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State of Oregon - Portland, Multnomah County - Abernethy to Isaac

Portland, Multnomah County, P O, Port of entry, incorporated City and County Seat, Is on the left bank of the Willamette, 13 miles above its junction with the Columbia, 110 miles from the ocean, and 51 miles north of Salem, in latitude 45° 30' north and longitude 122° 27' west. This fair city stands at the head of ship navigation of the Willamette and of the Columbia, and as such is the commercial centre of the country watered by those great rivers. This comprises a vast area, and Portland is of proportionate importance, destined to grow as its contributing territory is developed. The town was founded in 1844 by Messrs. Pettygrove and Lovejoy, afterwards joined by Messrs. Conch, Stark, Lownsdale, Chapman, and Coffin, and as the first named was a native of Portland, Maine, that name was given to the embryo metropolis. Log houses only were built up to 1846, from which date improvements really commenced. In 1850, its first newspaper, the Weekly Oregonian, was published, and the Territorial Legislature of 1850-51 granted it a charter, and it assumed the dignity of a city, with Mayor and Council. The site was almost entirely covered by towering forests of evergreen trees, which have now vanished, and a well-built city has grown up in their stead. Thirty years ago the silence of an unbroken solitude spread over the Pacific Coast, Oregon and its fair rivers was the hunting ground of the fur traders, and California was but a producer of hides and tallow, and then could be realized in fullness the lines of Bryant: "here rolls the Oregon, And hears no sound save its own dashing." But that is changed. Now the great ocean steamers dash the water beneath their ponderous wheels, and the elegant and commodious river boats have taken the place of the light batteaux of the trapper, and the graceful canoe of the Indian. Lines of steamers ply regularly between Portland and San Francisco, also to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and to the different towns on Puget Sound. Twenty different river boats, some of them of the finest class, run upon the Willamette and the Columbia, having this as their central port. The recent construction of locks at the Falls of the Willamette has greatly aided the steamboat trade, but a rival has sprung up for the business. This is the Oregon and California Railroad, now completed southerly 200 miles to Roseburg in Douglas County, connecting there with stages to the California and Oregon Railroad at Redding, in California, constituting an overland route to San Francisco. Portland has also another important thoroughfare, the Oregon Central Railroad running southwesterly 48 miles to St. Joseph, in the fertile region of Yamhill County. Another is projected, reaching to Astoria on the sea coast, and still another to connect with the Central Pacific at Winnemucca, in Nevada, or at Kelton, in Utah. The Northern Pacific already runs from Kalama, on the Columbia, to Tacoma, on Puget Sound, and is connected with Portland by steamer, so it is seen that the city of the forest has become a great railroad center. Sailing vessels from all parts of the world visit the port, delivering their cargoes of merchandise, and taking on board lumber, wheat, flour, and other products of the country. The harbor is well selected, and the town site pleasant and romantic. The city is located on an inclined plateau, which rises gradually as it recedes from the river, the elevations in the rear giving a grand panoramic view of the fertile valley of the Willamette, with its alternations of prairie and forest grove; its fruitful farms and the winding stream, and in the dim distance rises the dark wall of the Cascade range, with the snow-crowned peaks of Mount Hood, St. Helens and Jefferson towering in impressive majesty above all. Although a city is at the beholder's feet, steamers and ships busy on the waters, and the swift moving train on the iron road is in view, the scene is indescribably wild, while beautiful and grand. The growing city has spread across the Willamette and East Portland, the terminus of the Oregon and California Railroad, has become a beautiful suburb of pleasant residences and growing business. There is located the State Insane Asylum, and some of the works of the Railroad Company, but its intimate connection with the main city, which will be made more close by the construction of a bridge, will virtually make them one city. The river has here a breadth of one-fourth of a mile, and two ferries are now maintained. The population of Portland is now estimated at about 11,000, and the assessed valuation of its property is near $11,000,000. Taxes are light, business is constantly improving, and the city is rapidly advancing in wealth. This is the shipping point for the vast quantities of wheat grown in the Willamette Valley, some ships taking their cargoes at the river bank, others loading at Astoria from small vessels and barges sent from Portland. Many fine buildings adorn the city, among which are the U. S. Custom House, costing $325,000, built of stone, the Court House, the Oro Fino Theatre the City Market, the Masonic and the Odd Fellows' Temples, and many business blocks and private residences of taste and elegance. The city is lighted with gas, and is supplied with water of the best quality by an extensive system of water-works. The Fire Department is well organized, with five steam and two hand engines and other apparatus; the streets an; regularly laid out and well paved, and all but the business streets are beautifully shaded with trees, and all the regulations of a city are complete. Five public and eight select schools and seminaries are maintained; more than twenty church edifices point their spires to heaven; three Masonic, four Odd Fellows and three Good Templars lodges, are established; six benevolent associations; a library of 7,200 volumes; and several newspapers are among the noble institutions of learning and civilization to which Portland points as evidence of advancement and social order. The most imposing church edifices are the Methodist, Trinity Church (Episcopal), First Congregational, First Presbyterian, and Baptist, and these are tastefully and elegantly furnished and decorated. The publications are the Oregonian and the Bulletin (daily and weekly), the Pacific Christian Advocate, West Shore, Catholic Sentinel, New Northwest, Commercial Reporter, Temperance Star, Oregon Deutsche Zietung, Sunday Welcome and Oregon Amateur (weekly), the Guide (semi-weekly), and the Archangel (monthly).

Abernethy George, lime and plaster, Second near Taylor
Abraham S, tailor, Alder near Front
Abrams & Hoge, lumber manufacturers, 176 Front
Ach Harriot Mrs, dry goods, and millinery, 97 First
Adams W H, attorney at law, 11 First
Adams & Owens, physicians, and druggists, First near Yamhill
Adler Charles, cigars and tobacco, 108 First
Aetna Machine Company L A Parsons, manager, 119 Third
Ainsa M Jr, forwarding merchant, corner Stark and Front
Ainslie & Davidson, manufacturers doors, sashes, and blinds, North Second near E
Akers & Company livery stable, Taylor near First
Alberts H, painter. Stark near First
Alisky & Hegele, oyster saloon, and confectionery, 107 First
Allen &. Lewis, wholesale grocers, and commission merchants, 18 Front
Anders k Rowe, fruits and vegetables. Central Market
Anderson Levi, justice of peace, and real estate agent, corner First and C
ARCHANGEL, C L Hogan, manager, corner Fifth and Mill
Arnold L, tannery, Milwaukee Road.
Atkinson George H Rev, clergyman, corner Third and Jefferson
ATKINSON J L, business manager Commercial Reporter, Ankeny's Block
Atkinson k Wakefield, real estate agents, corner Stark and Front
Aubert Annie Miss, private school, corner Eighth and E
Auer F X, gunsmith. Alder, near Front
Bachman Adolph, tobacco, cigars, and notions, 96 Front
Bachman Joseph, general broker, 26 Front
Backenstos Edward D, notary public, and insurance agent, 93 First
Bacon C T, livery stable. Second, near Oak
Bailey G O, groceries, corner Second and B
Ball & Stott, attorneys at law, Dekum's Building
Bank of British Columbia, Edwin Russell, manager, 3 Front
Barber Joseph, restaurant. 61 First
Barber S J, dentist, 109 First
Barnard J L, warehouse, corner N Front and I
Barr S M, boots and shoes, 135 First
Barrett Chas C, books, stationery and toys, 79 Front
Barrett John, plumber and gas fitter, 43 First
Barton F, wood dealer, corner Fifteenth and K
Bartsch Albert, piano maker and tuner, corner Third and Salmon
Batchelder C E Miss, private school, corner Fifth and Pine
Beal C, attorney at law, Glisan's Building
Bean F A & Company groceries, fruit, and game. Central Market
Beardsley Frank, engraver, and watch maker. Odd Fellows' Temple
Beck John A, watch maker and jeweler, 105 Front
Beck William & Son, toys, firearms, etc, and agents California Powder Works, 107 First
Beck & Waldman, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 85 Front
Beebe C E & Company job printers, foot Stark
Bellinger C B, attorney at law, Dekum's Building
Bemer B B, carpenter and builder. Front near Clay
Bencke Joachim, blacksmith. Front near Main
Bentley Robert Rev, clergyman (Meth) Third near Taylor
Berger W P, house and sign painter, Morrison near Second
Bergman Joseph, butcher, Second near Stark
Bermendez W J, barber, 10 Front
Bernier J, wines, liquors, and cigars, corner First and Washington
Bescheinen August, watch maker, 127 First
Biehle Frank, beer saloon, corner First and Oak
Bierbauer J W, proprietor Eagle Soda Works, Front near Ash
Bingham H T, attorney at law, 8 Dekum's Building
BISHOP SCOTT GRAMMAR AND DIVINITY SCHOOL, Rt Rev B Wistar Morriss D D, rector, Rev George Burton A M, head master, corner North Eighteenth and C
Black well Celia Miss, ladies' hair dressing, corner Third and Stark
Blanchet F N Rev, (R C) archbishop of Oregon, corner Third and Oak
Bloom Henrietta, groceries and provisions. First near Harrison
Bloomfield G H, rubber stamp manufacturer. Alder near Second
Blum Isaac, cigars, tobacco, notions, etc, corner First and Alder
Bohlman Henry, tinsmith. First near Oak
Bond William, match factory, corner A and E Park
Bories H, clergyman. Fifth near Alder
Bosco & Mogler, photographers, 127 and 129 First
Bow E B, fish, game, poultry. Central Market
Boyd J H & Company liquor saloon. Front near Morrison
BOYD & HAMILTON, general agents Home Mutual Insurance Company 72 First
Braden William, carpenter and builder, Second near Stark
Bradley, Marsh & Company dry goods, and clothing, corner First and Stark
Brady John, shoe-maker, Washington near Front
Brendle John, liquor saloon, Second near Oak
Brenner & Son, groceries, fruits, etc, corner Yamhill and First
Briggs D D, cabinet maker, Washington near Third
Briggs & Bliss, liquor saloon, and proprietors Adelphi Theater, 65 First
Brigham E C, jeweler, and watch maker, Odd Fellows' Temple
Brigham John R, stoves and tinware, 29 First
Brigham P E, ladies furnishing goods, 71 First
Brown D W, liquor saloon. Second near Alder
Brown & Company boot makers, Morrison near Front
Browne J J, attorney at law, corner Front and Stark
Browne W B, boot maker, and toys, and fancy goods, corner Third and Morrison
Buchtel & Stolte, photographers, and pictures, frames, and moldings, corner First and Morrison
Bugdahl Robert, butcher, Fulton Market
BULLETIN, Bulletin Printing and Publishing Company proprietors, corner First and Ash
Bundschuh Ambrose, cider and vinegar manufacturer, N Front near D
Bunting Stephen C, carriage factory, corner Second and Morrison
Burchard A, furniture and bedding, 136 First
Burchard Annie Miss, liquor saloon. Oak near First
Burchardt C A, wines and liquors, 30 Washington
Burckhardt Ad, butcher, Central Market
Burkhalter & Bueeler, proprietors Columbia Hotel, corner Second and A
Burrage C W, surveyor, and civil engineer, Court House
Burton E M, architect, 72 First
BURTON GEORGE REV, A M rector Trinity Church and head master Bishop Scott Grammar and Divinity School, corner North Eighteenth and C
Bybee Robert E, attorney at law, corner Front and Alder
Cabalin & Goodman, boots and shoes, corner First and Stark
Canfill Oliver, house and sign painter, 26 Washington
Cannon A M, agent Howe Sewing Machine, corner Third and Alder
Caples & Mulkey, attorneys at law. Odd Follows' Building
Cardwell J R, dentist, 4 Dekum's Building
Cardwell W B, physician, 2, Corbett's Building,
Carey S J Mrs., dress maker, Morrison near Second
Carling E H, butcher, corner Second and Morrison
Carlton Theodore, billiard and liquor saloon. Alder near First
Carpenter H H, groceries, glassware, etc, corner First and Yamhill
Carr Albert, liquor saloon, corner Alder and Second
Carr J A, real estate agent. Front near Mill
Carson John C, door, sash, and blind factory. North Front near E
Carter C M, real estate and claim agent, Alder near Front
CATHOLIC SENTINEL, Catholic Sentinel Publishing Company proprietors, 19 First
Catlin & Killin, attorneys at law, Dekum's Building
Chambreau Edward, liquor saloon, corner Second and Oak
Chance & Welch, dentists, 11 First
Chapman J A, physician. Alder near Front
Chapman J G, attorney at law, Stark near Front
Chapman W S, surveyor, corner Twelfth and Jefferson
Chapman William W, attorney at law, corner First and Stark
Chatten W L. clergyman (Meth) Salmon near Sixth
Church William & Son, mfrs. clothing and gent's furnishing goods, 100 First
Clark John, harness and saddlery, 96 Front
Clarke G H Mrs, millinery and fancy goods, 23 Washington
Clarke & Henderson, dry goods, 81 and 83 First.
Clay Oscar I, proprietor Oregon Amateur, foot of Stark
Cline J P, market, corner First and Alder
Cohen Nathan, watches, and jewelry, 70 Front
Cohn Adolph A, hides, furs, wool, and tallow, 76 Front
Cohn & Rosenfeld, groceries, provisions, and commission merchants, 119 Front
Cole David, stoves, and tinware, 130 First
Cole George B, postmaster, corner Third and Morrison
COMMERCIAL REPORTER, J F Atkinson, business manager. 9 First
Condon William, liquor saloon, corner N Front and B
Congle J B, harness, and saddlery, 73 Front
Connell & Company grain, hay, doors, blinds, etc, and shipping and commission merchants, 87 Front
Connor Patrick, liquor saloon, corner Second and Yamhill
Cook & Andrus, proprietors Occidental Hotel, corner Morrison and First
Corbett Elijah, livery stable, and proprietor Portland and Forest Grove Stage Line, Second, near Morrison
Corbett, Failing & Company hardware, tools, etc, and agents Dupont's gunpowder, 53 and 55 Front
Corbitt & Macleay, grocers, and shipping and commission merchants, 13-15 Front, and 10-12 First
Corson E O, boots and shoes, 64 Front
Cotter John, barber. Stark, near Front
Cotton N H, notary public. Occidental Hotel
CRISFIELD ARTHUR, attorney at law, HI First
Croissaut Charles J, barber. First, near Madison
CRONIN E A, attorney at law. 111 First
Crown L, liquors, 63 First
Cumming James, carpenter, Washington, near Third
Currier & Company merchant tailors, and gent's furnishing goods, 73 First
Curry George L, real estate agent. Stark near Front
Curtis G, cigars and tobacco, Granger Market
Cushing Horatio, proprietor Red House Hotel, Second near Market
Daly James L Rev, clergyman (Episc), Caruthers near Front
Danziger S, clothing, 21 North Front
Darr H L, blacksmith, Washington near First
DAVIS T A & Company importers, and wholesale druggists, 71 Front
DE PRANCE & WHITE, proprietors National Business College, 106 First
De Lashmutt & Oatman, real estate and money brokers, 82 First
Deitz Christopher, tannery, corner Front and Williams
Dekum & Bickel, manufacturing confectioners, 58 First
Do Lin A P, cabinet maker, Taylor near First
Do Lin N, furniture and bedding, 154 First
Do Prans C L & Company sheet music, and music books, 121 First
Dellinger & Company bakery, 34 Washington
Dennie Oliver, photographer, corner first and Yamhill
Dickinson John P, manager Life Association of America, 64 Front
Dickson James, physician. Odd Fellows' Temple
Dielschneider & Kemper, boots and shoes, 43 First
Dilg H W, locksmith, and safe manufacturer, Washington near Front
DILLON ISAAC Rev, clergyman, and editor Pacific Christian Advocate, Second near Taylor
Dinsmore B, broker, and wool dealer, 72 First
Dittenhoffer T, tobacco, and notions, corner Pine and Front
Dobelbower, W B, carpenter and builder, corner First and Hooker
Dodge J W, dentist, corner Fourth & Salmon
Dolan James, proprietor United States Hotel
Dolph, Bronaugh, Dolph & Simon, attorneys at law. Odd Fellows' Temple
Donnerberg John, plumber and gas fitter, 123 Third
Doyle J E, contractor and builder. Fifth
Druck William, blacksmith, and machinist, 48 Front
Drummond J H, carpenter and builder, Madison
DuBois C E, glove manufacturer, and furrier, 82 First
Dun R G & Company mercantile agency, G A Dobinson, manager, corner Stark and First
DUNIWAY A J Mrs, proprietress New Northwest, Ash, near First
Durham & Thompson, attorneys at law, 111 First
Durkheimer K, furniture and bedding, 141 First
Dyer L M, blacksmith, and wagon maker. Second near Oak
Eaton James D Rev, clergyman, (Cong) Fourth near Jefferson
Eberhardt F, carpenter and builder, B, near Second
Eckhardt H, boot and shoe maker, 12 Morrison
Eddy & Davis, fish, oysters, and poultry, First near Taylor
Edwards H, upholsterer, Morrison near Third
Effinger F A, books and stationery, Morrison near Front
Effinger William H, attorney at law, 91 First
Egan John H, house and sign painter. Second near Salmon
Ehmann A, contractor and builder, 105 First
Eliot T L Rev, clergyman, (Unitarian) corner Fifth and Market
Elkeles & Marx, furniture and bedding, 97 Front
Elliott H A, agent Standard Mills, near First and Stark
Ellis Andrew D, physician. Stark near Front
Engelke Louis, shoe maker, 175 Second
Epperley & Son, butchers, corner First and Clay
Estes & Carter, lumber manufacturers
Estes & Stimson, real estate agents, 5 Washington
Evans Dudley, agent Wells, Fargo & Company Ankeny's Building
Everding & Beebe, produce commission merchants, 10 N Front
Everding & Farrell, produce dealers, foot Alder
Ewry & Cook, undertakers, corner Washington and Second
Faber & Barnes, coffee and chop house. Central Market
Farmer J P, blacksmith, C near Second
Farnsworth & Dutton, groceries and provisions. First near Yamhill
Farrell Frank, tailor, 78 First
Fay, P J, groceries and provisions, corner Third and E
Ferrera & Boire, groceries, fruits, etc. First near Ash
Feurer Louis, liquor saloon, 59 First
Fierens J F Rev, clergyman (R C), corner Third and Stark .
Finck Henry, physician, Columbia near Sixth
Finnen John, cigars, notions, etc, 98 First
First National Bank, Henry Failing president,
James Steel cashier, 91 First
Fishel & Roberts, clothing and furnishing goods, 85 First
Fisk J H, assayer and metallurgist, 29 Stark
Fleckenstein Henry, wines and liquors, 147 First
Fleischner Jacob, boots and shoes, 123 First
FLEISCHNER, MAYER & Company dry goods, and clothing, 43 Front
Fleuro Peter, proprietor St Charles Hotel, corner Front and Morrison
Flick Joseph, boot maker, corner First and B
Fliedner William, hair dressing saloon, and baths, 104 First
Foster Isaac, cigars and tobacco, corner Front and Washington
Foster John R, hardware, 67 Front
Fournier & Wilbron, oyster and chop house, 128 First
Franklin M & Bro, dry goods, 89 First
Franklin M Bro & Company clothing, and gents' furnishing goods, corner Front and Alder
Franz & Lercher, liquor saloon, corner Second and Stark
Freeborn R D, painter and paper hanger, corner Washington and Fourth
Freeman H, house and sign painter, corner Main and Fifth
Freeman & Smith, blacksmiths, and wagon makers, 105 Third
Freiman & Hupprich, boots and shoes, 87 Front
Friedlander W, watch maker and jeweler, 105 First
Friedman M, boot and shoe maker, 41 Front
Friedrich Charles, liquor saloon, 1 North Front
Fryer Eliza Mrs, dry goods, clothing, etc, corner First and Madison
Gallagher Edward, liquor saloon, 41 Front
Gallick William, groceries and provisions. First near Salmon
Gantenbein Johann Rev, clergyman (Gorman) corner Fifth and C
Gardner Charles, attorney at law, 5 Washington
Garling E H, market, corner Second and Morrison
Gaston J, attorney at law, corner N Front and F
Gatens Frank, wines and liquors, 25 Washington
Gaus Henry Rev, clergyman, corner Ninth and Mill
Gearin John M, attorney at law, 20 Dekum's Building
Ghiselin James T, physician, 11 First
Gibbs & Hughes, attorneys at law, and real estate agents, 11 First
Gibson James & Company drugs and medicines, corner First and Alder
Gildey Charles, stoves and tinware, First near Jefferson
Gill J K & Company books and stationery, 75 First
Giltner J S, physician, 5 Washington
Girard & Hamel, liquor saloon, corner Q and Thirteenth
Gleason M, merchant tailor, 60 Front
Gleason M J, groceries and provisions, 57 First
Glenn J G, dentist, corner First and Yamhill
Glisan Rodney, physician, Washington near Front
Glinbetich Antone, restaurant, Morrison near Front
Glorieux A J Rev, principal St Michael's College, corner Third and Oak
Godard L A, livery stable, corner Second and Morrison
Goldsmith L & Company dry goods, and clothing, 9-11 North Front
Goldsmith & Loewenberg, stoves, tinware, metals, etc., and agent Tilton & McFarland's safes, 32 and 34 Front
Goodnough Alfred, contractor and builder, North First near B
Goodnough Ira, contractor and builder, corner Tenth and Yamhill
Goodsell David, attorney at law. Stark near Front
Gore W S, civil engineer, Fourth near Washington
Gould S F Miss, private school. Third near Columbia
Gove I H, contractor and builder, corner Sixteenth and Clay
Graham C J, barber, 65 First
Graham & Tufts, coopers. North Front near B
Grange Market Company J J Imbrie, secretary, corner First and Madison
GRAY M, music, and musical instruments, corner First and Alder
Green Josiah, restaurant. First near Taylor
Greene George F, liquor saloon, corner First and Alder
Gross A S, notary public, commissioner of deeds, and insurance broker, foot Stark
Grove & Wilcox, house and sign painters, 145 Second
Gruber John, marble yard. Stark near Second
GUIDE THE, Theodore L Smith, proprietor, corner Stark and Front
Guild James, manager W U Telegraph Company 3 First
Gumpert Isidor, barber, 80 Front
HACHENEY & STEMME, groceries, produce and seeds, corner Taylor and First
Hall Edward, general agent Fireman's Fund Ins Company 98 Front
Halpruner Bros, plumbers, gas, and steam fitters, First near Taylor
Halpruner D K, dancing academy, corner Front and Alder
Hamilton E, attorney at law, 5 Washington
Hamilton & Company groceries, corner North First and B
Hanson H, seeds, and nursery depot. Central Market
Hanthorne J H, Dexter Stove Foundry, Front near Main
Harlow John & Company box manufacturers, Willamette Mill
Harold George, private school, Sixth near Jackson
Harrington D F, cider manufacturer
Harris, Dell & Company agents Star Line Packets, and Averill Chemical Paint Company 88 Front
Harris Joseph, cloaks, millinery, and fancy goods, 103 First
Harris Simon, dry goods, 103 First
Harris W, clothing and furnishing goods. First near Morrison
Harris & Salmon, ice manufactory. Second near Main
Hart William A, cigars and tobacco, corner First and Washington
Harvey &. Barber, pork packers, 180 Front
Hatch & Thompson, dentists. 111 First
Haunstein Charles, cigars, and tobacco, corner Front and Stark
Hawes E K, stoves and tinware, First near Taylor
Hawkins William, market, Yamhill near First
Hawley, Dodd & Company hardware, iron, steel, and agricultural implements, 5 and 7 Front
Hay & Allard, blacksmiths, corner Fifth and G
Healy William, coppersmith. Central Block
Heintz Edward, barber. Third near Salmon
Helbock Bros, house and sign painters. Alder near Third
Heitler Lorenzo R, tailor. Oak, near First
Hollering Joseph, tailor. Alder near Front
Helmuth Joseph, grocer, corner Second and Stark
Henrichsen L C & Company manufacturers jewelry, clocks, watches, silverware, etc, 109 First
Henrici J G, carpenter, and builder, 108 Third
Hensill Robert F, attorney at law. Stark near First
Hermanson Louise Mrs, liquor saloon. Second near Yamhill
Heroy Edward F, sewing machine agent, 104 Third
Herrall George, groceries and provisions, corner First and Oak
Herrall & Kroetz, proprietors United States Brewery, Front near Columbia
Hettich Frank, butcher, Franklin Market
Heuschuch & Schmidt, groceries, and provisions, corner Front and Madison
Hewett Henry & Company grain commission merchants, and insurance agents, 28 North Front
Hibbard & West, boots and shoos, 23 Front
Hibernia Savings and Loan Society, Ellis Read president, 67 Front
Hicks Henry P, stoves, and tinware, corner Salmon and First
Higgins J J, tobacco and cigars, Front near Morrison
Higgins ____ Mrs, millinery, Eighth near Salmon
Hill E B, groceries, and fruits, corner first and Yamhill
HIMES GEORGE H, book and job printer, 5 Washington
Hingley Bros, horse-shoo nail manufacturers, corner Front and Main
Hirstel Charles & Co, books, stationery, and printer's stock, 77 Front
Hitchcock W F, agricultural implements. Front
Hodge, Calef & Company druggists, and photographer's stock, 75 Front and 76 First
Hoffman Conrad. R, market, corner First and Yamhill
Holman Bros, proprietors City Dray Company corner Seventh and Stark
Holmes B W, liquor saloon, corner North First and D
Holmes John, proprietor American Laundry, 80 Front
Helton Daniel, proprietor Cosmopolitan Hotel, corner Front and Stark
Honeyman John & Company proprietors City Foundry, corner Front and Columbia
Hornung Alary Mrs, umbrella maker, corner Fourth and Washington
Hornung Philip, locksmith, and gunsmith, 27 Stark
Hotaling A P & Company importers wines and liquors, and insurance agents, 25 Front
Hudson Henry T, die sinker, and stencil cutter, 82 First
Humbel Henry, depot Oregon City Brewery, 39 First
Hummel Christopher, liquor saloon, corner Second and Oak
Huntington Thomas, plasterer, Washington near Third
Hurlburt John A, civil engineer. Mill, near Ninth
Irland & Estes, Singer Sewing Machines, 105 Third
INGATE SOPHIA MRS, Howard Saloon, North First bet C and D
Irving Robert & Company proprietors Oregon Soap Works, 6 and 8 Front
Isaac Simon, butcher, corner First and Jefferson

Pacific Coast Business Directory | Oregon Territory Index

Oregon Directory and Gazetteer

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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