Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Clergymen

McMillan, _____, Black River
Hylebas, _____, Cowlitz (R. C.)
Taylor, Thomas, Elma
Ward, Ira, Elma
Wilbur, J. H., Fort Simcoe
Caldwell, H., Goldendale
Sharp, _____, Kalama
Dennison, J. N., La Conner
Weeks, T. J., Lopez Island
Huntington, Charles A, Neah Bay
Stone, G. W., New Tacoma
Brewer, O. P., Oakville
Fisher, M., Olympia (Episc)
Greene, Roger S., Olympia (Bap)
Thompson, John, Olympia (Presb)
Wolfe, J. T., Olympia
Louback, A., Port Discovery (Episc)
Hyland, P. E., Port Townsend (Episc)
Rea, John, Port Townsend (Presb)
Weekes, T. J., San Juan (Presb)
Atwood, _____,
Bagloy, Daniel Seattle (Meth)
Bonnell, C. K. Seattle (Episc)
Damon, John V. Seattle (Cong)
McLeod, Norman Seattle (Cong)
Nicholson, A. B. Seattle (Presb)
Prefontain, F. X., Seattle
Sires, David, Seattle
Whitworth, George F. Seattle (Presb)
Worth, J. A. Seattle (Bap)
Davis, A. N. S. Skagit (Bap)
Dennison, J N. Skagit (Moth)
Bondell, _____, Steilacoom
Hoxie, Charles Steilacoom (Moth)
Sloan, G. W. Steilacoom (Presb)
Bartlett, Riley, Stoughton
Olson, C., Stoughton
Atkinson, George H., Tacoma
Chirouse, E. C., Tulalip
Reese, T. M., Tumwater
Hollister. G. N., Union Flat
Boulet, J. B., Vancouver (RC)
Bronilette, J. B. A., Vancouver (R C)
DeVore, J. F., Vancouver (Meth)
Junger, A., Vancouver (R C)
Nicholson, A. S., Vancouver (Episc)
Lepray, Joseph, Walker's Prairie
Grannis, G. W., Walla Walla (Meth)
North, J. A., Walla Walla (Bap)


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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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