Pacific Coast Business Directory

State of Oregon - Tangent, Linn County to Zion, Clackamas County

Tangent, Linn County, PO
Beard John, steam elevator
Board Z, postmaster, and general merchandise
McFarlane D C, clergyman (Meth)
Spangler David F, blacksmith

Ten Mile, Douglas County, PO 16 miles south west of Roseburg.
Day William, general merchandise
Hermer John C, blacksmith
Irving J H, blacksmith
Irving William, postmaster
Williamson W R, blacksmith

The Dalles, Wasco County, PO. (See Dalles City)
Wilson E M Mrs, postmistress

Tillamook, Tillamook County, PO and County seat
Edwards John, blacksmith
Fernside George W, postmaster
Hassey E L, carpenter
Hurlbut W Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Hutchins BP, general merchandise
Miller George W, lumber manufacturer, and general merchandise

Tillamook County

Toledo, Benton County, PO 59 miles west of Corvallis
Butler Henry P, postmaster

Tualatin, Washington County, PO 12 miles south east of Hillsboro
Durham A A., general merchandise
Greenwood William, blacksmith, and postmaster

Tule Lake, Lake County PO
Whitney Elkanah, postmaster

Turner, Marion County, PO 8 miles south of Salem
Hobson & Whitney, general merchandise
Hunsaker A J Rev, clergyman (Bapt)
Langworthy A J, general merchandise
McKinney E E & Co, general merchandise
Shafer & Boyd, blacksmiths
Steele William, hotel
Thomas R O, postmaster, and general agent

Tygh Valley, Wasco, County PO
Staley Hezekiah, postmaster

Umatilla, Umatilla County, PO 50 miles north west of Pendleton, is on the south bank of the Columbia, and where the principal portion of the freight is landed for the mining district of Eastern Oregon and Idaho. It is 275 miles north east of Salem, 225 east north east of Portland via the river, and 90 miles from Celilo. The boats of the Oregon Steam Navigation Co. run regularly to this point connecting here with the stages of the North West Stage Co., for Walla Walla in Washington Territory, and for Boise City in Idaho, also running west and southerly to Powder River Valley, the Grande Ronde, and the mining districts of Granite Creek and John Days River. The town contains numerous stores, hotels, and other business houses, and carries on quite a trade with the interior.
Ainsa M A Jr, general merchandise
Darland Isaac, blacksmith
FOSTER JOHN R & CO, general merchandise
Jack A J, liquor saloon
Jones W J, shoe maker
Koontz James H, postmaster, and general merchandise
Loezer W J, stoves and tinware
Meyers H U, flour manufacturer
Miller George, hotel
Salade Frederick, liquor saloon
Stanfield R N, feed stables
STONE A H, agent Oregon Steam Navigation Co, Wells, Fargo & Co, and North Western Stage Co
Theodore D, liquor saloon
Vrooman M, physician
Wilson M E Mrs, hotel

Umatilla County

Union, Union County, PO 15 miles south east of La Grande
Baker M R, physician
Benson Francis B, livery stable
Boscowitz & Co, general merchandise
Brainard E C, druggist
Hannah Samuel, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Stanton Benjamin, hotel
Webb Jeff, liquor saloon
Wright George, postmaster, and general merchandise

Union County

Uniontown, Jackson County, PO address Applegate, 10 miles south of Jacksonville
Hayden A Cameron, general merchandise
Sturgis A W, general merchandise

Upper Molalla, Clackamas Co. (See Molalla)

Upper Ochoco, Wasco County, PO
Miller James H, postmaster

Utter City, Coos County, PO
Chance William, postmaster
Hall Gilbert, hotel
North M N, physician
Utter City Commercial Co, general merchandise

Waldo, Josephine County, PO 11 miles south west of Kirbyville
Briggs George E, hotel
Brigham Frank, liquor saloon
Garquet H, proprietor Crescent City Express
Griffith C, proprietor Jacksonville Express
Hartson Charles, hotel
McHwaine A B, postmaster, notary public, and general merchandise
Simmons George, blacksmith
Thompson Isaac, general merchandise, and livery stable

Wallowa, Union County
Bramlett F C, postmaster

Walterville, Lane County, PO
Millican George, postmaster

Warm Springs, Wasco County, PO 75 miles south of Dalles City
Flinn M, postmaster, and physician
Lucky J C, blacksmith
Wells William N, wagon maker

Wasco County

Washington County

Waterloo, Linn County, PO 20 miles __ of Albany
Bentley J E, hotel
Gager S O, postmaster
Gager & Gibson, lumber and flour manufacturers

West Chehalem, Yamhill County, PO 7 miles north of Lafayette
Coffman George, blacksmith
Davis J L, postmaster, and general merchandise
Shuck Peter Rev, clergyman

West Union, Washington County, PO
Abby A, physician
Delano W S, shoe maker
Gibson Jacob, physician
Holcomb Stephen A, postmaster
Ross George, Rev, clergyman
Sandborg M. blacksmith, and wagon maker

Weston, Umatilla County, PO 22 miles east of Pendleton
Barnes Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Basket R, attorney at law
Benjamin S, blacksmith
Buff M, hotel
Day L, hotel
Egan K P, physician
Fuson Thomas, butcher
Galo J M. carpenter and teacher
Galleher J Rev, clergyman (United Brethren)
Galleher J J Rev, clergyman (United Brethren)
Graham Porter, blacksmith
Hays George, liquor saloon
Henderson S V Rev, clergyman
Jones & Jones, hardware and tinware
King T B Rev, clergyman (Bapt)
Knox Stephen V, attorney at law
Lienallen Hansom, blacksmith
Morris M B, physician
Mulhaught L S, shoe maker
Perkins ____, Rev, clergyman
Perkins J V, physician
Phillips J Rev, clergyman
Pruett W H Rev, clergyman (Bapt)
Purinton Edward M, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, and general merchandise
Sailing J E, general merchandise
Sailing J K, liquor saloon
Steel K E, varieties
Surdenn H, carpenter
Vrooman M, physician
Watt A L Rev, clergyman
Watt T J Rev, clergyman
Wattson S S, varieties

Westport, Clatsop County, PO 30 miles east of Astoria
Leary M H, broom manufacturer
Trenchard C J, notary public
Trenchard C J & G W, general merchandise
West David, justice of the peace
West John, postmaster
West John & Co, boat builders, general merchandise, lumber manufacturers, and salmon and beef cannery

Wheatland, Yamhill County, PO 13 miles south east of Lafayette
Barendregt Peter, postmaster
Drury T H, manufacturer wheat cleaners
Forrest & Woodson, general merchandise
Hedges H, general merchandise
Hendricks M B, flour manufacturer
Hutton A G, physician
Langton Charles, blacksmith
Smith John W, shoe maker
Wilson E F, wagon maker

Wilbur, Douglas County, PO 10 miles north of Roseburg, is a small hamlet, and derives its chief Importance from being the seat of the Umpqua Academy, one of the oldest and best institutions of learning in the State. It was founded in 1854, and is maintained under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Conference of Oregon.
Curtis E D, principal Umpqua Academy
Grubbe G W, postmaster and general merchandise
Grubbe William P, physician and druggist
Hill F R, hotel
Moon William, blacksmith
Todd S H Rev, clergyman

Willamette Forks, Lane County, PO, 8 miles north east of Eugene City
Simmons Jesse, postmaster

Willamette Slough, Multnomah County, PO 12 miles north west of Portland
Howell J & J, stock dealers
Howell Thomas J, postmaster

Williamsburg, Josephine County, PO address Applegate, 20 miles east of Kirbyville
Layton John T, general merchandise

Willoughby, Wasco County, PO
Wilson Lizzie V Mrs, postmistress

Willow Forks, Umatilla PO, 68 miles south west of Pendleton
Pettys, Amanuel C, postmaster

Willow Springs, Jackson County, PO 6 miles north of Jacksonville
Bilger William, general merchandise
Kellogg Julius T, postmaster, and blacksmith

Wingville, Baker County, PO 7 miles north west of Baker City
Bryant Z, postmaster
Carroll J E, blacksmith
Chambers William, lumber, and flour manufacturer
Elliott & Van Patten, lumber manufacturers

Wolf Creek, Josephine County, PO address Leland, 45 miles north of Kirbyville
Smith Henry, general merchandise, and blacksmith

Woodburn, Marion County, PO 16 miles north of Salem, is a station on the Oregon and California Railroad, and is the shipping point for wheat grown in the neighborhood. In the town is a good church and school house, and a warehouse of 40,000 bushels capacity. The surrounding region is fertile and well cultivated.
Hall & Bills, warehouse
Mathiot Adolphus, postmaster
Mathiot Bros, general merchandise and produce
Pierrard Eugene, liquor saloon
Tyrrell Elijah, cabinet maker

Yainax, Lake County, 45 miles east of Linkville
Harer James Rev, clergyman, and postmaster
Loper Enoch, blacksmith

Yamhill County

Yoncalla, Douglas County, PO 29 miles north of Roseburg
Tracy C E, postmaster
Tracy & Co, general merchandise

Zena, Polk County, PO 15 miles north east of Dallas
Applegate J, attorney at law
Cooper E E, clergyman
Cooper E W, postmaster, and harness and saddlery
Hayden & Gibbs, blacksmiths
McCarty & Martin, wagon makers

Zion, Clackamas County, PO 15 miles east of Oregon City
Wade W H H, postmaster

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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