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Susan Lucretia Dewhirst 1876 ~


Mrs. Susan Lucretia Dewhirst, missionary worker and organizer, was born in Washington, D. C, on February 19, 1876, and is the daughter of Mary Katherine and Junewell Simonds Hodgkins. Her father was a cousin of Justice Salmon P. Chase. She was educated in the public schools of Washington, graduating in 1892. She is possessed of a deeply sympathetic nature and a philanthropic spirit

Connecting herself in early life with the Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, she became engaged in Sunday school, Epworth League and other church activities. For years she has been the efficient president of one of its missionary societies, "The World Wide Circle," and has been highly successful in raising funds for the support of orphans, Bible women, etc., in foreign lands. She has been acting treasurer of the Washington District Woman's Foreign Missionary Society for some years, and is the statistical secretary for the Baltimore branch of that association.

She was married to William Sherman Dewhirst, of Illinois, in 1897, he having connected himself with government service in Washington, D. C He is a steward of the Metropolitan Church. They have one son, twelve years of age.

Mrs. Dewhirst is a daughter of the American Revolution and recording secretary of "Our Flag" Chapter. She has fine financial ability and is a welcome ally in every good work.

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Source: The Part Taken by Women in American History, By Mrs. John A. Logan, Published by The Perry-Nalle Publishing Company, Wilmington, Delaware, 1912.


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