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State of Oregon - Roseburg, Douglas County

Roseburg, Douglas County, PO, County seat, and incorporated town of 600 inhabitants, 150 miles north of Salem, is eligibly situated on the east bank of the South Umpqua, and is the oldest and most prosperous town of that beautiful valley. Here terminates the Oregon and California Railroad, 200 miles from Portland, and here the travel takes the stage for Redding, 275 miles distant, or intermediate points. From here also stages run, and prospectively a railroad, to Coos Bay, 65 miles distant, and to Scottsburg, the head of navigation on the Umpqua, 56 miles distant. The town boasts of one of the finest school buildings in the State, an academy, a commodious Court House, and jail of brick, one Catholic, two Methodist and one Episcopal churches. Masonic and Odd Fellows' Lodges, and good business houses. One newspaper, the Plaindealer, is published weekly.
ADAMS & BOWEN, blacksmiths
Beath George, liquor saloon
Belfils, Louis, watch maker and jeweler
Bowen John D, blacksmith, and plow manufacturer
Bunnell N P, physician
BYARS W H, proprietor Plaindealer
CHADWICK STEPHEN F, attorney at law, and Secretary of State
Champagne A E, liquor saloon
Coates Fletcher, bakery and confectionery
Cockelreas Nathaniel, carriage and wagon maker
Compton Ann Mrs, milliner
Crane Silas W, general merchandise, photographer, school books, and sewing machine agent
Criteser & Davenport, liquor saloon
De Lalande L, restaurant
Dry Edward, liquor saloon
Farley Thomas, stone Yard
Fink Anton A, liquor, and billiard saloon
Fitzhugh J S, general merchandise
Flint & Sons, general merchandise
Floed & Company general merchandise
Frink W H, life insurance agent
Gaddis Crawford, wagon maker
Gillard A & Company restaurant
HALL W F, proprietor Roseburg Flour Mill
Hamilton Salathiel, physician, and druggist
Heinrich John Rev, clergyman (R C)
Hoover George W, physician
Ladd & Tilton, bankers
Langenberg & Bro, boot makers
Lehnherr John, furniture and cabinet maker
Marks S & Company general merchandise, forwarding and commission
McCLELLAN D C, proprietor Metropolitan Hotel
McGuire ____, liquor saloon
McPherson W A, proprietor St. Charles Hotel
METROPOLITAN HOTEL, D C McClellan proprietor
Moore E M, harness and saddlery, and agricultural implements
Morgan E S & Company agents Roseburg Lime Co
Morgan Edward S, general merchandise
Mosher LaFayette, attorney at law
Oglesby P G, clergyman (Meth)
Owens Berthena A Miss, millinery and fancy goods
Palmer J A, harness and saddlery
Palmer S, physician
Parrott M, shoe maker
PLAINDEALER, W H Byars, proprietor
Protzman George, shoe maker
Rast John, brewery
Rosenblatt S, tobacco and cigars
Sheridan Bros, hardware, stoves and tinware
Sheridan Thomas P, hardware, agricultural implements, stoves, tinware, etc
Slocum Clay, billiard saloon
Snick _____, clergyman (Presb)
Sonzer P D, barber
Stanton H C. postmaster and general merchandise
Swick B K, dentist
VAN BUREN JOHN D, stage proprietor, agricultural implements, forwarding and commission and agent Wells, Fargo & Co.
Wagner George, livery stable
Watson & Lane, attorneys at law
Willis William K, attorney at law, and Register US land office
Winston William C, proprietor Roseburg Hotel
Woodruff Jonathan, physician, and druggist
Woodward W G, harness and saddlery
Wright A Carlon, livery stable

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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