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State of Oregon - Oakland, Douglas County

Oakland, Douglas County, PO 18 miles north of Roseburg, was built in 1872 as the terminus of the Oregon and California Railroad, 181 miles from Portland. Previously the town had occupied a position upon a steep hillside, but upon the completion of the railroad the present site was chosen, on the bank of the Calapooia River, a romantic and favorable location. The town, although new, contains over forty good and substantial structures, and a population of about two hundred. A public school is well attended, and Masonic and Odd Fellows Lodges are maintained. One newspaper, the Umpqua Call, is published weekly.
ABRAHAM & BRO, general merchandise
Adair C H, physician
Barker & Hendricks, blacksmiths
Bean S, blacksmith
Boughton H J, physician
Cahn I S, general merchandise
Copeland T B, liquor saloon
Cornell H, carpenter
Cozad G, physician
Darnell L, stock dealer
Ellison J R, groceries
Emery J B, livery stable
GALE THOMAS N, proprietor Umpqua Call
Hall Alfred, butcher
Haynes William, harness and saddlery
Herman Binger, attorney at law
Hobart M H, shoe maker
Hotchkiss Walter, billiard saloon
Kellogg L L, agricultural implement manufacturer
Korley W T. stock dealer
Mahoney J H, liquor saloon
Marvin Charles, gunsmith
Mehl G, brewery
Partin Martin, hotel
Pearson G W, stone cutter
Pike & Crane, general merchandise
Rhodes C, painter
Rice M P, butcher
Rice W M, butcher
Roth Benjamin, harness and saddlery
Smith James B, hardware, stoves and tinware
Snyder P C, wagon maker
Starr J W, physician
Sterling James A, general merchandise, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Sterns George, general merchandise
Tapp R H, livery stable
Theil William, surveyor
Thomas Richard, hotel
UMPQUA CALL, Thomas N Gale, proprietor
Venable J, physician
Venable & Medley, drugs and medicines
Wagner Henry, liquor saloon
Young A C, livery stable
Young E G, general merchandise and flour manufacturer

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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