Pacific Coast Business Directory

Utah Territory Carpenters and Builders

Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name, The county is added.

Hart, J. J., Alma
Robinson, Joseph, American Fork
Bird, C., Beaver
Harris, Charles, Beaver
Holt, William G., Beaver
Skinner, James H., Beaver
Walters, H., Beaver
Anderson, Peter, Bellevue
Gern, Micha, Centerville
Whittaker, Thomas, Centerville
Yekely, Adam, Circle Valley
Allen & Co., Coalville
Nichols, William, Coalville
Douglass, D., Eden
Ahlstrom, Peter, Ephraim
Hoist, Frederick Jenson, Ephraim
Madson, Peter, Ephraim
Overson, O. C., Ephraim
Gudmemson, P., Fair View
Wilson, Lycurgus, Fair View
Mulliner, Samuel, Fairfield
Harkins, A., Farmington
Bohen, William, Fayette
Metcalf, I, E., Fayette
Huntsman, Jesse, Fillmore City
Canfield, D. Sons, Fort Hamblin
Christiansen, C., Fountain Green
Johnson, Amos P., Fountain Green
Johnson, Peter, Fountain Green
Bell, Thomas, Glenwood
Brimhall, N. G., Glenwood
Williams, A. O., Grantsville
Christenson, William, Gunnison
Hanson, Jens, Gunnison
Teeples, Sidney, Holden
Manning Co., Hooper
Wadsworth, Avare Co., Hooper
Haneey, James, Hyde Park
Crown, C. S., Johnson
Austin, A. C., Laketown
Carr, G., Laketown
Green, S., Laketown
Hancock, M. L., Leeds
Anderson, Charles, Lynne
Christensen, Andrew, Lynne
Petersen, Peter, Lynne
Taft, Lewis, Lynne
Madsen, C., Manti
Fisher, James, Meadow
Wade, Thomas. Meadow
Grow, Henry, Meadowville
Kimbal, Newell, Meadowville
Moffat, W. D., Meadowville
Burke, C. A., Minersville
Carter, Luther, Minersville
Walch, Pardon, Mona
Williams, E. W., Mona
Paulsen, P. N. Co., Monroe
Larsen, J. W., Moroni
Petersen, Jens, Moroni
Hansen, B., Mount Pleasant
Wall, A., Mount Pleasant
Curtis, H., Newton
Pennington, John L., North Ogden
Wade, E. Jr., North Ogden
Cook, J. S., Ophir
Cooper, W. B., Ophir
Nute, Paul, Ophir
Mangum, James, Pareah
Wilkins, James, Pareah
Harris, George W., Plain City
Neal, Charles, Plain City
Culmer, A. E., Pleasant Grove
Mayhew, Walter F., Pleasant Grove
Timms, William, Pleasant Grove
Young, J. C., Pleasant Grove
Ramsay, Ralph, Richfield
Green, E., Rock port
Ferrer, Thomas, Saint John
Hansen, H. S., Salina
Soronsen, Christian, Salina
McComie, John, South Cottonwood
Ellis, J. T., Spring City
Spanhower, J. H., Spring Lake
Sheppard, T. H., Stockton
Davis, Alex. G., Summit
Fryer, Richard, Toquerville
Spillsbury, George, Toquerville
Theobald, William, Toquerville
Gale, Robert, Uintah
Lamb, Henry C., Wales
Rees, Henry D., Wales
Hoagland, Henry, Wanship
Nixon, Thomas, Wanship
Rogers, R. R., Wanship
Milton, Samuel, Wellsville
Walters, William, Wellsville
Cato, John, Woodruff

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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