Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Attorneys at Law

Capels. H. F., Battle Ground
Boone, W. W., Colfax
Howe, Horace, Cowlitz
Busey, W. A., Crab Creek
Sturderavint, R. S., Dayton
Clarke, F. A., Franklin
Bloomfield, N. H., Kalama
Parrish, G. W., Kittitas
Forbes, A. F., New Tacoma
Allen Bros., Olympia
Dennison, B. F., Olympia
Evans, Elwood, Olympia
Henry, Francis, Olympia
Porter, N. S., Olympia
Sparks. J. G., Olympia
Stevens, Hazard, Olympia
Struve, Henry C., Olympia
Wingard, Samuel C., Olympia
Lancaster, C., Pekin
Gashiel, F. A., Pine Grove
Switt, A. C., Pine Grove
Teby. C. D., Pine Grove
Bradshaw, Charles M., Port Townsend
Dennison, Blanchard, Port Townsend
Hall, Isaac M., Port Townsend
Kuhn, Joseph A., Port Townsend
Smith, David W., Port Townsend
Swan, James G., Port Townsend
Burke, Thomas, Seattle
Emory, Charles D., Seattle
Hall, William B., Seattle
Hanford, C. H., Seattle
Higgins, David, Seattle
Jenkins, D. P., Seattle
Larrabee, White, Seattle
McConaha, George N., Seattle
McGilvra, John J., Seattle
McNaught, Leary, Seattle
Scott, Roswell, Seattle
White, W. H., Seattle
York, William M., Seattle
Young, C. D., Seattle
Morse, Eldridge, Snohomish City
Ballard, Irving, Steilacoom
Clarke, Frank, Steilacoom
Hoover, Jacob, Steilacoom
Wallace, W. H., Steilacoom
Lockwood, R. T., Stoughton
Caples, H. L., Vancouver
Fletcher, Joseph M., Vancouver
Petrain, Charles A., Vancouver
Steward, George A., Vancouver
Perkins, F. W., Walker's Prairie
Isham, A. E., Walla Walla
Mix, James D., Walla Walla
Nash, L. B., Walla Walla
Reed, I. N., Walla Walla
Sharpstein, B. L., Walla Walla
Kellogg, George A., Whatcom
Reinhart, S. D., Whatcom
Dunbar, O., Yakima City

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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