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University, School and State Lands

University Lands, The following statement shows the counties in which the lands granted by Congress to the University of the State of Wisconsin, comprising two townships, or seventy-two sections, are located:

Counties where located. Acres

In Waushara County, 640
In Walworth County, 1,280
In Racine County, 640
In Rock County, 2,560
In Columbia County, 2,240
In Dane County, 4,320
In Green County, 4,160
In Lafayette County, 5,920
In Iowa County, 2,320
In Jefferson County, 2,720
In Dodge County, 2,960
In Fond du Lac County, 2,400
In Winnebago County, 3,239
In Calumet County, 1,920
In Manitowoc County, 1,700
In Richland County, 2,560
In Washington County, 340
In Other Counties, 16,880
Total Acres 46,080

These lands are being offered for sale at their appraised value, at the office of the State Treasurer, in Madison; ten per cent, being required in advance, and the interest at seven per cent, in advance, annually, on the balance, upon which ten years time is given.

School Lands. The following table exhibits so much of the sixteenth sections as have been appraised, and are now for sale on the same terms and at the same place as University Lands:

Counties where located. Acres, Comities where located. Acres)

In Adams County, 24,320
In Bad Ax County, 26,640
In Brown County, 3,200
In Calumet County, 6,400
In Chippewa County, 45,440
In Columbia County, 14,080
In Crawford County, 8,960
In Dane County, 21,760
In Dodge County, 22,400
In Fond du Lac County, 13,440
In Grant County, 19,840
In Iowa County, 16,000
In Green County, 10,240
In Kenosha County, 4,480
In Lafayette County, 9,600
In La Crosse County, 73,600
In Manitowoc County, 10,880
In Marquette County, 9,960
In Marathon County, 25,600
In Milwaukee County, 5,120
In Outagamie County, 13,800
In Portage County, 28,800
In Racine County, 7,040
In Richland County, 10,240
In Rock County, 12,800
In Sauk County, 17,280
In Sheboygan County, 9,600
In Walworth County, 10,249
In Washington County, 12,140
In Waukesha County, 10,240
In Waushara County, 11,520
In Waupacca County, 13,440
In Winnebago County, 9,960
Total 539,060

The grant of section 16, in each town, by Congress, to the State of Wisconsin, for Common School purposes, estimated upon an area of 55,404 square miles, the one thirty-sixth part of which is 1,539 square miles or sections, at 640 acres each, amounts, in acres, to 984,900
Deduct amount already offered for sale 539,060
Leaving 445,900

Nearly all of which is yet among the un-surveyed lands of the State, and are offered by the State for sale, at the same place as school and University Lands, on a credit of thirty years, at prices varying from $1 25 to $3 00 per acre, with interest at seven per cent per annum, to be paid annually in advance.

State Lands, The following lands have been selected as a part of the 500,000 acres granted by Congress to the State of Wisconsin, and located in the following counties, to wit:

Counties where located.

In Bad Ax County, 41,806,86
In Brown County, 10,773,35
In Calumet County, 28,027,84
In Columbia County, 22,073,00
In Crawford County, 4,517,20
In Dane County, 16,760,96
In Fond du Lac County, 320,00
In Grant County, 6,024,68
In Iowa County, 7,075,87
In La Crosse County, 45,314,23
In Lafayette County, 15,475,09
In Manitowoc County, 22,321,92
In Outagamie County, 6,267,83
In Richland County, 17,538,76
In Sauk County, 12,396,18
In St Croix County, 105,657,03
Rock River Canal grant, (Waukesha and Jefferson counties) 13,694,18
Total; 375,994,99

By the reports of the State officers, it appears that the capital of the school fund, December 31, 1852, was $819,200 50; of which amount $681,931 71 was due from sales of school lands, $132,491 64 from loans made, and $4,776 15 then in the treasury subject to loan. The interest upon this sum, at seven per cent., amounts to $57,274 03, of which $56,128 31 was paid in and apportioned to the several towns in this State, in March 1853. The whole amount of money raised from all sources was $127,718 42.

The Superintendent reports that for the year ending August 81st, 1852, 2,765 school districts and parts had made reports. In the districts reported, the average duration of schools was five and a half months; .average monthly wages of male teachers $16 34; of female teachers $8 52. There are 66 school houses of brick, 74 of stone, 778 of logs, and 8 12 framed, all valued at $261,986 32. The highest valuation of any school house is $5,500, and the lowest $1 50.

Source: Wisconsin Gazetteer,  By John Warren Hunt. Madison: Beriah Brown, Printer, 1853

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