Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Grist Mills

 Location, Name, Occupant's Name

Clarke County
Columbia River, Columbia, Lewis Love.
Columbia River, Hester's, John Hexter.
Salmon Creek, Marble's, Ansil Marble.

Cowlitz County
Oak Point, Oak Point, A. S. Abernethy.

Island County
Coveland, Coveland's, I. W. Busby.

King County
Seattle, Seattle, H. L. Yesler.

Kitsap County
Port Gamble, Kitsap, Pope & Talbot.

Lewis County
Claquato, Stand-Off, Thomas Waterby.
Cowlitz, Chappelliers', Mrs. Chappellier.
Cowlitz, Simmon's, David Simmons.

Pacific County
Willopa, Giesy's, Giesy & Co.

Pierce County
Byrd's Mill, Byrd's, Pincus & Packscher.
Chamber's Creek, Chamber's, T. M. Chambers.

Steven's County
Colville Valley, Oppenheimer's, Openheimer & Co.
Colville Valley, Cataract, Openheimer & Co.
Colville Valley, Douglas, Openheimer & Co.

Thurston County
Tum Water, Lincoln, S. N. Cooper.
Tum Water, Stark, N. Barnes.

Walla Walla County
Waitsburg, Washington, Preston Bros.
Walla Walla, Pioneer, I. T. Reese.
Walla Walla, Standard, I. T. Reese.
Walla Walla, McCalley's, A. McCalley.

Yakima County
Kittitas, Wilson, _____ Holbrook.
Simcoe Reservation, Simcoe, U. S. Government.
Yakima City, Pioneer, S. & O. D. Parker. 

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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