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Lillian Nordica 1857 ~ 1914


Lillian Nordica

Madame Lillian Nordica, born Lillian Norton, was born in Farmington, Maine, and spent her early life in Boston where her family lived, on account of the educational advantages for their daughters. Madame Nordica's voice was never seriously considered until after the death of her next older sister, Wilhelmina.

On the death of her sister, Madame Nordica's mother transferred her interest and ambition to the one whose talent had until then gone unrecognized. At the age of thirteen she entered the New England Conservatory of Boston with a scholarship. Her teacher, John O'Neill, was so severe and exacting that Madame Nordica was the only scholar remaining of the class at the end of the four years' course. During this period of study she secured an engagement as soloist at the Temple Street Church in Boston. Her first appearance was as soloist with Gilmore's band, giving two concerts a day and touring through the country. Following this American tour, she went with the band for concerts in Ireland and Paris, and by the end of this tour she had saved enough money for a course of study in Italy under San Giovanni of Milan, who coached her for her debut as Violetta in Verdi's "La Traviata."

Madame Nordica has always prided herself on her American birth, and the affection in which her American admirers have always held her was shown in the presentation to her of a magnificent diamond tiara, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York some years ago, as a tribute of affection.

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