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As a way to recognize the hard working Coordinators of AHGP, we have started this page showing What, Who and Where new information can be fund.  We don't care how big or small your information is, we just want to recognize it and say Thank You for your hard work.  You work doesn't even have to be on a page, it can be information you provided to others.

October 2014

Idaho Sharon Idaho Newspapers of 1918
Idaho Sharon Trading and Military Posts
Idaho Sharon Territorial Executive Branch
Delaware Judy Dagsborough Hundred, Sussex County
Delaware Judy Little Creek Hundred, Sussex County
Delaware Judy Nanticoke Hundred, Sussex County
Idaho Sharon "The Red Cross Work" 1918
Delaware Judy Kent County
New Castle County
Sussex County
Idaho Sharon 1910 Census for Roosevelt Precinct, with images
California Judy California Place Names

September 2014

Idaho Sharon Early Long Valley History
Massachusetts Judy Rockport Baptisms
Rockport Baptisms, 1755 ~ 1765
Rockport Baptisms, 1766 ~ 1776
Rockport Baptisms, 1777 ~ 1787
Rev. Eben Cleaveland Records
Rockport Baptisms, 1788 ~ 1808

Bayfield Parish Baptisms
Bayfield Parish Baptisms, 1709 ~ 1719
Bayfield Parish Baptisms, 1719-20 ~ 1729
Bayfield Parish Baptisms, 1729-30 ~ 1743
Books Judy Contractions in Colonial Writings
Throat Distemper in Haverhill, 1735-7
Great Storm of 1635
Tailors in the Olden Time
Old Town Pump
The Shoemakers
Old-Time Lotteries

Gloucester's Deserted Village
Early Fence Building
Tennessee Judy DeKalb County Tennessee
Secession-DeKalb Confederates
Company A Capt. L. N. Savage
Stokes's Cavalry (A ~ D)
Blackburn's & Garrisons Company E ~ K
Much More
Nebraska Judy Stories of Early Nemaha County Settlers
Some Pioneers of Richardson County
Fort Mitchell Cemetery
Base Hospital 49
Nebraska in the Great War ~ World War I
Passing, of Nebraska Pioneers, After August 15, 1918
Passing of Nebraska Pioneers, After September 2, 1918
Passing of Nebraska Pioneers, After October 26, 1918
Passing Of Nebraska Pioneers, After November 24, 1918
New Jersey Judy First Company, Second Regiment in Somerset Brigade
Second Company, Second Regiment, First Battalion of Somerset Brigade
Death Records from an Old Diary, 1772-1778 (Essex County)
Membership List, New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania

First Quakers in Old Gloucester, New Jersey
Witches in New Jersey

Distinguished Clergymen
Battle of Chestnut Neck

August 2014

Gazetteers and Lists All Coordinators Historical Gazetteers, Directories, Post Offices, items that provide a list of names and towns.
Colorado Judy Colorado Gazetteer, 1906
General Description of Colorado
South Dakota Linda Persons Who Died In the Portion of Dakota Territory Now South Dakota May 30, 1880
Native American Judy Indian Territory Gazetteer
South Dakota Linda Persons Who Died In Dakota Territory Year Ending June 1, 1870
South Dakota Linda History Collection
Delaware Judy Gazetteer of Delaware
Idaho Sharon Sweet Cemetery ~ 510 graves
Ola Cemetery ~ 230 graves
Pearl Cemetery ~ 19 photos ~ 43 graves
Idaho Sharon Construction of Cascade Dam, 1947
Ohio Judy The Evolution of Ohio Counties, with maps
Washington and Hamilton Counties
Hamilton County Enlarged
Hamilton County Extended
Randolph and Wayne Counties
Controversy over New Counties
Division of the Northwest Territory
State Formed
Trumbull County
Alaska Colleen 1883 Report of a Military Reconnaissance In Alaska
High School Yearbooks
Maine Judy Birthplace of Maine
Members of First Congregational Church
Kennebec Historical Items
Sangerville Piscataquis County, Maine
Dover - Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine
World War I Judy Officers/Enlisted Men - Lost Lives During the World War 1917-1918
Georgia Paula Muscogee County Georgia
Alaska Colleen 1870 List of Inhabitants for St. Paul

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