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Florida Military Forts ~ M-Z ~

Alphabetical list of forts, reservations, blockhouses, named camps, National and State Homes for soldiers, national cemeteries, etc., in the United States from its earliest settlement to date.

Many of the forts and structures named were erected by the early settlers for their own protection, and all vestige of them has now disappeared. The exact locations of many are not positively known at the present day, but reference is made to them in State histories, State papers, etc. Those in bold-faced type are now occupied by troops or are under the control of the War Department.(does not apply) The data available for consultation are known to be incomplete, and may be erroneous in some instances.

McClellan, Fort, Florida
McClure, Fort, Florida at Warm Spring, on Withlacoochee River.
McCoy, Fort, Florida Marion County; now town of that name.
McCrabb, Fort, Florida at Suwanee.
McIntosh, Battery, Florida at Fort Dade.
McKay, or Mackay, Fort, Florida on Ocklawaha River.
McLemore, Camp, Florida on Withlacoochee River.
McNeill, Fort, Florida near Lake Poinsett.
Macomb (1), Fort, Florida on Suwanee River, in Lafayette County.
Macomb (2), Fort, Florida St. Marks River, 10 miles north of St. Marks.
McRae, Fort, Florida near Lake Okechobee.
McRee, Fort, Florida Pensacola Bay, opposite Fort Pickens.
Maitland, Fort, Florida near Lake Monroe.
Mantanzas, Fort, Florida on Anastasia Island.
Many, Fort, Florida 16 miles southeast of Tallahassee.
Marianna, fort at, Florida.
Marion, Fort, Florida at St. Augustine; first called Castle of St. Mark.
Martello Tower, Florida at Key West.
Mason, Fort, Florida near St. Johns River, 14 miles southwest of Volusia.
Matheo, Fort, Florida See San Matheo.
Matanzas Inlet, Fort, Florida.
Matthews, Fort, Florida on Oconee River.
Meade, Fort, Florida on Pease Creek, Polk County; now town of that name.
Mellon, Fort, Florida on Lake Monroe.
Micanopy, Fort, Florida at Micanopy.
Mills, Fort, Florida 10 miles from Newnansville.
Mitchell, Fort, Florida Tenhallama River.
Moniac, Fort, Florida at Hogans Ferry, on St. Marys River.
Monroe, Camp, Florida Afterwards Fort Mellon.
Montgomery, Fort, Florida Latitude 30 30', longitude 87 15'.
Moosa, Fort, Florida near St. Augustine.
Moreno Point, reservation, Florida at entrance of Santa Rosa Sound.
Morgan, Cantonment, Florida at Cedar Keys.
Morgan, Camp, Florida at Pensacola.
Morris, Camp, Florida on Lake Topopekaliga.
Mose, Fort, Florida See Fort Moosa.
Moulder, Camp, Florida at Pavillion Keys.
Moultrie, Fort, Florida near St. Augustine.

Negro, Fort, Florida on Apalachicola River.
New Hope, Camp, Florida in east Florida.
Noel, Fort, Florida Latitude 30 W, longitude 83 50; on the road to Tallahassee.

Oakland, Fort, Florida, 5 miles from Fort Doane.
Ocilla, Fort, Florida between Ocilla and Wacissa River.
Ocklawaha, Fort, Florida near Apalachicola.
Ocklockony River, fort on, Florida, 30 miles from the sea.
Ogden, Fort, Florida De Soto County; now town of that name; near Pease River, on Southern Railway.
One, Number, Fort, Florida 11 miles from Indian River.
Osceola Battery, Florida at Key West.

Palatka Ordnance Depot, Florida at Palatka.
Panama Park, Camp, Florida at Jacksonville.
Parker, Fort, Florida at Cooks Hammock.
Pensacola Barracks, Florida at Pensacola.
Pensacola Battery, Florida on Santa Rosa Island, at Fort Pickens.
Pensacola Navy Yard, Florida at Pensacola.
Penton, Fort, Florida 19 miles from Indian River.
Perdido Bay and River, reservation, Florida.
Peyton, Fort, Florida on Moultrie Creek, near Anastasia.
Peyton, Fort, Florida on Anastasia Island, near St. Augustine.
Pickens, Fort, Florida on Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Harbor.
Pierce, Fort, Florida on St. Lucie Sound, Brevard County; now town of that name.
Pleasant, Fort, Florida on Econfinee River.
Poinsett, Fort, Florida at Cape Sable.
Preston, Fort, Florida on Apalachicola River.
Puntarassa, fort at, Florida Fort Dulany.

Reed, Fort, Florida near Lake Monroe, in Orange County; now town of that name.
Rodgers, Camp, Florida at Ybor City.
Rosa, Fort, Florida Latitude 20 19', longitude 87 14'.
Russell, Fort, Florida on Orange Lake Creek, about 6 miles from Tampa.

St. Augustine, fort at, Florida now Fort Marion.
St. Augustine National Cemetery, Florida St. Augustine.
St. Carlos, Fort, Florida near Fernandina.
St. Bernard, Fort, Florida at Pensacola.
St. Charles or San Carlos, Fort, Florida Now Fort Barrancas.
St. Francis Barracks, Florida at St. Augustine.
St. Francis de Pupa, Fort, Florida on St. Johns River.
St. George, Fort, Florida on Amelia Island.
St. Georges Sound, Reservation, Florida.
St. Johns Bluff, battery at, Florida Mouth of St. Johns River.
St. Josephs, Fort, Florida on St. Josephs Bay.
St. Marks, Fort, Florida on St. Marks River.
St. Mary de Apalachee, Fort, Florida Mouth of Ocklockonnee River.
St. Michael, Fort, Florida at Pensacola.
St. Rose, Fort or Battery, Florida opposite Fort Barrancas.
St. Vincent Island, battery on, Florida.
San Carlos de Barrancas, Fort, Florida Fort Barrancas.
San Diego, Fort, Florida near St. Augustine.
San Juan de Pinos, Fort, Florida at St. Augustine.
San Marco, Castle, Florida at Fort Marion.
San Marco, Fort, Florida at St. Marks.
San Marcos de Apalachee, Fort, Florida Same as St Marks.
San Mateo, or San Matheo, Castle, Florida Same as Fort Caroline.
San Michael, Castle, Florida at St. Augustine.
Sanderson, Fort, Florida near Gareys Ferry, East Florida.
Santa Fe Bridge Castle, Florida at St. Augustine.
Santa Rosa Island, fort on, Florida Fort Pickens.
Scott, Fort, Florida Latitude 30 45', longitude 85.
Searle, Fort, Florida near Picolata.
Seminole Battery, Florida at Key West.
Shackelford, Fort, Florida in Big Cypress Swamp.
Shannon, Fort, Florida at Palatka.
Sherrard, Fort, Florida.
Siguenza, Fort, Florida on Santa Rosa Island.
Simmons, Fort, Florida on Caloosahatchie River.
Simon Drum, Fort, Florida in Monroe County.
Slemmer, Battery, Florida at Fort McRee.
Smith, J. R., Fort, Florida.
Snelling, Fort, Florida.
Soldiers Key, Reservation, Florida.
Stanley, Fort, Florida.
Stansbury, Fort, Florida Wakulla River, 9 miles above St. Marks.
Starke, Fort, Florida Mouth of Manatee River.
Stevens, Camp, Florida at Pensacola.
Sullivan, Fort, Florida Near Hillsboro River, East Florida.
Suwanee River, fort on, Florida Fort Macomb.

Tavern, Fort, Florida In east Florida.
Taylor, Fort, Florida at Key West.
Tampa Bay, fort at, Florida Fort Brooke.
Taylor, Fort, Florida on Lake Winder.
Taylor, Fort, Florida in Hernando County.
Ten, Number, Fort, Florida 10 miles from Palatka.
Thigpens, Station, Florida near New River.
Thompson, Fort, Florida on Caloosahatchie River, near the mouth of Lake Flirt.
Three, Number, Fort, Florida near Fort King.
Tompkins, Fort, Florida 8 miles west of Colerain.
Tonyn, Fort, Florida on St. Marys River.
Tortugas, Dry, fort at, Florida Fort Jefferson.
Two, Number, Fort, Florida Subsequently called Fort Vinton.
Tyler, Fort, Florida in Hernando County.

Van Courtland, Fort, Florida near St. Johns River, at the head of Kingsbys Pond.
Van Swearingen, Battery, Florida At Fort Pickens.
Van Swearingen, Fort, Florida near Lake Okechobee.
Vinton, Fort, Florida 18 miles northwest of Indian River Inlet.
Virginia Key, Reservation, Florida in Key Biscayne Bay.
Vose, Fort, Florida near Aucilla River, 32 miles from Tallahassee.

Wacahoota, Fort, Florida 9 miles southwest of Micanopy.
Wacissa, Fort, Florida at mouth of Wacissa River.
Wade, Fort, Florida
Walbach, Camp, Florida at Fort Myers.
Walker, Fort, Florida West of Orange Lake.
Ward, Fort, Florida near mouth of Olustee Creek.
Wekiwa, Fort, Florida 1 mile above mouth of Spring Creek.
Westcott, Fort, Florida in the Everglades.
Wheadmans, Fort, Florida.
Whipple, Camp, Florida on Pease Creek.
White, Fort, Florida Columbia County, near Santa Fe River.
Wheelock, Fort, Florida on Orange Lake.
Williams, Fort, Florida.
Wool, Fort, Florida on Suwanee River, 10 miles above its mouth.
Worth Battery, Florida at Fort Pickens.

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Source: Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, Volume 2, by Francis B. Heitman, Government Printing Office, 1903.

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