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Courts and Officials of Wisconsin

The District Court of the United States for the district of Wisconsin, Andrew G. Miller, Judge, holds one term at Madison, and one at Milwaukee, annually.

Henry Dodge, of Dodgeville, Iowa county, and Isaac P. Walker, of Milwaukee, are United States Senators in Congress, from Wisconsin.

The following are the officers of the Wisconsin Militia:
Leonard J. Farwell, Commander-in-Chief, Madison.
Benj. F. Hopkins, Madison, C. C. Washburne, Mineral Point, Coles Bashford, Oshkosh, Charles Clement, Kenosha, Governor's Aids.

William L. Utley, Racine, Adjutant General, salary $300 J
David Atwood, Madison, Quarter-Master General;
James B. Martin, Milwaukee, Pay-Master General;
James Richardson, Madison, Commissary General;
John W. Hunt, M. D., Madison, Surgeon General;
N. Bishop Eddy, Madison, Judge Advocate General;
William Dudley, Madison, Military Secretary.

Andrew Proudfit, Benjamin Allen and Lucas M. Miller, are Commissioners;
R. P. Eighme, Register, and
James Murdook, Treasurer of the Board of Public Works.

H. S. Orton, is Private Secretary of the Governor, also Reporter of the Supreme Court.
William Dudley, State Librarian.

The following are the names of members of the Legislature:

Senators Try Districts
1st. H. N. Smith
2d. James. S. Alban
3d. A. M. Blair
4th. B. S. Weil
5th. E. M. Hunter
6th. D. 0. Reed
7th. J. W. Cary
8th. J. R. Sharpstein
9th. Geo. R. McLane
10th. M. H. Bovee
11th. T. T. Whittlesey
12th. E. Wakeley
13th. Charles Dunn
14th. Alva Stewart
15th. Levi Sterling
16th. Joel O. Squires
17th. Ezra Miller
18th. J. E. Briggs Jr.
19th. Benjamin Allen
20th. Bertine Pinckney
21st. Coles Bashford
22d. Judson Prentice
23d. David S. Vittum
24th. Thos. S. Bowen
25th. James T. Lewis

Timothy Burns, President. John K. Williams, Chief Clerk.

Member of Assembly by Counties.
Adams and Sauk - Charles Armstrong.
Brown, Kewaunee and Door - Randall Wilcox.
Bad Ax and Crawford - H. A. Wright.
Calumet - J. Robinson.
Chippewa and La Crosse - A. D. La Due.
Columbia - O. D. Coleman and J. Q. Adams.
Dane - Matthew Roche, H. Barnes, H. L. Foster, P. C. Burdick and S. W. Field.
Dodge- Whitman Sayles, W. M. Dennis, P. Kelly, John W. Davis, Edwin Hillyer and E. K Foster.
Fond du Lac - J. S. Tallmadge, Charles D. Gage, Querin Loehr and N. M. Donaldson.
Grant - T. E. Dodge, J. A. Barber, H. E. Block, H. D. York and T. Hayes.
Green - Thomas Fenton.
Iowa - H. Madden and P. W. Thomas.
Jefferson - Patrick Rogan, W. W. Woodman, D. Powers, J. E. Holmes and J. H. Ostrander.
Kenosha - J. McKisson and C. L. Sholes.
Lafayette - Eli Robinson, P. B. Simpson and Nathan Olmstead,
Marquette and Waushara - Ezra Wheeler.
Marquette - E. B. Kelsey.
Milwaukee - H. Haertel, E. McGarry, H. L. Palmer, Richard Carlile, H. C. West, J. Meyer, J. H, Tweedy, W. A. Hawking and E. Chase.
Manitowoc - E. Ricker.
Outagamie, Waupacca and Oconto - A. Resley.
Portage - G. W. Cate.
Racine - H. T. Sanders, W. H. Roe, T. West and P. Belden.
Richland - Henry Conner.
Rock - C. Stevens, H. Stebbins, W. D. Murray, and H. Holmes.
Sheboygan - C. B. Coleman and D. Taylor.
St. Croix and La Pointe - O. T. Maxson.
Walworth - John Bell, James Lauderdale, O. T. Bartlett, T. H. Fellows, Joseph W. Seaver and T. W. Hill.
Washington - C. E. Chamberlin, C. Schutte, W. P. Barnes and J. W. Porter.
Waukesha - Orson Reed, E. Lees, W. D. Bacon and E. Pearl.
Winnebago - Curtis Reed and Lucas M. Miller.

Henry L. Palmer, Speaker. Thomas McHugh, Chief Clerk.

Source: Wisconsin Gazetteer,  By John Warren Hunt. Madison: Beriah Brown, Printer, 1853

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