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Nebraska Military Forts

Alphabetical list of forts, reservations, blockhouses, named camps, National and State Homes for soldiers, national cemeteries, etc., in the United States from its earliest settlement to date.

Many of the forts and structures named were erected by the early settlers for their own protection, and all vestige of them has now disappeared. The exact locations of many are not positively known at the present day, but reference is made to them in State histories, State papers, etc. Those in bold-faced type are now occupied by troops or are under the control of the War Department.(does not apply) The data available for consultation are known to be incomplete, and may be erroneous in some instances.

Alvin Saunders, Camp, Nebraska at Lincoln.
Atkinson, Fort, Nebraska, near Council Bluffs.
Augur, Camp, Nebraska, at Omaha.

Bellevue Rifle Range, Nebraska on Missouri River, 18 miles from Omaha.
Bitter Cottonwood, Camp, Nebraska 22 miles west of Fort Laramie.

Calhoun, Fort, Nebraska, on Missouri River, 17 miles above Omaha, in Washington County; now town of that name.
Canfield, Cantonment, Nebraska near Ponca Creek.
Childs, Fort, Nebraska Now Fort Kearney.
Clay, Fort, Nebraska at Platte Bridge.
Cottonwood, Fort. Nebraska at Cottonwood Springs; subsequently called Fort McPherson.
Cottonwood Springs, fort at, Nebraska Fort McPherson.
Crook, Fort, Nebraska 10 miles south of Omaha, Sarpy County.

Davis, Camp, Nebraska at Platte Bridge, 120 miles above Fort Laramie.

Floyd, Fort, Nebraska on Solomons Fork, Republican River, 150 miles southwest of Fort Kearny.

Grand Island, fort near, Nebraska Fort Kearny.
Grattan, Fort, Nebraska at Ash Hollow, in Taylor County, Platte River.

Hartsuff, Fort, Nebraska on Loup River, 76 miles from Grand Island.

Kearny (old), Fort, Nebraska on Missouri River, 50 miles south of Omaha.
Kearny (new), Fort, Nebraska on Grand Island, Platte River.

Loup River, North Fork, post on, Nebraska Fort Hartsuff.

McKee, Camp, Nebraska on Granite Creek.
McKean, Fort, Nebraska Name changed to Fort McPherson.
McPherson, Fort, National Cemetery, Nebraska at Maxwell, Lincoln County.
McPherson, Fort, Nebraska at Cottonwood Springs; established as Cantonment McKean.
Meiklejohn, Camp, Nebraska at Omaha.
Mitchell, Camp, Nebraska at junction of Spoon Hill Creek and North Fork of Platte River.

Nebraska State Soldiers' Homes, Grand Island and Milford, Nebraska.
Niobrara, Fort, Nebraska Cherry County, on Niobrara River, opposite mouth of Minnichudza River.

Omaha Barracks, or Fort, Nebraska at Omaha.

Pawnee Agency, camp at, Nebraska.
Platte, Fort, Nebraska at junction of Laramie and Platte rivers.
Poncas Island, Camp, Nebraska on Missouri River, near mouth of Ponca Creek.

Red Willow, Camp, Nebraska near Republican River, 1 mile above mouth of Red Willow Creek.
Robinson, Fort, Nebraska on White River, at the Red Cloud Agency.
Ruggles, Camp, Nebraska North Fork of Loup River, about 2 miles from Fort Hartsuff.

Saunders, Alvin, Camp, Nebraska. At Lincoln.
Seclusion, Camp, Nebraska Near mouth of Little Missouri.
Sherman Barracks, Nebraska Same as Omaha Barracks.
Sheridan, Camp, Nebraska West Fork of Beaver Creek, 12 miles above its mouth.
Sidney, Fort, Nebraska near Sidney.


Military Forts

Source: Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, Volume 2, by Francis B. Heitman, Government Printing Office, 1903.

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