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Cheyenne Bells of 1880's

Katie H. Friend; 2. Sallie R. Searight; 3. Lillie M. Morgan; 4. Fannie H. Crook; 5. Louise Swan; 6. Espie S. Woods; 7. Hattie White; 8. Maude H. Smith.


Katie H. Friend never married lives in Waco, Texas.

Sallie E. Searight married Major Robert M. Dowdy, U. S. Army, lives in Washington, D. C;

Lillian M. Morgan, daughter of E. S. N. Morgan (Secretary of the Territory 1880-l887), married an Army Officer;

Fannie H. Crook, daughter of Dr. Crook, married Dr. Otto Snider, U. S. Army; Espie S. Wood married Fred Nash;

Louise W. Swan married R. S. Van Tassell;

Hattie White and Maude H. Smith, no information obtainable.


Source: Annals of Wyoming, Belles of Cheyenne, July 1945

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