Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Liquors

McIsaac, John, Black River
Sparks & Bros., Dayton
Dixon, J., Dwamish
Braley, Daniel, Fort Colville
Chevarafills, Victor, Fort Colville
Martin, Joseph, Fort Colville
Dickey, H. W., Kalama
Hixon, A. C., New Tacoma
Hixon. H. M., New Tacoma
Nixon, J. C., New Tacoma
Burmeister, Charles, Olympia
Heltz, Philip, Olympia
May, R. J., Olympia
Powers. N. B., Olympia
Pray, James B., Olympia
Solbeck, & Turney, Olympia
Stuth, Magonus, Olympia
Owens Brothers, Owensburgh
Harris & Doyle, Port Ludlow
Dodd, William, Port Townsend
Fowler, Enoch S. & Co., Port Townsend
Newton & Keynus, Port Townsend
Raymond, Samuel, Port Townsend
Rees, George, Port Townsend
Schur, Louis, Port Townsend
Storming, George J., Port Townsend
Alger & Nixon, Seattle
Anderson & Osborn, Seattle
Clancy, William, Seattle
Dyer, Fred A., Seattle
Falkner A Fitzgorald, Seattle
Frank Mendon, Seattle
Good, James, Seattle
Guttenburg, Frank, Seattle
Jewett, J. W., Seattle
Kaeding, G. E., Seattle
Low, Reuben, Seattle
Melvin, William, Seattle
Murphy, Benjamin, Seattle
Robbins, J. K., Seattle
Smith, Thomas, Seattle
Smith Jewett, Seattle
Wagner Joseph, Seattle
Pearson, C. D., Seattle
Marshall. H., Skagit
Marks, Thomas, Snohomish City
Ball, R., Steilacoom
Cater, W. Z., Steilacoom
Gimel, Martin, Steilacoom
Thompson, W., Steilacoom
Bisbee, A. H., Tacoma
Haslam, William Co., Tacoma
Levin & Kaufman, Tacoma
Bunker, Ephraim, Union Flat
Allen, George, Vancouver
Brown, Matthew, Vancouver
Collins, A., Vancouver
Corless, John, Vancouver
Healy, Joseph P., Vancouver
Paddon, Thomas W., Vancouver
Shea, James, Vancouver
Hart, F. G., Waitsburg
Brechtel, O., Walla Walla
Garreeht Hoffman, Walla Walla
Graham, R., Wallula
McClosky, Peter Whatcom
Connard, _____, Yakima City

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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