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Wisconsin National History Association

Wisconsin, National History Association. This Society was organized at Madison, the capital of the State in 1852. Its object is to collect and procure in a Museum, the Fauna and Flora of the State, books, papers, and documents relating to the physical sciences, and the social, political, and natural history of the Great West. Soon after the organization of the Association a large and very valuable collection of specimens in natural history, prepared by Samuel Sercomb, Esq., who has resided 15 years in the West, collecting the same, was purchased. This, together with several valuable donations, has placed the Association upon a substantial basis. It is now constantly receiving additions by contributions, purchase, and exchange, and the catalogue embraces quadrupeds, birds, reptiles, fishes, molusca, crustacea, insects, geological and botanical specimens, Indian relics, curiosities of nature and art, books, papers, documents, &c. The circular of the Society solicits correspondence with the Secretary in relation to anything of interest that can be obtained, by exchange or otherwise, in different parts of this and other western States. The following are the Officers: President, Leonard J. Far-well; Secretary, William Dudley; Taxidermist, Samuel Sercomb.



Source: Wisconsin Gazetteer,  By John Warren Hunt. Madison: Beriah Brown, Printer, 1853

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