Hardin.

Jackson County
Applegate Creek, Wells', _____.
Ashland Creek, Hargadine, _____.
Ashland Creek, Heman's, _____.
Butte Creek, Southerland, _____.
Bear Creek, Lindley's, _____.
Bear Creek, Wells', _____.
Humbug Creek, Hurd's, James Hurd.
Jacksonville, Burrough's, _____.
Pleasant Creek, Hopewood, _____.

Josephine County
Illinois River, _____, John Bennett.
Jump-off Joe, Jump-off Joe, Vannoy & Co.
Sucker Creek, Emerald Co., Beach, Plater & Co.
Waldo, Baines, Calvin Baine.
Williamsburg, _____, John Paine.

Lane County
Bear Creek, Guernsey, H. A. Guernsey.
Coast Fork, Gear's, ____ Gear.
Eugene City, Eugene, J. B. Underwood & Co.
Long Tom, Boyd's, J. C. Boyd.
Long Tom, Cheshire, ____ Crow.
Long Tom, Job's, J. R. Job.
Lost Valley, Howard's, William Howard.
McKinzie Bluffs, Abrams', Abrams & Co.
McKinzie River, Gay's, John Cogswell.
Springfield, Springfield, B. J. Peugra & Co.
Willamette, _____, J. L. Bromley.
Williams Branch, Williams', Thos. Williams.

Linn County
Albany, Burkhart's, Leander C. Burkhart.
Albany, Albany, John Hurd.
Calapooia Creek Conaway's, Conaway & Bro.
Calapooia Creek, McDowell's, McDowell & Co.
Calapooia Creek, Oertman's, E. J. Oertman.
Calapooia Creek, Sloan's, John M, Sloan.
Santiam River, Cox's, Lewis Cox.
Santiam River, Cutler's, Benj. Cutler.
Santiam River, Gibson's, James Gibson.
Santiam River, McAlister's, William McAlister.
Santiam River, Nickerson & Price, Henry Smith.
Santiam River, Wiley's, Wiley & Co.

Marion County
Aurora, _____, David Steinbach.
Jefferson, Jefferson, _____ Smith.
Pudding River, Davis', J. A. Davis.
Salem, _____, J. H. Moores.
Salem, Capital Lumbering Co., J. B. Forsyth, Pres.
Salem, Oregon Penitent'y Mill, Samuel Bass.
Santiam, Sanford's, Joel Sanford.
Staytonville, Alaqua, _____.
Staytonville, Silver Creek, _____.
Staytonville, Staytonville, - Stayton.

Multnomah County
East Portland, East Portland, Abrams & Hogue.
East Portland, _____, James B. Stevens.
Portland, _____, Nicolai Bros.
Portland, _____, Smith Bros. & Co.
Portland, Willamette, Willamette Steam Mill, Lumbering and Mfg Co.

Polk County
Buena Vista, Buena Vista, Buena Vista Mill Co.
Dallas, Hallock's, E. Y. Hallock.
Independence, Independence, Hedges & Co.
Independence, Sloper, Sloper & Sons.
Lewisville, Miller & Price, Miller & Price.
Lewisville, Morrison's, B. Morrison.
Lincoln, Lincoln, Witten & Co.
Luckiamute, Palmebn's, J. B. McTimmonds.
Luckiamute, Splaun's, F. Splaun.

Tillamook County
Burnt Prairie, St. Johns, Farmer & Co.
Idaville, Miller's, G. W. Miller.
Long Prairie, Powell & Earl, J. Grabell.
South Prairie, Killam's, L. Killam.

Umatilla County
Birch Creek, _____, John Lahrs & Co.
Birch Creek, _____, Evarts & Byrd.
Birch Creek, _____, N. W. Hawn.
Weston, _____, Reed & Hawley.

Union County
Cove, Wetzger's, Wm. Metztrer. (in the book)
La Grande, Palmer & Co's, Palmer & Co.
Orodell, Purcell & Co's, Purcell & Co.
Orodell, Snodgrass', W. J. Snodgrass.
Summerville, Lindsey, E. C. Lindsey.
Summerville, Oliver's, H. W. Oliver.
Summerville, Patten's, W. H. Patten.
Summerville, Wagner's John Wagner.
Union, _____, Holbrook & Co.

Wasco County
Badger Creek, Wamack's, W. C. Wamack.
Cascades, Field's, R. Fields.
Fifteen-mile Creek, McCorkle's, W. M. McCorkle.
Five-mile Creek, Crandle's, R. W. Crandle.
Hood River, Donavan's, Noel Donavan.
Hood River, Neal's, Jesse Neal.
Ramsey Creek, Neal's, Ward & Springer.

Washington County
Forest Grove, _____, McCloud & George.
Hillsboro, Jolly's, William B. Jolly.
Hillsboro, Brugger's, Brugger Bros.

Yamhill County
Baker Creek, Brook's, J. E. Brooks.
Baker Creek, Miller & Co's, Miller & Co.
Dayton, Dayton, J. S. Powell.
Deer Creek, Wood's, Dickey & Co.
North Yamhill, Alvey's, Bower & Co.
North Yamhill, Ensley, A. N. Simmons.
North Yamhill, Fairchild's, _____ Fairchilds.
North Yamhill, King & McCullough's, King & McCullough.
North Yamhill, Standley's, Ball & Daniel.
Panther Creek, Adam's, Dixon & Co.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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