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Oregon Territory - Table of Grist Mills

The number of Grist Mills in the State enumerated is eighty-nine, of which eighty are propelled by water and nine by steam, with an aggregate run of stone of one hundred and sixty-three. The total capacity of these mills is estimated at fifty-five hundred barrels of flour per day, and the aggregate cost at about one million two hundred thousand dollars.

With the Location, Name, and Occupant's Name of Each.

Baker County
Pocahontas, Chambers, Wm. Chambers.

Benton County
Corvallis, Corvallis, Gray & Hurst.
King's Valley, King's Valley, Chambers & Co.
Mary's River, Mary's River, _____ Felger.
Monroe, Monroe, Monroe, Thomas Reader.

Clackamas County
Butte Creek, Scott's, Robert Scott.
Clear Creek, Kirshem's, M. Kirshem.
Dicksons, Dickson's, Joel Dickson.
Cuttingsville, Cutting's. C. Cutting, Jr.
Eagle Creek, Foster's, Philip Foster.
Marshfield, Matlock's, W. T. Matlock.
Milk Creek, Howard's, C. T. Howard.
Milwaukie, Standard, W. S. Ladd.
Oregon City, Imperial, Larogae, Savier & Co.
Oregon City, Oregon City Mills, Miller, Marshall & Co.
Parotts Creek, Beals, J. F. Beals.

Columbia County
Scappoose Creek, Poppleton's, J. Hamilton.

Coos County
Coos River, Hodson's, J. Hodson.
Coquille, Lenheir's, C. Lenheir.
Coquille City, Coquille City, John Painter.

Curry County
Rogue River, _____, J. Saunders.

Douglas County
Canonville, _____, D. A. Levins.
Canonville, _____, Marks & Co.
Cole's Valley, Cole's Valley, F. Good.
Myrtle Creek, Myrtle Creek, Hall & Adams.
Oakland, Oakland, E. Young.
Roseburg, Roseburg, W. H. Hall.
Scottsburg, Scottsburg, ____.
Stevens, Stevens', E. Stevens

Grant County
John Day City, Pioneer, McCollom & Norman.
Strawberry Valley, Strawberry, Morehead & Cleaver.

Jackson County
Ashland, Ashland, Wagner, McCall & Co.
Boar Creek, Eagle, _____.
Boar Creek, Washington, _____.
Butte, Union, McKinzie & Amy.
Phoenix, Valley, Weimer & Sons.

Josephine County
Kerbyville, _____, J. B. Sifers.
Sucker Creek, _____, J. Trumble.
West Fork Illinois River, _____, H. Woodcock.

Lane County
Cloverdale, Cloverdale, J. T. Gilfry & Son.
Coast Fork, Vaugh's, Vaugh & Yancey.
Cottage Grove, Coast Fork, Gear & Hazleton.
Eugene City, Eugene, J. B. Underwood & Co.
Springfield, Springfield, B. J. Pengra & Co

Linn County
Albany, Albany, Beach & Monteith.
Albany, Magnolia, J. H. Foster & Bro.
Boston, Boston, Finley & Simmons.
Brownsville, Brownsville, McHargue & Co.
Calapooia, Finley's, R. P. Finley.
Harrisburg, Harrisburg, Moore, Smith & Co.
Lebanon, Lebanon, Elkins Bros.
Scio, Scio, Irvine & Morris.
Waterloo, Keos, James W. Gibson.

Marion County
Aumsville, _____, H. L. Turner.
Aurora, Aurora, John Giesy.
Jefferson, _____, Corbitt & Macleay.
Monitor, _____, Eagen, Garrett & Co.
Newellsville, _____, Hooper & Co.
Newellsville, McKay's, James McKay.
Salem, _____, J. H. Moores.
Salem, Salem, Salem Flouring Mill Co.

Multnomah County
Portland, McLeran's, McLeran Bros.

Polk County
Dallas, Waymire, John Waymire.
Dixie, Dixie, Abo Uglow.
Lincoln, Lincoln, D. Witten.
Mill Creek, Buell's, Cyrus Buell.

Tillamook County
Hoquatton, Elmer, Wm. King.
Hoquatton, Randall, D. G. Randall.

Umatilla County
Milton, _____, John Miller.
Pendleton, _____, W. S. Byers.
Umatilla, _____, H. U. Myers.

Union County
Cove, Cove, S. G. French.
Island City, Island, Carmess & Sterling.
LaGrande, Banner, A. Gangloff.
Orodell, Orodell, W. J. Snodgrass.
Summerville, _____, J. H. Rinehart.
Union, Union, Wright & Son.
Union, _____, C. L. Blackester.

Wasco County
Dalles Mill Creek, City, Robert Portland.

Washington County
Hillsboro, Brugger's, Brugger Bros.
Hillsboro, Oakland, John Milne.

Yamhill County
Baker Creek, Cornucopia, C. Newby.
Dayton, Dayton, Harker k Co.
Lafayette, Lafayette, T. Standley.
McMinnville, Commercial, Myers & Co.
McMinnville, Star, John Saxe.
North Yamhill, North Yamhill, G. Wilson & Co.
Palmer Creek, Web Foot, ____ Miller.
Wheatland, Wheatland, Hendrick & Co.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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