Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Ranier, Columbia County to Sweet Home, Linn County

Rainier, Columbia County, PO 18 miles north east of St. Helens.
Blanchard Dean, postmaster, notary public, and general merchandise
Crie E R, boat builder
Cromwell & Bridges, lumber manufacturers
Dibblee John, hotel
Hume R D, fish packer
Moeck George F, cooper
Nice H N, boat builder, and ship carpenter
Nicola Bros, lumber manufacturers
Silver Joseph, liquor saloon

Randolph, Coos County, PO 30 miles south of Empire City
Butler J M, liquor saloon and restaurant
Huggins Edward, blacksmith
Pahl & Rink, lumber manufacturers
Pershbaker Adam, postmaster, and general mdse
Thrush John, hotel

Rattlesnake, Lane County, PO 14 miles south east of Eugene City
Bristow J K, physician
Bryant Frank, carpenter
Guiley G W, cooper
Morgan H C, postmaster, and general merchandise
Mulkey I N. blacksmith
Parks J W, carpenter
Reading, Bush & Johnson, forwarding and commission merchants

Rickreal, Polk County, PO 5 miles east of Dallas
Childers B, Rev, clergyman
Mason William, blacksmith
Rosendorf Zed, postmaster, and general merchandise
Uglow Abel, flour manufacturer

Riverside, Columbia County, P O
Banzer Joseph, postmaster

Rock Point, Jackson County, PO 13 miles north west of Jacksonville
Colvig William L, physician
Haymond Benjamin, postmaster
Haymond & Magruder, general merchandise
Hoye J Willis, blacksmith
Shultz Abraham, blacksmith
White Lytle J, hotel

Roseburg, Douglas County

Rye Valley, Baker County, P O, 35 miles south east of Baker City
Blain W, hotel
Brickoux O, blacksmith
Brouk D S, liquor saloon
Craven AV, blacksmith
Erwin Y A, butcher
Fernald Walter, postmaster
Kness M, general merchandise
Seguin C, bakery

Salem, Marion County

Sam's Valley, Jackson County 15 miles north of Jacksonville
Morgan Edwin, postmaster

Sand Ridge, Union County, PO
Enloo Cyrus W, postmaster

Sandy, Clackamas County, PO 23 miles north east of Oregon City
Dobrouz August, carpenter
Gordes Richard, postmaster, and general merchandise
Gerlach Albert, blacksmith

Sauvie's Island, Columbia County, PO
Horace J McIntire, postmaster

Scappose, Columbia County, PO
Gosa Samuel T, postmaster, and general merchandise
Watts J K, lumber manufacturer

Scholl's Ferry, Washington County, PO 10 miles south east of Hillsboro
Bennett James K, postmaster

Scio, Linn County, PO 15 miles north east of Albany, is an incorporated city of 200 inhabitants, and the commercial town of the region known as "The Forks of the Santiam." The surrounding country is quite fertile, and with improved communication with the great routes of trade and travel, would rapidly advance in prosperity. For this purpose it has been proposed to build a branch railroad to Marion Station, 6 miles distant, on the Oregon and California Railroad. A daily stage now connects with the trains on the railroad, giving quick communication with Portland and the Capital.
Alexander M, hotel
Arnold E M, general merchandise
Baily M, wagon maker
Bilyen Peter, hotel, and livery stable
Bridgeford James E, groceries
Brown J J, general merchandise
Gill & Logan, blacksmiths
Goldsmith A, general merchandise
Herndon J S. physician
Holman Andrew, boots and shoes
Houston A J, general merchandise
King H H, news agent
Kirkpatrick D, carpenter
Martin J L, physician
Mason David P, druggist, and bookseller
Miller J L, carpenter
Peterson E, harness and saddlery
Queener J, shoe maker
Redman B W, postmaster
Skaggs B L, blacksmith
Wast M, blacksmith

Scott's, Wasco County, PO 40 miles east of Dalles City
Leonard Daniel G, postmaster

Scottsburg, Douglas County, PO 56 miles north west of Roseburg, on the lower Umpqua at the head of navigation on that river, and 26 miles from its entrance into the ocean. The town is in a very interesting section of country, stored with wealth which only needs the hand of industry, aided by capital and intelligently applied, to develop it, and make this one of the most important districts of the state. The river, below Scottsburg is a broad, clear and beautiful stream, though obstructed in one or two places by rapids, with a harbor at its mouth admitting large vessels, but having a bar off the coast, which is dangerous to pass in rough weather. The prolific fisheries, the grand forests and the rich agricultural and grazing lands of the upper valley, constitute a resource capable of supporting a large town. It has a district school, a lodge of Good Templars, and other social institutions. A small steamer plies between Scottsburg and Gardiner.
Hedden Cyrus, blacksmith, and general merchandise
Lyons D J, hotel
Lyster James, postmaster, and general merchandise
Palmer P P, livery stable

Seaside House, Clatsop County, PO 22 miles south of Astoria
Clayton G F, carpenter
Cloutrie H, Mrs hotel
Dexter C H, hotel
Foster Thomas, carpenter
Grimes G K, hotel
Kaughman Levi, carpenter
Stanley S K, postmaster
Wallace T W, wagon maker

Shedd, Linn County, PO 12 miles south of Albany, and 4 miles east of the Willamette, is a new and growing town on the Oregon and California Railroad, in the midst of the most beautiful prairies in the State. A new and commodious Methodist Church and a good school house adorn the town, a steam power elevator and two warehouses for the storage of grain, and other establishments of a business character, are maintained.
Farrington C J, blacksmith
Fortiner Theodore, harness, and saddlery
Lewis A & Company general merchandise
Wheeler A & Company general merchandise
Wheeler Almon, postmaster

Shell Rock, Wasco County
Burston William, liquor saloon
Willey J & G W, carpenters

Sheridan, Yamhill County, PO 18 miles west of Lafayette
Adams J H Rev, clergyman
Faulconer T N, butcher
Fenton W A, shoe maker
Harris Daniel, painter
Matherson & Bro, wagon makers
Mattoon R, hotel, and cooper
Morris & Sargent, general merchandise
Orr Robert, general merchandise
Rodgers I, photographer
Rowell C G, blacksmith
Saylor A S, postmaster
Stanfield J P, blacksmith

Silverton, Marion County, PO 12 miles north east of Salem
Blackerhy T R, stoves and tinware
Bowen W S, hotel
Brown James M, books and stationery
Coolidge A & Company general merchandise, and flour manufacturers
Davis P A, physician
Dolan G W, attorney at law
Drake W H, blacksmith
Fitzgerald M, harness and saddlery
Holmes W C. shoe maker
Lewis W H, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Low & Kincaid, blacksmiths
Pitman L D, liquor saloon
Polly A, shoe maker
Saunders W W, door, and sash manufacturer
Smith A E, liquor saloon
Trompore James, harness and saddlery
Wolford J & Company general merchandise
Worthington C L, druggist
Wright Joseph A, postmaster

Sitkum, Coos County, PO
Bates G W, postmaster
Flook W F, hotel
Palmer L H, liquor saloon
Smith J D, groceries

Siuslaw, Lane County, PO 10 miles south west of Eugene City
Simpson John, postmaster

Skipanon, Clatsop County, PO miles west of Astoria
Franklin W J Rev. clergyman
Pease David E, postmaster, and hotel
Siferts G W, blacksmith
Wirt A C, liquor saloon

Slate Creek, Josephine County, PO 13 miles north of Kirbyville
Knight J P, postmaster, pump manufacturer, and hotel
Wilder A M, hotel, and blacksmith

Snake River, Baker County, PO address, Express Ranch, 45 miles south of Baker City
Eddleman James, physician
Marshall J, attorney at law

Sodaville, Linn County, PO 18 miles south east of Albany
Curl James, groceries
Edwards James, manufacturer
Foot D, blacksmith
Foot David P, postmaster, and hotel
Gilmore R, groceries
Godly H D, hotel

Spanish Hollow, Wasco County, PO
Eaton Jesse, blacksmith, and postmaster

Sparta, Union County, PO 54 miles south east of La Grande
Cohn E D & Co, general merchandise
Fisher Joseph, liquor saloon
Gilbert William & Co, blacksmiths
Moore Daniel T, hotel
Ross William W, postmaster, and general merchandise
Williamson Bros & Co, general merchandise

Spencer Creek, Lane County, PO 9 miles south west of Eugene City
Amis James F, postmaster
Conrad D G, general merchandise
Ware Stephen, blacksmith

Sprague River, Lake County, PO 70 miles east of Linkville
Gearhart John W, postmaster

Springfield, Lane County, PO 3½ miles east of Eugene City, is pleasantly situated on the east bank of the Willamette, in what is known as the "Forks of the Willamette," one of the finest agricultural regions of the State. Steamers sometimes ascend the river to this point. A splendid water-power gives motion to several saw and flour mills. A public school is maintained, and three church edifices, Methodist, Baptist and Christian, adorn the town.
Bartlott John, hotel
Bond G W Rev, clergyman
Boydston B S, wagon maker
Davis William, carpenter
Dennison Fay, attorney at law
Douglass J S Rev, clergyman
Dusley William, physician
Farnsworth F, physician
Grant William, carpenter
Hovey Albert G, postmaster, and general merchandise
Hull N, drugs and medicines
Kitson D, carpenter
Knowlton E S, harness and saddlery
Powers A S, manufacturer furniture, doors, sash, and blinds
Powers John G, blacksmith
Randall T C, wagon maker
Simmons A A, flour manufacturer
Smith G S & Son, mill and wheelwright
Springfield Milling Co, flour and lumber manufacturers
Stewart J W, general merchandise
Vaughn D Rev, clergyman
Walker H M, carpenter
Wilmot W E Rev, clergyman

Spring-water, Clackamas County, PO
Crawford George A, postmaster

St. Helens, Columbia County, PO and County seat, is pleasantly situated on the bank of the Columbia River, eighty miles from the ocean and thirty miles north west of Portland. Here the noble river is upwards of one mile in width, and at .St. Helens the deep channel by the bank affords a most complete harbor. The town is now small, and to the casual observer would seem unimportant, but back of it is a country of great though undeveloped resources, which promises it a bright future. The towering firs which line the river bank and clothe the hill sides in perpetual green invite the cupidity of the lumberman, while beneath their roots are veins of coal and iron ore, presenting all the material requisite for cheap and extensive shipbuilding. The banks of the Clyde, with its miles of ship-yards, and the city of Glasgow, with millions of capital, may yet have their counterpart by this peaceful harbor of the broad Columbia. One of the largest steam saw-mills of the State is established at St. Helens, capable of cutting 10,000 feet of lumber dally. Schools and churches are maintained, and the foundation of a large town is laid.
Blakesly A H. hotel
Giltner B F, postmaster and general merchandise
McBride T A, attorney at law
McElhany J A, general merchandise
Meeker William, blacksmith
Rowland William, blacksmith

St. John's, Multnomah County, PO 6 miles north west of Portland
Oregon Barrel Co, barrel and salmon case manufacturers
Severance B O, postmaster, and general merchandise

St. Joseph, Yamhill County, PO 2 miles south west of Lafayette
Bangasser & Deilschneider, warehouse
Gates & Olds, general merchandise, and brick makers
Olds James H, postmaster, and hotel
Williams L L, agent Wells, Fargo & Co

St. Louis, Marion County, PO address, Silverton, 16 miles north east of Salem
Butler J, wagon maker
Crete Isaac, boot maker
Cyr John, liquor saloon
Eagan M J, attorney at law
Eldridge F E, attorney at law
Keiser & Hintson, blacksmiths
Lavier Joseph, restaurant
Lefevre M, wagon maker
Prevo & Moll, general merchandise
Rosencran G W, physician

St. Paul, Marion County, PO 20 miles north east of Salem
Ahrens A, brewery
Beaudry P, harness and saddlery
Brentano T J, postmaster, and physician
Delaney Leon, general merchandise
Delorme J B Rev, clergyman (R C)
Ehrest T, shoe maker
Lano & Bequette, blacksmiths, and carpenters
Wittman J P, groceries
Starr's Point, Benton Co (see Monroe)

Stayton, Marion County, PO 18 miles south east of Salem
Burson Seth, gunsmith
Clark Alexander & Bro, sash and door manufacturers
Crabtree & Tharp, blacksmiths
Davis William R, wagon maker
McCauley Samuel D. postmaster, and physician
Queener James P, shoe maker
Richardson A J, hotel
Sloper Ambrose, millwright
States Henry, justice of the peace, and notary public
Stayton Drury S & Sons, lumber manufacturers
Thomas John W, cabinet maker
Stone, Baker Co, P
Roberts Matthew E Mrs, postmistress

Sublimity, Marion County, PO 16 miles south east of Salem
Hobson W H, general merchandise
Houpt M, postmaster
Marshall C, blacksmith
Morris P, cabinet maker
Schwartz R L, general merchandise

Sucker Creek, Josephine County, PO address, Kirbyville, 6 miles south east of Kirbyville.
Leonard Lawrence, general merchandise

Sumnerville, Union County, PO 16 miles north east of La Grande
Chattin W E, stone mason
Cleavenger W II, blacksmith
McWilliams J R, saloon, and butcher
Parreut W H, postmaster
Patten W H, hotel, and lumber manufacturer
Rinehart Henry, general merchandise
Shore T W, physician
Sommer, Baer & Co, general merchandise

Summit, Benton County, PO 20 miles north west of Corvallis
Bowman Henry N, postmaster

Sumner, Coos County, PO 15 miles south east of Empire City.
Crane S W, forwarding and commission merchant
Dudley John 15, postmaster
Hill W G, livery studio
Luse H H, general merchandise

Sumter, Baker County, PO 20 miles west of Baker City.
Beagle Bros, general merchandise
Webster Frank W, postmaster

Sweet Home, Linn County, PO 30 miles south west of Albany.
Hughes J B, postmaster, and general merchandise
Swift's Station, Umatilla Co. (See Marshall)

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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