Pacific Coast Business Directory

Washington Territory - Physicians

Roundtree, James, Boisfort
Levins, H. A., Cascades
Weston, _____, Centreville
Dunlevy, J., Chehalis
Bunnell, P. D., Colfax
Lyon, D. R., Coveland
Phelps, _____, Dayton
Reynolds, J. G., Dwamish
Mercer, Aaron, Ellensburgh
Kuykondall, _____, Fort Simcoe
Heminway, S., Franklin
Spinning, C. H., Franklin
Whitehouse, L. H., Kalama
Rowlands, O., La Conner
Winslow, E. D., La Conner
Deere, D. Y., Lopez Island
Henderson, Levi, Monticello
Heminway, _____, New Tacoma
Spinning, _____, New Tacoma
Bostwick, H. C., Newaukum
Sawtelle, C. M., Oakville
Steele, Alden H., Olympia
Waughop, J. W., Olympia
Willard, Rufus, Olympia
Phileo, T. A. E., Pine Grove
Marsalner, _____, Pleasant Grove
Houghton, J. S., Port Gamble
Calhoun, George V., Port Townsend
Minor, T. T., Port Townsend
Johnson, J. R., Queneault
Balch, E. T., Renton Mines
Hays, James, Renton Mines
Bagley, A. & H. B., Seattle
Calhoun, S. G., Seattle
Chapin, S. F., Seattle
Kellogg, J. C., Seattle
Sawtelle, _____, Seattle
Settle, Josiah, Seattle
Sparling, F. W., Seattle
Weld, G. A., Seattle
Barrow, J. J., Sehome
Cunningham, J. M., Semiahoo
Brice, William, Skagit
Hughes, Alexander S., Slaughter
Folsom, A. C., Snohomish City
James, M., Steilacoom
Williston, H. C., Steilacoom
Piper, John H., Stoughton
Homenway, Stacy, Tacoma
Davenport, N. W., Tenino
Ostrander, Nathaniel, Tumwater
Lansdale, R. A., Union City
Harris, A. C., Union Flat
Alexander, J. H., Vancouver
Goddard, William H., Vancouver
Smith, T. F., Vancouver
Turner, J. W., Vancouver
Wall, David, Vancouver
Andrews, J. C., Waitsburg
Fox, William, Walker's Prairie
Alden, J., Walla Walla
Bingham, J. E., Walla Walla
Blalock, N. G., Walla Walla
Burch, B. F., Walla Walla
Goodman, _____, Walla Walla
Shell, Edward, Walla Walla
Vandervoort, M., Walla Walla
Carpenter, W. M., Whatcom
Cunningham, J. N., Whatcom
Winslow, E. D., Whatcom

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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