Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Merchants General

Where may be found a general assortment of Agricultural Implements, Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Provisions, etc. Merchants dealing in a single description of goods will be found under the appropriate heads.

Wilson, Edward A., Arcadia
Drieppes & Morris, Black River
Kerns, D. & I. Co., Black River
Ronton, Holmes Co., Blakeley
Pegarder, William Co., Bruceport
Reddell, John & Co., Bruceport
Allen, A. H. & H. H., Cape Disappointment
Andrews, A. Mrs., Cascades
Collins, William (Collins' Landing), Cascades
Moffott, Thomas, Cascades
Roberts, G. B., Cathlamet
Warren, F. W., Cathlamet
Crosby, Clenerick, Lewis Co., Centerville
Jameson, James, Lewis Co., Centerville
Wingard, Isaac, Lewis Co., Centerville
Caldon, James, Snohomish Co., Centerville
Hogue, G. J., Chehalis
Davenport, J. C., Colfax
Barrington, E., Coveland
Buzby, J. W., Coveland
Dubeau, Louis L., Cowlitz
Pinto, H. H., Cowlitz
Bacon, R. M., Crab Creek
Harding, J. R., Crab Creek
Guernsey, D. C. Co., Dayton
Kimball & Day, Dayton
Wait & Metzger, Dayton
Columbia River Packing Co., Eagle Cliff
Shendy & Dennis, Ellensburgh
Galliher, M., Elma
Boham & Brother, Fall City
Munks, William, Fidalgo
Allen, A. V., Fort Canby
Brown, W. V., Fort Colville
Fenwick Monaghan, Fort Colville
Montgomery, C. H., Fort Colville
Oppenheimer, M. & Co., Fort Colville
Huggins, Edward, Fort Nisqually
Vining, George T., Franklin
Williamson. John R., King's Co., Freeport
McMillan, James, Glendale
Johnson, Thomas, Goldendale
Hosford & Orchard, Kalama
Ingalls, E. G., Kalama
Olmstead, J. D., Kittitas
Sharp, Mortimer, Kittitas
French, E., Klikitat
Oregon Trading Co., Knappton
Flint, Isaac A., Konnewock
Andrews, L. L., La Conner
Calhoun, Samuel, La Conner
Connor & Gibbons, La Conner
Gaches, J. G., La Conner
Martin, B. L., La Conner
Miller & Gaither, Lewis River
Hutchinson, H. E., Lopez Island
Jackson, U. B. Co., Lowell
Smith, N. R., Monticello
Urquhart, J. J., Napavine
Landes, Henry, Neah Bay
Bartlott, C. C., New Dungeness
Law, William, New Dungeness
Fife, William H., New Tacoma
Orchard, George F., New Tacoma
Pierce, Ebon, New Tacoma
Shorly & Davis, Newaukum
Hampton, William, Nooksachk
Abernethy, Alexander S., Oak Point
Reed, Jotham, Oak Point
Bettman, L., Olympia
Blumauer & Froman, Olympia
Frost, Robert, Olympia
Harris, Isaac, Olympia
Macleay, T. & Co., Olympia
Ouimette, E. N., Olympia
Percival, S. W., Olympia
Rosenthal, Gustav, Olympia
Williams, Samuel, Olympia
McLachlan & Caines, Orcas Island
Owens, Benjamin, Owensburgh
Crellin & Co., Oysterville
Espy & Co., Oysterville
Wood & Caples, Pekin
Rosa, Steven, Pine Grove
Vidler, John, Port Angeles
Mustick, S. L. & Co., Port Discovery
Puget Sound Mill Co., Port Gamble
Port Ludlow Mill Co., Port Ludlow
DeShaw, William, Port Madison
Meigs, G. A., Port Madison
Bartlett, Charles C., Port Townsend
Gerrish, O. F., Port Townsend
James, Frank W., Port Townsend
Rothschild & Co., Port Townsend
Waterman & Katz, Port Townsend
Pullen, M. D., Quillehutte
Wood, J. & Co., Ronton Minos
Dean, William, Rockland
Katz, J., San Juan
Ostergaard, Carl, San Juan
Adams & Taylor, Seabeck
Crawford & Harrington, Seattle
Davis, S., Seattle
Frauenthal Brothers, Seattle
Hovey & Barker, Seattle
Schwabacher Bros. & Co., Seattle
Bellingham Bay Coal Co., Sehome
Clark, M. B., Semiahoo
Murne, James E., Semiahoo
Campbell, John, Skagit
Conner, J. J., Skagit
Ferguson, E. C., Snohomish City
Cowley & Ford, Spokane
Matheny, Glover & Yeaton, Spokane Falls
Clendennin & Miller, Steilacoom
Davis, Edward, Steilacoom
Eisenbeis, Frederick, Steilacoom
Goodtime, Louisa Mrs., Steilacoom
Keach, Philip, Steilacoom
McCaw & Roberts, Steilacoom
Pincus k Packsher, Steilacoom
Westbrook, J. J., Steilacoom
Jones, M. B., Stoughton
Andrews, L. L., Swinomish
Hanson, Ackerson & Co, Tacoma
Wolff, L., Tacoma
Brown, F. R., Tenino
Smith, R. A., Tulalip
Crosby, William F., Tumwater
McReavey, John, Union City
Bowers & Co., Union Flat
Eddingg, John, Vancouver
Hazard, William C. & Co., Vancouver
Jaggy, John, Vancouver
Kaiser, S., Vancouver
Maxon, S. D., Vancouver
Proebstel, Jacob Jr., Vancouver
Schofield, N., Vancouver
Weiss, Joseph, Vancouver
Wintler, M., Vancouver
Bruce & Powell, Vancouver
Hanaford, C. R., Vancouver
Smith, William N., Vancouver
Adams Brothers, Walla Walla
Baldwin & Co., Walla Walla
Colt, Mark F., Walla Walla
Dusenbery Brothers, Walla Walla
Ronan Brothers, Walla Walla
Russell & McLane, Walla Walla
Schwabacher Brothers, Walla Walla
Short, A. C., Wallula
Freer, Bros. Co., Wenatchie
Bellingham Bay Co., Whatcom
Smith, S. S., Whatcom
Barker Bros., Yakima City
Schanno Bros., Yakima City
Treat & Metcalf, Yelm
Wagoner, William, Yelm

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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