Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Oakland, Douglas County to Prineville, Wasco County

Oakland, Douglas County

Olex, Wasco County, PO
Butler Joseph H, postmaster

Olive Creek, Grant County, PO address Parkerville
Gurnee & Beagle, general merchandise, and butchers

Olney, Clatsop County, PO
Gray Mary A Mrs, postmistress

Oregon City, Clackamas County

Orodell, Union County, PO 2½ miles north west of La Grande
Broaddus W S, sawyer
Gangloff A, nursery
Held William, blacksmith
Hughey T M, carpenter
Knapp & Sons, contractors
Marsh W E, engineer
Palmer John, livery stable
Probstel William, dentist
Romig S P, blacksmith
Rynarson Bros, blacksmiths
Snodgrass William J, postmaster, flour manufacturer, and general merchandise

Oswego, Clackamas County, PO 8 miles north west of Oregon City, and 7 miles south of Portland, on the west bank of the Willamette, is the seat of the Oregon Iron Works. These works are the only ones of this kind on the Pacific Coast, although Iron ore and fuel are abundant in a great number of localities. They were first put in blast in 1867, and continued for some time, and then remained closed until 1874. The ore is obtained from an inexhaustible bed a few miles distant, in Multnomah County, and returns from 40 to 65 per cent iron. Limestone, used as a flux, is found conveniently, and charcoal is cheaply made from the surrounding forests. With these facilities pig iron of a superior quality is produced at a cost of about $25 per ton. Since resuming work the business is reported as profitable. A splendid water-power is in the vicinity, easily appropriated at Oswego, which, with its other advantages, promises to make it an important manufacturing town.
Berry Joseph, liquor saloon
Boylan John, livery stable
Bradbury A, wagon maker
Caine John, physician
Crychton E W, postmaster
Gans Henry, general merchandise
Oregon Iron Company iron manufacturers, and general merchandise
Shade John, hotel
Shipley A O, nursery
Spaulding Bros, butchers
Walling G W & Son, nursery
Willis George, blacksmith

Ott, Coos County, PO
Lchnher Christopher, flour manufacturer, and postmaster
Reed O, blacksmith
Trip S W, general merchandise

Panther Creek, Yamhill County
Stephenson & Shamly, lumber manufacturers

Parkersville, Grant County, PO 42 miles north east of Canon City
Austin John, butcher
Newton Eliza, hotel, and postmistress

Pass Creek, Douglas County, (See Drain's).

Peak, Washington County, PO 9½ miles west of Hillsboro
George B F, postmaster
McLeod & George, saw and planing mill
Pricket & Gerty, foundry and machine shop

Pendleton, Umatilla County

Peoria, Linn County, PO 15 miles south west of Albany
Beavin T, plasterer
Brown Joseph, bricklayer
Gallup C B, carpenter
Miller N, physician
Parrish W H, carpenter
Shanklin R S, blacksmith
Smith J N, attorney at law
Worth David M, carpenter
Worth John C, postmaster

Perrydale, Polk County, PO 10 miles north of Dallas
Hall William, blacksmith
McGrew John W, postmaster, and general merchandise

Philomath, Benton County, PO 6 miles west of Corvallis
Border ____, teacher
Brownson Julias, attorney at law
Derick Z S, harness and saddlery
Felger J S, flour manufacturer
Godfrey E Rev, clergyman
Hight S. blacksmith
Laurence May Miss, teacher
Mason Levi, blacksmith
Rawlings T G, tanner
Rowe H C, wagon maker, and hotel
Shipley John L, postmaster
Shipley & Henkle, general merchandise
Williams A J, carpenter
Williams R E, teacher

Phoenix, Jackson County, PO 8 miles south east of Jacksonville
Anderson D P, livery stable
Cohn S, general merchandise
Dunlap A, blacksmith
Lavenburg D, hotel
Reames Thomas G, postmaster
Reames k Sachs, general merchandise
Wymer & Company flour manufacturers

Pilot Rock, Umatilla County, PO 16 miles west of Pendleton
Beasey William Jr, lumber manufacturer
Byrd & Everts, lumber manufacturers
Finch S E, blacksmith
Fletcher John, hotel
Luhrs & Watson, lumber manufacturers
Simpson S, physician
Sturtevant A J, postmaster, general merchandise, and drugs

Pine, Linn County, PO 35 miles south east of Albany
Willoughby, E J, postmaster
Willoughby R B, blacksmith

Pleasant Hill, Lane County, PO 13 miles south east of Eugene City
Baughman Samuel Rev, clergyman
Callison Robert M, postmaster
Cook M, wagon maker
Crowley C, painter
Gilfillan T G, carpenter
Gill Thomas, teacher
Hendricks B F, blacksmith
Mulkey J N, blacksmith
Walker Albert, blacksmith

Polk County

Port Orford, Curry County, PO 30 miles north of Ellensburg
Knapp Lewis, hotel
Tichenor William, attorney at law
Vale John, liquor saloon
Wolcott A D, general merchandise, and postmaster
Zumwalt C W, general merchandise

Portland, Multnomah County  Abernethy to Isaac - Jackson to Zorn

Powell's Valley, Multnomah County, PO 12 miles east of Portland
Williams T K, postmaster

Prairie City, Grant County, PO 14 miles east of Canon City
Flageollet F, hotel
Hyde H H, general merchandise
LoBret Jules, postmaster, and livery stable
Morohead & Cleaver, flour manufacturers
Thornton & Couzens, blacksmiths
Wise Joseph, general merchandise

Prichard, Baker County, PO 16 miles north east of Baker City
Pierce Royal A, postmaster, and attorney at law

Prineville, Wasco County, PO 120 miles of Dallas City
Allen J M, flour manufacturer
Chamberlain J W, wagon maker
Chamberlain & Prine, blacksmiths
Gibson D D, general merchandise
Heisler & Carey, general merchandise
Hodge M M, hotel
Prine F B, liquor saloon
Thomas D E, postmaster and carpenter

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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