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Mrs. William Astor Chanler
Mrs. Chanler has recently become prominent in art circles in New York as a sculptor of more than ordinary ability. Two of her works were recently accepted by the jury of the National Academy of Design and exhibited at their spring exhibition. Mrs. Chanler is a pupil of Victor Salvator, of Macdougall Alley, the Latin quarter of New York.

Florence Freeman 1836 ~ 1876
Born in Boston in 1836; she received her earliest instruction in sculpture from Richard S. Greenough. In 1861 she went to Italy with Miss Charlotte Cushman, remaining a year in Florence under the instruction of Hiram Powers. In 1862 she removed her studio to Rome where she spent the rest of her professional life. Among her most important works are a bust of "Sandalphon," bas-reliefs of Dante and the sculptured chimney piece representing "Children and the Yule Log, and Fireside Spirits," which was exhibited at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, 1876 and received honorable mention.

Vinnie Ream Hoxie 1847 ~ 1914
Was born in Madison, Wisconsin, September 25, 1847. Is the daughter of Robert Lee and Lavinia McDonald Ream. Studied art in Washington, and afterwards in Paris under Bonnat. Her first work of note was a statue of Abraham Lincoln under commission from Congress. This was done from life, and later she executed the statue of Admiral Farragut, another commission from the government through an act of Congress, and this statue now adorns Farragut Square in Washington. She has done many ideal figures: "Miriam," "The West," "Sappho," "The Spirit of the Carnival," a bust of Mary Powell, now in the state hall of Brooklyn, portraits and medallions of General George B. McClellan, Thaddeus Stevens, General Sherman, Ezra Cornell, General John C. Freemont, T. Buchanan Read, E. B. Washburn, Horace Greeley, Peter Cooper, also Cardinal Antonelli, Pére Surgeon, Franz Liszt, Gustave Doré, and is now engaged on a heroic statue of Governor Samuel J. Kirkwood a commission from the state of Iowa, which is to be placed in the rotunda of the National Capitol. In 1878 Vinnie Ream married Richard Leveridge Hoxie of the United States army.

Elizabeth Ney 1833 ~ 1907
One of the famous artists of this country, and a worthy follower of Harriet Hosmer, enjoys deserved fame as a sculptor. She studied under Bauch and opened a studio after his death in Berlin, where her works received the warmest praise and admiration. Some of her more conspicuous works are the statues of Mitscherlich, Jakob Grimm, and other celebrities. She was summoned to the Royal Court of Hanover, where she did "The Blind King," "Joachim the Violinist of Arcady," "Stockhausen the Singer," and the gloomy features of the great philosopher Schopenhauer, and later a statue of Garibaldi. While in Munich, she did much of the ornamentation of the interior of some of the public buildings. She executed busts of Liebig and Wohler, which now adorn the Polytechnic School of Munich. She did also what was considered by Emperor William a remarkable bust of Bismarck. This was accepted in the Paris Exposition of 1868, and Mrs. Ney's name is justly placed among American sculptors.

Anne Whitney 1821 ~ 1915
Born in Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1821. Descended from early New England colonists. Her first work was a portrait bust of her father and mother. Her first ideal work was her conception of Lady Godiva, which was exhibited in Boston. This was followed by "Africa," a colossal statue. The "Lotus-Eater" was her next work. After this she spent five years of study in Europe during which time she executed "The Chaldean Astronomer," and "Roma." After her return to America the State of Massachusetts commissioned her to make a statue in marble of Samuel Adams the Revolutionary patriot, for the National Gallery in Washington, and one in bronze for Adams Square in Boston. She went to Rome to execute this commission. Since these works she has executed a sitting statue of Harriet Martineau, of heroic size, for Wellesley College, and another ideal statue of Lief Erikson, the young Norseman who, A.D. 1000 sailed into Massachusetts Bay. Miss Whitney has made many fine medallions, fountains and portrait busts, among the latter, one of President Stearns of Amherst College, President Walker of Harvard, Professor Pickering of Harvard, William Lloyd Garrison, Honorable Samuel Sewall of Boston, Mrs. Alice Freeman Palmer, ex-president of Wellesley College, Adeline Manning, Miss Whitney's friend, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frances E. Willard, Lucy Stone, Mary A. Livermore and others.

Gertrude Whitney 1875 ~ 1942
This distinguished young sculptress is the daughter of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the wife of Harry Payne Whitney, of New York. She studied abroad, and has executed a number of marbles and bronzes for public places, notably, the fountain for the Pan-American Building, Washington, D. C

Enid Yandell 1870 ~ 1934
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, October 6, 1870; is the daughter of Lunsford P. and Louise Elliston Yandell; educated at Hampton College; received degree of B.A. in Louisville, Kentucky; exhibited at the Paris Salon since 1895, and has appeared in all of the current exhibitions of the United States; received Designer's Medal at the Chicago World's Fair, where she did a great deal of work for the Women's Building; Medal at the Tennessee Centennial, Pan-American Exposition St Louis Exposition; member of the National Sculpture Society, National Arts Club, Municipal Art Society, and National Historical Preservation Society of New York City.
One of the remarkable features of Miss Yandell's career is the brief period of time in which she has made her reputation. Thirteen years ago she was a member of the Art Students' League. The most imposing product of Miss Yandell's genius is the heroic figure of Athena, which stood in front of the reproduction of the Parthenon at the Nashville Exposition. It is the best figure ever designed by a woman.

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Source: The Part Taken by Women in American History, By Mrs. John A. Logan, Published by The Perry-Nalle Publishing Company, Wilmington, Delaware, 1912.


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