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Laramie City Civic Organizations

The Wyoming Library and Literary Association

The Wyoming Library and Literary Association, was organized, September 20th A. D. 1870, by the election of the following officers, to-wit: President, L. D. Pease; Vice Presidents, A. G. Swain and Geo. C. Densmore; Secretary, Mrs. Eliza Boyd; Treasurer, E. L. Kerr; Chaplin, Rev. John Cornell; Critics, Rev. D. J. Pierce, and A. G. Swain.

On the 7th day of February, 1872, the W. L. & L. A. became an incorporated body; and at present the Library contains about one thousand volumes, of Standard, Scientific and Literary books, besides nearly all the best magazines and periodicals of the day. The present officers are: President, H. B. Rumsey; Vice Presidents, Mrs. A. E. Sinclair, and C. W. Bramel; Secretary, John McLeod; Treasurer, L. D. Pease; Librarian, Dr. J. H. Finfrock; Chaplin, Rev. H. W. Thiele; and has a membership of fifty-eight, eight of whom are life members. Library rooms at the office of Dr, Finfrock on South "A" Street. Terms of membership, two dollars. Dues, one dollar per quarter. Twenty-five dollars secures a life membership. All receipts used in enlarging the library. Books may be retained two weeks, magazines three days. This association speaking for itself, and from what we know of the intelligence of this community, it will grow with our city, and forever be one of our permanent institutions.

A.F. and A.M.

Laramie Lodge No. "18," A. F. and A. M., was organized by dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Colorado, February 14th, 1870, and chartered by the same Grand Lodge, September 28th, 1870. This charter was surrendered and the Lodge re-chartered by the Grand Lodge of Wyoming, December 16th, 1874, with the name of Laramie Lodge No. "3." This Lodge owns a hall and furniture, worth three thousand dollars, and has a membership of seventy-six (76). S. L. Mills, W. M., and J. E. Gates, Secretary. Regular communications, second and fourth Monday evenings in each month.

I. O. O. F.

Laramie Lodge No. "2," I. O, O. F., was instituted in Laramie City in January, 1869, and is now in a flourishing condition, with a membership of sixty-five. Also, since that time, Albany Lodge No. "7," I. O. O. F., has been instituted, with a good live membership. Wyoming Encampment No. "1," I. O. O. F., is also located here. The Grand Lodge of Wyoming was organized in Laramie City in April, 1874, and has had its only two sessions here, which is also the home of the Grand Master and most of the Grand Officers. The Odd Fellows of this city are now preparing to build a hall, to cost eight thousand dollars, this summer.

I. O. G. T.

Mountain Hope Lodge No. "47," Independent Order of Good Templars, was instituted on the 8th day of May, A. D. 1871, by a Miss Emery, acting under a special commission from the Grand Lodge of Colorado. Has a membership of ninety-five, and is in good working order.

Sons Of Temperance

Laramie Division No. "1," of this order, was instituted on the 4th day of January, A. D. 1875, by J. B. Cary, National Deputy. A special dispensation, with a charter membership of thirty-two.

Source: History and Directory of Laramie City, Wyoming Territory, By J. H. Triggs, Laramie City: Daily Sentinel Print, 1875.

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