Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - State of Oregon - Portland, Multnomah County - Jackson to Zorn

Jackson Thomas, proprietor Phoenix Hotel, corner Fourteenth and S
Jackson W & Company wholesale crockery, paints, oils, and house furnishing goods, 36 Front
Jacobs Brothers & Company importers dry goods, clothing, and furnishing goods, agents Oregon City Woolen Mills, a North Front
Janion R C & Company merchants. Central Block
Joachim Charles, liquor saloon, Yamhill, near Second
Johnson, McCown & Macrum, attorneys at law, Monnastes Building
Johnson & Quinn, merchant tailors. Stark near First
Johnson & Spaulding, wholesale butchers, and packers. Central Market
Jones C A, carpenter, and builder. Tenth near C
Jones Henry E, physician. First near Ash
Jones J F & Company coffee and spice mills, 176 Front
Jones & Bernard liquor saloon, 24 Washington
Jubitz F, proprietor Weis Bier Brewery, corner Ninth and E
Jubitz & Saling, baths, and hair dressing saloon, Morrison near Front
Kafka Solomon, junk, 52 Front
Kahn Bros, hide$, furs, wool, and produce, Front near Morrison
Kallich George J M, ice dealer, 27 Stark
Katler & Champagne, liquor saloon, 63 Front
Kaufman, Campion & Fleischner, proprietors Oregon Dray Company corner Front and Ash
Keil & Wagner, groceries, and provisions, corner Fourth and Washington
Keller J S, butcher, corner First and Jefferson
Keller John A, butcher, corner Third and Madison
Kellogg George, physician, corner Front and Jefferson
Kellogg J B, proprietor National Hotel, corner Front and Yamhill
Kerrigan Phil J, liquor saloon, First near Main
Kilbourn Oscar, auctioneer, corner First and Pine
Kincaid C M, attorney at law, Monnaste's Building
King Mark A, agent Liverpool & L & 6 Ins Company 06 First
Kinney Alfred, physician, corner East Park and Alder
Klosterman Brothers, wholesale grocers, 26 First
Knapp, Burrell & Company importers agricultural implements, 17 and 19 Front, and 14 and 16 First
Knowles C W, liquor saloon, Stark near First
Koehler William, dentist, Monnaste's Building
Kohn J, clothing and furnishing goods, 94 First
Koshland Bros, auctioneers and commission merchants, 8 Front
Kraemer J & Company importers boots and shoes, 47 Front
Krickel Frank, shoe maker. Second near Stark
Krug Charles, shoe maker, Clay
Krumlein & Gilbert, architects, Crees Building
Kuehn Charles F, jeweler, Pine near First
Kuhn Charles Louis, billiard table and cabinet maker. Third near Ash
La Chapelle John, boat builder, foot Pine
Labbe Brothers, groceries and provisions, corner Washington and Second
Lachman Nathan, tailor Washington near First
Ladd &, Tilton, banker, corner First and Stark
Laidlaw James & Company commission merchants, etc, 7 First
Lambert Noah, boots and shoes, corner First and Yamhill
LANDENBERGER C A, proprietor Oregon
Deutsche Zeiturg, corner B and Third
Laughton George, liquor saloon. North First near C
Legrand A, wines and liquors, 41 First
Lemline Louis, cigars and tobacco, corner Morrison and First
Lesueur Paul, liquor saloon, 20 Front
Leveridge, Wadhams & Company wholesale grocers and commission merchants, 26-30 Front
Levy I C, liquor saloon, Washington near Front
Levy Julius, furniture and bedding, 124 First and 125 Front
Levy Ludwig, manufacturing jeweler, 143 first
Levy Samuel, stoves and tinware, 130 first
Levy Samuel, general merchandise, corner front and Taylor
Levy & Solomon, tailors, 78 First
Lowis I W, stair builder. Oak near Seventh
Lewis Nels, proprietor Scandinavian House. North First near C
Lewis & Strauss, dry goods, millinery, and fancy goods, 87 First.
Lillie B A, carpenter, Washington near Third
Limmeroth P & Company horticulturists, corner Morrison
Lindsley A L, clergyman (Presb), Morrison near Eighth
Linforth, Kellogg & Company agricultural implements, corner Yamhill and Front
Loomis James B, general agent Florence Sewing Machine. 113 Third
Lucas M M, painter, Stark near Second
LUEG HENRY, blacksmith, and machinist. Oak near First
Lyon J H, painter, Second near Oak
Lyon Samuel M, money broker. Stark near Front
Lyons and Depuy, carriage painters, Third near Morrison
MacDonald, J D, stair builder. Oak near First
Mackay D, plasterer, Washington near Fourth
Macnamara J Miss, millinery and fancy goods, 71 First
Malarkey Charles A & Company fish, poultry and game, Second near Stark
Malarkey Daniel J, produce and commission merchant, corner First and Stark
Manciet & Bigne, restaurant, 66 Front
Manheim M, tailor, Morrison near First
Marks M, boots and shoes, 109 Front
Marquam P A, attorney at law, Yamhill near First
Marsh S L, dry goods, grain and wool sacks, corner First and Stark
Martin E & Company wholesale liquors, corner Front and Ash
Martin Henry, fish, and poultry, Central Market
Marty V, fish, and poultry, Yamhill near First
Mason P, attorney at law, Alder near First
Mattock T J, agent Plummer's Fruit Dryer
May M Rev, clergyman (Hebrew) Seventh near Main
McBride James, physician. Third near Montgomery
McCaugh Mary Mrs, proprietress Shakespeare Hotel, Second near Pine
McCaw A B, teacher phonography, corner Fifth and Washington
McCormick H J, books and stationery, 19 First
McCracken J & Company wholesale' grocers, shipping and commission merchants, 50-56 N Front
McDovitt Thomas F B, carriage trimmer, 108 Third
McDonald H, agent Eclipse Wind Mill
McFarland Thomas, proprietor Central House, 18 Front
McGill Daniel, blacksmith, First near Madison
McGinn J & Wolff, groceries, provisions, and bakery, corner First and Madison
McKee Samuel, liquor saloon. Second near Yamhill
McKibbin & Davidson, agent Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines, 95 Third
McKinnell H, homeopathic physician, corner Fourth and Main
McLeran Bros, flour mills. Central Block
Meier & Frank, dry goods, clothing, and furnishing goods, 136-137 Front
Mendelson A L, clothing, boots and shoes, corner Front and A
Mercier C H, barber. Alder near Front
Metzger & Steel, glue manufacturers. First near Taylor
Meussdorffer C H, hats and caps. 111 Front
Millard & Van Schuyver, wholesale wines and liquors, 39 Front and 40 First
Milledge G M, house painter, corner Yamhill and First
Miller A E & Company confectionery, 45 First
Miller Frank, proprietor Canyon Gardens, Jefferson
Miller Henry, florist, corner Jefferson and Sixteenth
Miller J Fred, bookbinder, 62 First
Miller John B, watches and jewelry, 93 First
Miller & Acker, livery stable, Second near Stark
Milwain E, stoves and tinware, 95 Front and 96 First
Mitchell G, groceries, corner Morrison and Third
Mitchell J, groceries, and fruits, corner Yamhill and Second
Moller A & Company ship chandlers, and commission merchants, 26 North Front
Monnastes H W, crockery, and glassware, 129 First
Moon John, oyster saloon, corner Stark and Second
Moore P, dancing academy, corner Madison and First
Moreland & Atwater, attorneys at law, Monnastes' Building
Morgan H G, painter, Jefferson near Front
Morgan John, liquor saloon, 88 First
Morrice H C, regalia and trimmings, and agent
Hock River Paper Company 88 Front
Morrill H F, manufacturer spring beds, First near Yamhill
MORRIS B WISTAR Rt. Rev. rector Bishop Scott Grammar and Divinity School, corner North Eighteenth and C
Morse M P, agent North Pacific Mutual Life Association, corner Stark and Front
Morse S B, insurance agent, 25 Front
Moses Andrew J, attorney at law, Monnastes' Building
Mulligan M J, liquor saloon, 23 North Front
Murphy & Kelly, groceries and provisions, corner Washington and Third.
Murphy & Rogers, butchers, corner Fourth and E
Murray J W, physician, corner Second and Meade
Myers C H, plumber and gasfitter, corner Taylor and Front
Myers John, vinegar factory, North First near C
NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE, De Franco & White, proprietors, 106 First
Neimeyer & Utter, merchant tailors, 45 First
NEW NORTHWEST, Mrs A J Duniway, proprietress. Ash near first
NEW YORK HOTEL, H Rothfos, proprietor, corner B and North Front
Newbury W S, attorney at law, Monnastes' Building
Nicholson W T B, general broker, 88 Front
Nicklin T L, dentist. 111 First
Nicolai Bros, planing mill, and door, sash and blind factory, corner Second and E
Noon W C, bag factory. Central Block
North Pacific Mutual Life Association, M P Morse, agent, corner Front and Stark
Northwestern Storage. Shipping and Commission Company, A J Dufur, president, corner Front and Madison
Northrup k Gilbert, attorneys at law, 8 Dekum's Building
Northrup & Thompson, hardware, iron and steel, 131 Front
Norton Patrick, proprietor Portland Hotel, C near Front
O'Brien Thomas J, cigars and tobacco, corner First and Stark
O'Connor & Malarkey, grocers and produce dealers, 86 Front
O'Neil J & Company clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 95 First
Oderkirk John, carpenter, Washington near Third
Opitz G, restaurant. 35 First
Opitz & Wintter, bakery, 33 First
Oppenheimer &, Ackerman, varieties, 99 First
Oregon Amateur, Oscar I Clay, proprietor, foot of Stark
Oregon and California Stage Company J Brandt, Jr, General
Superintendent, Stark near First
Oregon and Washington Trust Investment Co of
Scotland, William Reid, manager, 9 First
Oregon Brass Works, D M Moore, superintendent, D near First
Oregon Central R R Company Ben Holladay, President, corner Front and F
Oregon City Woolen Mills, 5 and 7 North Front
OREGON DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, C A Landenberger, proprietor, corner Third and B
Oregon Furniture Manufacturing Company Samuel Lowenstein. President, 90-96 Front
OREGON MUSEUM, T A Wood, proprietor, corner First and Ash
Oregon Real Estate Company corner North Front and F
Oregon Steam Navigation Company J G Ainsworth, President, 24 Front
Oregon Steamship Company Ben Holladay, President, corner North Front and F
Oregon Transfer Company William L Halsey, President, corner First and Stark
OREGONIAN, Oregonian Publishing Company proprietors, corner Front and Stark
Oswald & Ayers, boots, shoes, leather and findings, 47 First
Owens B A Mrs, physician. First near Taylor
Owens S N Miss, milliner, First, near Yamhill
PACIFIC CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, Rev Isaac Dillon, editor. Second, near Taylor
Page W W, attorney at law, Glisan's Block
Parrish & Cornell, real estate agents, 98 Front
Parson Emma E Mrs, ladies furnishing Third, near Washington
Parsons L H, agent /Etna Machine Co, 119 Third
Parsons M W, agent Singer Sewing Machine, 105 Third
Paterson C M, proprietor Canon Creek Laundry, office Morrison near Front
Pattee H E, wagon and carriage maker, corner Fifth and G
PATTON J E. liquor saloon, 4 North Front
Paxton A B Mrs, agent sewing machines, 104 Third
Pearson & Strand, sign and ornamental painters, 49 Front
Pease Geo A & Co, boots and shoes, corner Front and Morrison
Penney Joseph E, liquor and billiard saloon, corner First and Stark
Perkins & Quimby, proprietors St Charles Hotel, corner Front and Morrison
Perry Joseph, liquor saloon, corner Second and Taylor
Peterson & Gwynne, carpenters, Jefferson, near Front
Petty Mary Mrs, proprietress Brooklyn Hotel, 50 Front
Pfunder L G, florist, corner Second and Clay
Pfunder William, druggist, corner First and Ash
Phelps Oliver S, justice of the peace, and conveyancer. Clay near First
Pierce D J Rev, clergyman (Bapt), Alder near Fourth
PILKINGTON JOHN B, oculist and aurist, corner Washington and First
Pittock Henry L, agent Clackamas Paper Mill, and paper and stationery warehouse, 72 Front
Pohl A, physician, 43 First
Plough C, manufacturer shirts, Yamhill near Fourth
Plumer & Katler, liquor saloon, 43 First
Poldeman A, watch maker, 41 First
Polifka Frank, carriage painter, corner Second and Morrison
Rev T F Royal, Principal, corner Seventh and Jefferson
Portland Gaslight Co, John Green, President, Stark near First
Portland Water Co, H D Green, President, Stark near First
Powell David, boot and shoe maker, Yamhill, near First
Powers Ira V. second hand furniture, 137 First
Prager H M, groceries, fruits, and confectionery, Third near Madison
Prideux Stephen, blacksmith, and wagon maker, Second near Stark.
Prindle C W, real estate agent, 128 Front
Quandt Julius, cabinet maker. First near Yamhill
Quimby & Woodrum, proprietors American Exchange
Hotel, corner Front and Washington
Quinn James, market, 32 Washington
Quinn Joseph P, oysters, Washington, near First
Rau Louis, optician, 60 First
Reed J H, attorney at law. Stark near Front
Reid & Vestal, butchers, Central Market
Reynolds J, physician
Rex R G, physician and chemist, 3 Glisan Block
Rice Sylvester W, attorney at law, 106 First
Richards M, turner, 207 Front
Richardson A B & Co, auctioneers and commission merchants, 54 Front
Richardson T M, contractor and builder, Morrison near First
Richman A S, painter, 164 First
Richman W S, painter, 164 First
Richter Paul, furniture and upholstery, 105 First
Rider & Hersey, restaurant, corner Front and Alder
Rieger John, boot maker. Oak near Front
Riley R R, wood dealer, foot Morrison
Rines John, wood dealer. Clay near Front
Riviere J B A, human hair, and wig maker, Third near Washington
Roberts J B, broker, 100 First
Roberts William Rev, clergyman, Second near Madison
Rock River Paper Co, A C Morrice, agent, 88 Front
Rodgers, Meyer & Co, shipping and commission, 22 North Front
Rodgers Terence, boots and shoes, 17(1 First
Rogers C, livery stable, Front near Columbia
Rogers T M, blacksmith, Taylor near First
Rohr C M, butcher, corner First and Taylor
Roop C, taxidermist and naturalist, corner First and Ash
Rosenbaum I S & Co, importers and wholesale tobacco and cigars, 37 Front
Rosenberg John Rev, clergyman (Episc) corner Seventh and Market
Rosenblatt M, clothing, and gent's furnishing goods, 77½ Front
Rosenfeld H & Co, importers, and wholesale tobacco and cigars, 21 Front
ROTHFOS H & CO, proprietors New York Hotel, 17 Front
Rouch Eli, liquor saloon, corner Second and Pine
ROYAL T F Rev, principal Portland Academy and Female Seminary, Seventh
Rummelin & Gutmann, furriers, 56 First
Ryan E W, chromes. Masonic Temple
SAMUEL L, advertising agent, and publisher
Portland Directory and the West Shore, 5 Washington
SAUNDKRS PHIL, liquor saloon, 2 North Front
Savier & Co, flour merchants, 12 North Front
Schade John, hotel. Second between Oak and Pine
Schade & Co, dyers and scourers, 173 Second
Schelland & Co, proprietors Philadelphia Brewery, Macadamized Road
Schenck C S, liquor saloon, corner North Front and F
Scherner H J, market. Alder near Third
Scherner & Coyne, box manufacturers, foot Clay
Schless S, cigars and tobacco, corner First and Morrison
Schloth Christopher, market, Washington near Second
Schmeer Bros, confectioners, 67 First
Schmeer John, liquor saloon, 145 First
Schmidt John G, liquor saloon, 25 North Front
Schmidt V, liquor saloon, 49 First
Schrof William, architect, 72 First
Schumacher Charles, physician, corner Oak and First
Schwab & Anderson, job printers, Pittock's Block,
Scott Harvey W, collector customs, 24 North Front
Sears & Wilmer, livery stable, corner Second and Washington
Seavier ____ Mrs, dress and cloak maker, corner First and Washington
Seelig Karl, wines and liquors, 98 Third
Seller Bros, commission merchants, 66 First
Seller M, crockery and glassware, 66 First and 65 Front
Selling P, dry goods, groceries etc, 134 First
Seymour S A, meat packer, corner First and G
Shattuck S F, blacksmith, corner I and Thirteenth
Shemanski J & Co, window glass, 28 First
Sherlock S, harness and saddlery, 61 Front
Shoup T V, attorney at law, Odd Fellows' Temple
Shuster & Davison, photographers, corner First and Yamhill
Sibson William S, shipping agent. Front near Vine
Simon J & Co, doors, sash and blinds, 56 Front
Simpson & Waldo, attorneys at law, Dekum's Building
Singer Manufacturing Co, sewing machines, 105 Third
Sinnott & Leonard, wines, liquors, and cigars, 112 First
SINSHEIMER H, musical instruments, strings, etc, and piano manufacturer, 143 First
Sinsheimer I, manufacturer furniture. First near Taylor
Skidmore S G, druggist. 111 First
Sloan Thomas J, physician. First near Yamhill
Smith A B Rev, clergyman (Meth), Fifth
SMITH A F & CO, musical instruments, 105 Front
Smith B F, lime and cement. Third near Yamhill
Smith Bros, foundry. First near Salmon
Smith Bros & Co, lumber manufacturers, foot Clay
Smith, Champlin & Co, tanners, Milwaukee Road, and boot makers, 28 First
Smith E, carriage and wagon maker, corner Front and Jefferson
Smith G & Co, merchant tailors, 118 First
Smith John G, liquor saloon, 25 N Front
Smith L K G, cigars and tobacco, Front near B
Smith Samuel M, drugs and medicines, corner First and Ash
Smith Theodore L, proprietor Guide, 72 Front
Smith & Andrus, proprietors Occidental Hotel, corner First and Morrison
Snyder Nicholas, cigars and tobacco, 113 First
Sohm F & Company proprietors St Louis Hotel, First near Taylor
Sohm Jacob, proprietor Gorman Hotel, corner Second and Madison
Sorenson & Taylor, wood dealers, foot Yamhill
Spaulding Bros, butchers, Central Market
Sprenger Jacob B, proprietor Davis House, corner Fourth and Salmon
ST HELEN'S HALL, (Boarding and Day School), Misses Rodney principals, Fourth between Madison and Jefferson
St John K, contractor and builder, corner Third and Morrison
ST MARY'S ACADEMY, Fourth near Market
Staeglich Aug A, paper hanger and painter, B near Second
Staender Adam, hair dressing saloon, and baths, Washington near Front
Stansberry S A, general merchandise, corner First and Madison
Stark & Zimmerman, proprietors Globe Hotel, corner North Front and C
Steele G A & (Jo, musical instruments and pictures, 77 First
Stephens Thomas, carpenter and builder. North First near C
Sterrett & Prang, liquor saloon
Stevens Charles K, optician, 2 Dekum's Building
Stewart F C, watch maker and jeweler, 113 First
Stewart James, groceries, corner li and West Park
Stitzel Henry, boot and shoemaker, First near Salmon
Stone B L, watches and jewelry, 103 Front
Stono S L, cigars and tobacco, corner First and Ash
Straub John, sausage maker, corner Second and Ash
Stratton & Smith, attorneys at law. Alder near Front
Strong Curtis C, surgeon, 5 Dekum's Building
Strong Fred R, attorney at law, 15 Dekum's Building
Strong Thomas N, attorney at law, 15 Dekum's Building
Strong William, attorney at law, 15 Dekum's Building
Strowbridge J A, leather and shoe findings, 141 Front
Stuernberg H, liquor saloon, corner Tenth and M
Sumner E N Rev, clergyman, Caruthers near Front
SUNDAY WELCOME, Welcome Publishing Company proprietors, 9 First
Tabor K M, artist, corner Yamhill and First
Talbot Charles B, designer and draughtsman, corner First and Yamhill
Taylor L, carpenter, Second near Taylor
TEMPERANCE STAR, Temperance Publishing Company proprietors, 72 Front
Thayer & Williams, attorneys at law, 108 First
Therkelsen L, carpenter and builder. Alder near Sixth
Thibeau G C Rev, clergyman (R C), Fourth near Market
Thomas & Jean, groceries and provisions, First near Jefferson
Thompson J, house and sign painter, Washington near Second
Thompson James, proprietor Thompson House, corner First and Jefferson
Thompson Mary A Mrs, physician. Third near Salmon
Tichner A, barber, 119 First
Tichner Charles, barber, First near Morrison
Tilden Thomas F, stevedore, and rigger, 50 North Front
Tileston & Scott, firearms and sporting materials, 28 Yamhill
Torpey William E, house and sign painter, 108 Third
Towler R H, physician, corner Third and Stark
Townsend A H, attorney at law. Sixth near College
TRAVER GEORGE W, agent Home Shuttle Sewing Machine, corner Third and Morrison
Treadwell & Company agricultural implements. Front
Trenkmann H, machinist, 40 Front
Tribeu G F, carpenter and builder, Third near Pine
Trimble W F, attorney at law. Stark near Front
Upton Charles B, attorney at law, Dekum's Building
Upton W W, attorney at law, Dekum's Building
Vail Albert, agent New Wilson Sewing Machine, 119 Third
Van Fridagh P, dry goods, and millinery, 79 First
Varwig H, bakery, corner Second and Main
Verdier & Tournel, coffee and spice mills, 27 Washington
Verhaag L Rev, clergyman (RC), corner Third and Oak
Vial Leon, liquors and cigars, 122 First
Vigelius Andrew & John, barbers, 3 North Front
Vollum George W, bookbinder and paper ruler, 5 Washington
Volney Victor, picture frames, 113 Third
Vors Querin, restaurant, 37 First
Wagner Bros, hairdressing saloon and baths, 81 Front
Wagner John, proprietor Washington Hotel, corner Second and Washington
Wagner Martin, barber, St Charles Hotel
Walker R J, liquors, groceries and provisions, 14 Front
Waller Edward W & W, oyster saloon. Oak near First
WALLING A G, book and job printer, and bookbinder, 72 Front
Walsh John E, groceries and provisions, corner D and Ninth
Walter Bros, carpets, oil cloths, wall paper, etc, 92 and 94 First
Warnekros Ulrich, cutlery, and surgical instruments, wear, 121 Third
Warner Alexander, soaps, and blueing. Third, near 133 First
Warner M A Mrs, fancy goods, and ladies' under-garments, Morrison
Warren G W & Company oysters, foot Stark
Wass E S Mrs, human hair, and pattern agency, Morrison, near Second
Wasserman P & Company cigars, and fancy goods, 5 and 7 North Front
Watkins Henry, butcher, corner Second and Washington
Watkins W H, physician. Odd Fellows' Temple
Weatherford William, physician, corner Second and Salmon
Weber Henry, liquor saloon, 72 Front
Weeks & Brenckle, liquor saloon, 15½ Front, and 12½ First
Weeks & Morgan, groceries, provisions, fruits, etc, corner Third and Morrison
Weidler George W, agent Oregon S S Company corner Front and F
Weinhard Henry, proprietor City Brewery, Eleventh, near B
Welch John, groceries, provisions, etc, corner Second and Salmon
Welch John F, dairy produce, corner Thirteenth and F
Welch A Morgan, harness and saddlery, 129 Front
WELCOME PUBLISHING Company proprietors Sunday Welcome, 9 First
Wertheimer M, second-hand furniture, First near Taylor
WEST SHORE, L Samuel proprietor, 5 Washington
Wetherell & Murray, employment agency, 62 Front
Whalley & Fechheimer, attorneys at law, 12 Dekum's Building
Wheeler M L G, agent California Redwood Pumps, Front near Main
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines, 95 Third
White L & Company dry goods and clothing, 9 and 11 Front, and 6 and 8 First
White S S, real estate agent. Market near Second
Wiberg C M, boots and shoes, corner Front and Morrison
Wicks Edward, liquor saloon, 110 First
Wiggs & Holsapple, livery stable, corner Front and Market
Wilcox W F, stair builder. Front, near Madison
Wilhelm Jacob, tailor. Stark, near First
Wilhelm John, barber, Carendon Hotel
Wilhelm Peter, proprietor Fountain Hotel, corner First and Ash
Willamette Iron Works, Peter Taylor, president, corner E and North Front
Willamette River Transportation Company B Goldsmith, president, 88 Front
Willamette Steam Mill Lumbering and Manufacturing Company Watson's Addition
Williams & Krumbein, architects, Dekum's Building
Williams & Myers, wholesale groceries, flour, feed, etc, 12 Front
Williamson H T, barber, Morrison near First
Wilson Arthur, cigars and tobacco, 35 First
Wilson Jacob, restaurant, 63 Front
Wilson John, dry goods, 107 Third
Wilson R B, physician, 3 Dekum's Building
Winesett & Pope, blacksmiths, and wagon makers. Second near Oak
Winters & Company fish and poultry, Yamhill near First
Witherell J R, real estate and employment office, 80 Front
Wolf Hiram, clothing and gent's furnishing goods, 89 Front
Wolf N, clothing and gent's furnishing goods, 83 Front
Wolf R, dry goods, clothing, etc, 152 First
Wood Louis, tailor, Morrison near First
WOOD THOMAS A, proprietor Oregon Museum, corner First and Ash
Woodard C H & Company drugs, medicines, dental goods, and photographic materials, corner Alder and Front
Woodcock & Thomas, cider manufacturers. Ninth near College
Woodward J H, attorney at law. Stark near Front
Woodward & Gillett, real estate agents, and money brokers, 64 Front
Yates & Company paints, oil, lamps, etc, 113 Front
Yocum & Robb, attorneys at law, 5 Glisan's Block
Young George A, liquor saloon, 51 First
Young William, marble yard, 38 Front
ZAN BROTHERS & Company broom manufacturers, and wood and willow ware, 8 North Front
Zeller M, liquor saloon. First near Madison
Zieber & Knowles, proprietors Clarendon Hotel, corner North First and F
Zimmerman & Frazer, machinists, Morrison near Front
Zorn Adam, liquor saloon, corner First and Oak

Pacific Coast Business Directory | Oregon Territory Index

Oregon Directory and Gazetteer

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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