Pacific Coast Business Directory

Utah Territory Liquor - Retail

Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name, The county is added.

Behrman Fitzgerald, Alta
Bernay, A., Alta
Kepernick, Robert, American Fork
Harris Co., Beaver
Powers, M., Beaver
Auer & Murphy, Corinne
Boloing, John P., Corinne
Harnish & Shepherd, Corinne
Kanaday, N. Co., Corinne
Kingsbury Denney, Corinne
Kossman Cole, Corinne
Tibbals, Samuel L., Corinne
Wheelock, W. L., Corinne
Winschell, F. P., Corinne
Bouffard, William, Diamond
McMasters, A., Diamond
Poynter, Charles, Diamond
Wickell, R., Echo City
Williams Elmer, Eureka
Simmons, H. S., Fairfield
Hunt, Thomas, Farmington
Gridely, R. H., Granite City
Israel, G., Granite City
McCabe, James, Granite City
White, R. J., Granite City
Wilson & Mathews, Hooper
Brewer Benham, Jacob City
Brown Brothers, Jacob City
Egan Reese, Jacob City
Gibbons, P., Jacob City
Hamilton Brown, Jacob City
Hanson, A., Jacob City
Philbrooks, E., Jacob City
Sullivan Brothers, Jacob City
Willoughby Barsalow, Jacob City
Hagar, Frederick, Kelton
Taylor, G. H., Kelton
Bolton, Neffan, Mill Creek
Shurtleff, Rincent, Mill Creek
Phelps. Walter, Mona
Fry, Richard, Morgan
Nyborg, A. A., Mount Pleasant
Zabriskie, W., Mount Pleasant
Clark, W. H., Ogden
Cook, William, Ogden
Evans, James, Ogden
Horrocks, John, Ogden
Knott, _____, Ogden
Meyers, H. C., Ogden
Moore, G., Ogden
Shakespere, A. D., Ogden
Walton Co., Ogden
Lawrence, John, Ophir
Rafferty. William, Ophir
Tague, John, Ophir
Whitehead A Armstrong, Ophir
Richards, Morgan, Panguitch
Eperson, S. D., Park City
Leveridge Wheyland, Park City
Springer, N. C., Park City
Auer Murphy, Salt Lake City
Blonger & Stoddard, Salt Lake City
Broreghton, Joseph, Salt Lake City
Buhring, Henry, Salt Lake City
Cunningham, C. C., Salt Lake City
Cupit & Pape, Salt Lake City
Dudler, Joseph, Salt Lake City
Erikson, John, Salt Lake City
Hale, John L., Salt Lake City
Johnson, Sewen, Salt Lake City
Kimball, Burton, Salt Lake City
Lamar, Charles W., Salt Lake City
Lollin, John, Salt Lake City
Margett, Philip, Salt Lake City
Moran, J., Salt Lake City
Ordner, Louis, Salt Lake City
Patterson, S. N., Salt Lake City
Rehmbe, P., Salt Lake City
Rehmke, Christian, Salt Lake City
Salisbury, J. M., Salt Lake City
Schaufele, William, Salt Lake City
Shipman Blonger, Salt Lake City
Showell, William, Salt Lake City
Swan, ____, Salt Lake City
Thurkell, Charles, Salt Lake City
Trowbridge, C. B., Salt Lake City
Walker Brothers Co., Salt Lake City
Ward Grant, Salt Lake City
Yeomans, Charles, Salt Lake City
Enslow, George, Sandy
Fordonsky, Isaac, Sandy
Hall, A., Sandy
Jenkins, William, Sandy
Kemp, Samuel, Sandy
Donnelson, W. H., Shauntie
Cameron, Joseph, Silver City
Oakes & Camp, Silver City
Keller, Joseph, South Cottonwood
Adams, R. H., Stockton
Benites, L., Stockton
Ells. C. W., Stockton
Brown. D. W., Terrace
Kidder, A. L., Terrace
Scott, H. J., Terrace
Rodwine, J. F., West Jordan

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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