Pacific Coast Business Directory

Utah Territory General Merchandise

Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name, The county is added.

Hall, John, Alma
Co-operative Store, Alpine City
Clasby Read, Alta
Mills, W. D., Alta
Chipman, Adam Co., American Fork
Co-operative Store, American Fork
Drinkly, A., American Fork
Co-operative Store, Bear River City
Co-operative Store, Beaver
Thompson, E. W., Beaver
Woodhouse, C. C., Beaver
Anderson, Peter, Bellevue
Birch, Joseph, Bellevue
Cooper, William, Bingham Canon
Duncan, James Co., Bingham Canon
Ferguson Emery, Bingham Canon
Kloppenstine Miller, Bingham Canon
Lash brook. C. H., Bingham Canon
Morris, Isador, Bingham Canon
Phelan & Hayes, Bingham Canon
Read, William, Bingham Canon
Oliver, E., Bountiful
Pierson, Charles, Bountiful
Co-operative Store, Brigham City
Greenough & Patrick, Camp Douglas
Co-operative Store, Cedar Valley
Cheney, Nathan, Centerville
Co-operative Store, Centerville
Murdock, N. C., Charleston
Co-operative Store, Coalville
Demers, Louis, Corinne
Kiesel, Frederick J. Co., Corinne
Bunting, Charles, Croyden
Devine, J. C., Deep Creek
Ferguson Brothers, Deep Creek
Gough Raymond, Diamond
Reynolds Dixon, Diamond
Beckwith Louder, Echo City
Ballantyne, M., Eden
Co-operative Store, Ephraim
Baxter, William, Eureka
Le Due, B. T., Eureka
Co-operative Store, Fair View
Co-operative Store, Fairfield
Co-operative Store, Farmington
Mayfield, Oscar, Farmington
Co-operative Store, Fayette
Huntsman, J., Fillmore City
King, Thomas, Fillmore City
Co-operative Store Fountain Green
Buchanan, A. W., Glenwood
Co-operative Store, Glenwood
Oldroyd, A. T., Glenwood
Shaw, Abraham, Glenwood
Harker & Co., Gold Hill
Coffield & Co., Granite City
Slife, Samuel, Granite City
Co-operative Store, Grantsville
Orr, Robert Co., Grantsville
Co-operative Store, Gunnison
Adams, O. B., Harrisburg
Hatch, Abram Co., Heber
Jeffs, Mark, Heber
Co-operative Store, Hebron
Crosby, George H., Hebron
Co-operative Store, Heneferville
Johnson Brothers, Hillsdale
Bennett, Edward, Holden
Tanner, E., Holden
Co-operative Store, Hooper
Hooper, John, Hooper
Co-operative Store, Hyde Park
England, William, Hyde Park
Co-operative Store, Hyrum
Unsworth, James, Hyrum
Hanks & Co., Iron City
Lipman, M. H., Jacob City
Selig & Simon, Jacob City
Spangler & Kelly, Jacob City
Johnson, W. D., Johnson
Co-operative Store, Kamas
Roundy, L. W., Kanarraville
Lewis & Co., Kelton
Riley, W. T. & Co., Kelton
Cheney, Joseph, Laketown
Smith, Arthur, Laketown
Connelly, Charles A., Leeds
Piston, Robert, Leeds
Co-operative Store, Lehi City
People's Co-operative Store, Lemhi City
Co-operative Store, Levan
Chapin Shells, Logan
Co-operative Store, Logan
Goodwin Brothers, Logan
Reed, John, Logan
West, Jacob, Logan
Cardon, John, Lynne
Howie, James, Mammoth
Wareham, James, Manti
Hess, Jacob, Marysvale
Stott, William H., Meadow
Co-operative Store, Mendon
Gordon, J. Sons, Mill Creek
Parkinson, James, Minersville
Co-operative Store, Minersville
Dupaix & Wright. (Shanty Spring), Minersville
Wood, William, Minersville
Kay, Edward & Co., Mona
Co-operative Store, Monroe
Co-operative Store, Morgan
Eddington, William, Morgan
Williams, Daniel, Morgan
Co-operative Store, Moroni
San Pete Co., Co-operative Store, Mount Pleasant
Zion Co-operative Store, Mount Pleasant
Co-operative Store, Newton
Stevens, Sidney, North Ogden
Co-operative Store, Oak City
Allen Co., Ogden
Childs, W. G., Ogden
Co-operative Store, Ogden
Foulger, Wallace, Ogden
Heninger, H., Ogden
Standford, Joseph, Ogden
Tribe, G. H., Ogden
Walker Brothers, Ogden
Woodmansee, Charles, Ogden
Lawrence Brothers Co., Ophir
Lombard, E., Ophir
Co-operative Store, Panguitch
Shaw, Henry A., Paradise
Montgomery, W. J., Park City
Co-operative Store, Parowan
Co-operative Store, Payson
Female Relief Store, Payson
Marchant, Abraham, Peoa
Slater, Robert, Peoa
Williamson, A., Perkinsville
Bowman, Isaac, Peterson
Co-operative Store, Pine Valley
Sargent, William P., Pine Valley
Co-operative Store, Pinto
Spiers, John, Plain City
Brown, John, Pleasant Grove
Bachman, B., Provo
Co-operative Store, Provo
Arrowsmith, John, Randolph
Co-operative Store, Randolph
Co-operative Store, Richfield
Co-operative Store, Richmond
Crowther, E. D. & Co., Rockport
Smith, Charles N., Rockville
Terry, James P., Rockville
Co-operative Store, Saint John
Engburg, Andreas, Salem
Co-operative Store, Salina
Co-operative Store, Salt Lake City
Jenning's Sons Sadler, Salt Lake City
Morris Brothers, Salt Lake City
Taylor & Cutler, Salt Lake City
Teasdel, S. P., Salt Lake City
Walker Brothers, Salt Lake City
Whittemore, B. F., Salt Lake City
Workingmen's Co-operative, Salt Lake City
Cullmer Co., Salt Lake City
Holman, E., Sandy
York, Richard, Sandy
Andrews, D. S., Santaquin
Co-operative Store, Santaquin
Dupaix, J. H., Shauntie
Liddle Brothers, Shauntie
Cusick Kermeen, Silver City
Ethier, A., Silver City
Oakes, John, Silver City
Holley, H., Slaterville
Richardson Douglas, Smithfield
Thomley, John, Smithfield
Erickson McMillan, South Cottonwood
Lovendahl, S. M., South Cottonwood
Rollins, J. S., South Cottonwood
Tanner, Nathan, South Cottonwood
Warenski, E. C., South Cottonwood
Co-operative Store, Spanish Fork
Evans, Thomas V., Spanish Fork
Co-operative Store, Spring City
Andrew, A. Mrs., Spring Lake
Johnson, B. S., Spring Lake
Benites, L., Stockton
Biddlecome, J., Stockton
Brown, T. D. Son, Stockton
White, John, Summit
Carroll, James, Terrace
Cave, Samuel U., Terrace
Davis, C. W., Terrace
Co-operative Store, Tooele
Eaves, John, Tooele
McKendrick Hersman, Tooele
Co-operative Store, Toquerville
Dodge, A. E., Toquerville
Tanner Thomson, Union
Sharp, Adam, Vernon
Co-operative Store, Virginia City
Co-operative Store, Wales
Co-operative Store, Wallsburgh
Co-operative Store, Wanship
Nixon, Stephen, Wanship
Crawford, William H., Washington
Neilsen, Israel, Washington
Co-operative Store, Wellsville
Cooper ii Cutler, West Jordan
Co-operative Store, West Jordan
Goff & Co., West Jordan
Willard Mercantile Co., Willard
Eastman, Abury E., Woodruff
Rierson, C. H., Wood Cross

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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