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Wisconsin Pinery

Wisconsin, Pinery, is all of that section of country, north of Dell Prairie, tributary to the "Wisconsin river, producing yearly 70,000,000 feet of pine lumber, beside shingles, timber, &c. The following statement shows the location of the several mills, the number of saws, and the amount of lumber manufactured annually by each, commencing at the lowest point on the river: -

Dell Creek, 2 saws, 1,000,000 feet.

Lemonwier, 5 saws, 2,700,000 feet

Yellow River, 7 saws, 3,700,000 feet.

Pointe Bausse, 3 saws, 200,000 feet. 

Grand Rapids, 15 saws, 8,000,000 feet.

Crooked Rift, 1 saw, 600,000 feet

Mill Creek, 5 saws, 2,400,000 feet.

Little Plover River, 1 saw, 600,000 feet.

Conant Rapids, 3 saws, 2,000,000 feet

Big Plover River, 2 saws, 1,200,000 feet.

Stevens' Point, 5 saws, 3,000,000 feet.

Little Aux Plaines, 2 saws, 2,400,000 feet 

Little Eau Claire, 2 saws, 1,500,000 feet

Big Aux Plaines, 2 saws, 2,000,000 feet.

Little Bull Falls, 8 saws, 6,000,000 feet.

Junior Bull Falls, 1 saw, 600,000 feet

Big Eau Claire, 8 saws, 6,000,000 feet

Little Rib, 2 saws, 1,000,000 feet

Big Bull Falls, 22 saws, 19,000,000 feet

Trap, 2 saws, 900,000 feet

Pine River, 4 saws, 2,000,000 feet

Jenny Bull Falls, 4 saws, 4,000,000 feet.

Making a total of 105 saws, and 70,000,000 feet.

This statement does not include lumber manufactured at several places below the Dells, the logs for which come from above that point.

Source: Wisconsin Gazetteer,  By John Warren Hunt. Madison: Beriah Brown, Printer, 1853

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